Lost Ring Screwdriver: What To Do?

lost ring screwdriver
lost ring screwdriver

The Ring doorbell screwdriver can prove to be very useful while trying to install your video doorbell. You get the accessories along with the Ring security system so that you don’t have any difficulties with the smart device. Depending upon the model of your Ring doorbell, you might also need the Ring screwdriver to change the batteries of your Ring doorbell. It is a very handy tool that makes it easy to manage your smart doorbell.

However, you will see often users on online forums say that they have lost the Ring screwdriver. Let’s discuss what you can do if you lose the Ring screwdriver.

Lost Ring Screwdriver

If you’ve lost the Ring screwdriver then you have two options, either you can ask the Ring support to send you a replacement or you can buy an identical accessory screwdriver from an online store. These screwdrivers are very cheap and you won’t have to spend more than five dollars to get a replacement from an online store. So, if you have lost the Ring screwdriver and are having difficulties in managing your video doorbell then order a replacement from an online store and you can use the replacement screwdriver for your doorbell.

Make sure to check the head of the screwdriver to see if it is compatible with your video doorbell. According to other users, you are going to need a T15 Torx head screwdriver from the online store for your video doorbell.

However, if you can’t find the identical screwdriver from an online store then you can always reach out to Ring support and ask them for help. They will be more than happy to assist you and send you a screwdriver replacement. You can access the Ring website using your browser and then head to the support section.

Now, you can just submit a support ticket and inform them about the issue. You can also use the company number to call Ring support and explain your issue to them. After verification of your account, they will ask you for your delivery address and you can expect to receive a replacement Ring screwdriver within a few days.

That will help you change the batteries on your Ring doorbell and when you get the screwdriver you can install the doorbell in another location without any trouble. This is the reason why it is always best to ask the support members first if you’re having any issues related to their products.

To Conclude

If you have lost the Ring screwdriver then you will have to get a replacement from the Ring support or buy it from an online store. The first option is better as you won’t have to find the compatible screwdriver and you can just ask the support members to send you the identical accessory.

You won’t have any issues with securing a replacement as the screwdrivers are very cheap and will only cost you a few bucks. So, if you don’t want to ask the support then browse the online stores to find a T15 Torx security head screwdriver that you can use with your Ring devices.

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