8 Top Smart Home Companies in the United States

Smart Home Makers and Companies in the United States
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Smart Home Makers and Companies in the United States

The smart home industry in the United States was valued at over two hundred million dollars in 2018. It is expected that this figure will rise this year. That is a lot of income for the top smart home companies in the United States.

The increasing demand for smart homes also means the companies that provide this service have a lot of work to do at this time. We know the customers are demanding more from these companies. The stakes are also rising with the introduction of innovative products and inventions that have impressed users.

Top Smart Home Makers and Companies in the United States

Here is a list of the smart home companies that have made a name in the United States because of the value they offer and customer satisfaction.

  1. Amazon

There is hardly a tech conference regarding home automation and smart devices that Amazon won’t be featured. After securing its place in the e-commerce industry, the company has invested a huge amount of money into developing innovative technology for smart homes.

Amazon developed a smart device called the Amazon Echo. It was introduced into the American markets in 2015. At that time, the world was just awakening to the idea of having fully automated homes.

Since its release, the Amazon Echo has evolved into a smart device that also functions as a smart hub. With the Echo’s functions as a smart speaker, it can be used to control all the integrated devices in smart homes remotely. All the user needs to do is give a voice command.

Amazon has gone further in its goal to become the biggest smart home company in the United States to produce other smart gadgets that are compatible with the Amazon Echo. Entering the market this way, it is more convenient for customers to purchase the Amazon Echo and other products such as smart plugs, smart switches, thermostats, and other products.

  1. Google

Google has already made a name in the tech industry. It’s smart home product- Google Home has also been highly patronised by thousands of customers who trust the Google brand. Their decisions have paid off because the Google Home is one of the best smart speakers in the smart home market. What’s more, it has been enhanced with smart connectivity options, amazing CPU, and input options to function as a smart home hub.

Google Home can be integrated with multiple devices and third party apps which can be remotely controlled by voice commands in a smart home. It can be used for performing a wide range of tasks, researching online, getting the latest news, and wirelessly operating lighting systems, smart switches, plugs and entertainment systems in smart homes.

  1. Samsung

Samsung has already made a name in many American homes. The company has been manufacturing and selling some of the best electronic products we have today. So it is not surprising to know that Samsung jumped on the smart home makers train.

Samsung has found ways, through its electronic research labs, to develop and improve its products to have smart features. Samsung developed a smart home hub that can be used to control all the smart devices in a home.

With this success, it entered into the league of smart home makers. Samsung has been releasing dozens of smart devices to capture the market. The company currently offers Samsung smartthings. With such a wide range of smart products, customers can get fully automated homes where all the devices are compatible and offer value.

  1. Nest

Nest is one of the largest smart home companies in the United States. It has also become a household name because of products that are reliable and very easy to use. Nest is owned by Google. It has been positioned as one of the top smart home makers to help the public easily make the switch and get their homes fully automated.

Nest has a lot of smart products in its line. These products can be used as stand-alone smart devices or integrated into a central smart home system using a smart home hub.

Some of the smart devices developed and sold by Nest include smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart security cameras, smoke detectors, and smart alarms. All the products released by Nest function smoothly with Google’s smart voice assistant and speakers. This is how the users can remotely control all the smart devices that have been installed in their homes.

  1. Phillips

As a smart home company, Phillips is known for its smart lighting systems. These products designed and developed by the company are in high demand because of the Phillips reputation in the light bulb industry.

As a smart home company, Phillips offers smart light bulbs that can be connected to a central smart home hub and remotely controlled. The smart lighting products from Phillips can be installed in homes without changing many features provided the building is not older than twenty years, regarding the wiring system. In addition to the smart light bulbs, Phillips has released smart circuits that enable users of the lighting systems to get the expected value.

  1. Ecobee

This company was launched at a time when home automation was just becoming the topic of discussion on all tech forums. Ecobee was established as a company with a focus on developing and releasing smart products occupants of smart homes use daily.

The products developed by Ecobee have been immensely helpful in smart homes. They are thoughtful ideas that have helped the occupants of smart homes gain more control and convenience in their homes.

Some of the smart products sold by this brand are smart switches, and thermostats. Ecobee has ensured its products are compatible with smart speakers and voice assistants such as Alexa to give its customers more value.

  1. HomeSeer

This brand has made a name for itself in the American smart home market as the developers of versatile smart home hubs that are compatible with a wide range of appliances. HomeSeer offers the occupants of smart homes the convenience of remotely controlling HVAC systems, entertainment devices, smart switches, thermostats, and smart security gadgets easily.

The company became popular because it offered a solution to occupants of smart homes who needed devices that could be easily compatible. The products from this company reduced the risks of buying products that may not function as expected due to lack of compatibility.

  1. Belkin

This smart home company made its name in the home automation industry by developing smart power sockets and switches. These are products that must be installed in smart homes to connect devices to a power source.

Belkin products are used by consumers to control how their devices function remotely. For example, they are used to control thermostats, smart lamps, Smart doorbells, and kitchen appliances. Belkin products are compatible with smart voice assistants such as Alexa, and they can be remotely controlled via apps installed on smartphones.

The smart home automation industry is large enough to accommodate more companies. We expect to see new brands in the coming months as more investments go into the industry.

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