How To Automatically Open Ring Doorbell App?

ring doorbell automatically open app
ring doorbell automatically open app

One of the best things about the Ring video doorbell is that you can use IFTTT with your smart device. That means you’ll be able to integrate your smart device into your overall automation system and set up different commands based on inputs from your video doorbell. You can link different actions like turning on lights when someone uses your video doorbell.

Whenever someone is at your door, you get a notification about activity on the connected mobile device. A lot of users are wondering if there is any way that the app will open directly without having to click on the notification every time.

Ring Doorbell Automatically Open App

Several third-party applications can be used for this purpose. So, if you want the application to open directly when motion is detected then you will have to download some of the third-party applications mentioned in this article.

Sadly, you can’t access in feature from the Ring application itself to allow the app to open automatically. However, if you’ve bought a dedicated device for your Ring security then you can just leave the application on the active tab and as long as the app is open, you’ll be re-directed to live-feed when your doorbell detects motion.

But if you don’t have a dedicated device for your Ring security system then you can use the Tasker mobile app to help you automatically open the Ring application. You might have to spend some money on this application but it will get the job done.

After setting up the application with your app notifications, it will redirect you to the live camera as soon as you get the notification that the doorbell has detected motion. Overall, it will save you a few seconds and you won’t have to bother will clicking the notification to access the live stream.

There are a few other applications like Ring auto open on the play store that can help you achieve the same outcome. Some of these applications are free and you’ll just have to link up these apps with your Ring account or the existing Ring app.

After that just tweak the app configurations and you’ll be all set. However, if you don’t trust these applications then you can also try some other applications on your phone on which you can set up macros. You can use these macros to set up commands that will automatically open the live stream as soon as you get a notification on your phone.

To Conclude

You can use third-party applications on your play store to either create macro commands or link them with your Ring account. Doing that will allow you to automatically access the live stream as soon as you get the notification on your phone.

You won’t have to click anything and the phone will do it for you. The best possible app for this purpose is Tasker but if you don’t want to pay any money then there are other free alternatives available on the play store and the app store that will help you achieve the same outcome.

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