What is a Smart Security Camera?

What is a Smart Security Camera?
What is a Smart Security Camera?

Smart security cameras always make the list when considering the smart gadgets to install in a home. They are smart video and audio recording devices that function based on pre-set commands sent over wireless networks.

What is a Smart Security Camera?

Smart security cameras have a wide range of features. The diverse uses of these smart gadgets make them very essential in smart homes. The primary use of smart security cameras is to monitor the areas where they have been installed. With a smart security camera, you can view images from remote locations and also get alerts when necessary.

Who needs smart security cameras?

These smart inventions are an upgrade from the regular security cameras we know about. Certain innovative changes have been made to improve the functions of security cameras. You can find smart security cameras in the following places;

Residential homes

Smart security cameras are a common feature in residential homes. They are used by the homeowners to keep watch over their properties at all times. This monitoring process is done remotely.


Smart cameras are also used in nurseries to watch over the little ones while they play or sleep.

Commercial properties

The need for security in commercial properties makes the smart cameras a common choice as gadgets to be installed. They can be used to monitor the general and private rooms in offices and commercial shops.

You can also find smart cameras installed in parks, the playground and even on the streets.

How do smart security cameras work?

The smart security cameras offer users the level of flexibility that can now be associated with most smart gadgets. They are easy to install and activate. Smart security cameras communicate via broadband with the connected devices used to manage its activities. You can choose to use a smartphone, tablet, or laptops to monitor your smart security cameras. However, you will be viewing video clips mostly, so it is best you use a device with a large display screen.

The smart security cameras are activated through your connected device or the motion detector features. It should be noted that not all smart security cameras have motion detectors, so you must confirm this feature before purchasing any of the top brands.

After activation, your camera captures the entire surrounding as video recordings. They are usually designed to have a bird’s eye view to capture more areas in the rooms or places the smart cameras have been set up, so you can achieve the goal of monitoring. Smart security cameras send live feeds to your connected devices so you can see what is happening in real time.

To save energy, smart security cameras that come with motion detectors go into a state of hibernation after a period of inactivity. They are however activated when something or someone moves in the area. Motion activates the video capturing function, and it gets better. Some smart security cameras can send you alerts such as emails or text messages when it has been activated by the motion sensor.

Installing smart security cameras

These smart gadgets are easy to install. You can choose the models that need to be connected to a power source or others that work with batteries. You can choose any spot to fix your smart security camera if you want it hidden from view; there are ways to achieve this goal. The wireless smart security cameras have more flexible options regarding positions; however, you should consider cameras that can be connected to the main power source to avoid changing batteries very often.

With your smart security cameras installed you can have some peace of mind knowing all you need to do is tap on your screen to view activities in the room or area you need to monitor remotely.

Smart security camera sensors

Some users have commented about the sensors that come with these smart devices. There have been talks about the cameras being too sensitive to motion. This means you will be getting a steady stream of alerts via email or texts when the camera is activated. To avoid this, you can choose smart security camera models that have adjustable sensitivity features.

The adjustments and changes you prefer can be pre-set from the device’s control panel or mobile device you have connected.

Using a smart security camera

Let’s talk about some innovative ways you can get value from your smart security camera.

Synchronization with other smart devices

To upsell their products, manufacturers of smart security cameras have added designs and features that are compatible with other smart devices. For example, you can find smart security cameras that can be synchronized with smart door locks.

The aim of making the two devices compatible is to offer more convenient options to the owners. For example, you can set up smart security cameras in private areas to view the visitors. If you are expecting guests, after viewing them through the camera lens, you can remotely activate and unlock the door to let your guests into the place.

Burglary alerts

You can also remotely monitor your home or office with these smart devices. If you get alerts of a break-in, making a phone call to the police can be done in minutes before anything is stolen. These cameras are also used to watch pets for their safety when you are away from home.

Smart scheduling

This feature uses your phones GPS to keep track of your movement. You can set the camera to become active only when you have left your home. The camera can detect your absence from the location of your phone. At a certain distance, as you head out, it is activated. The system is also automatically turned off when you return because it detects your phone is within the set range.

Smart security cameras can also be synchronized and managed with smart assistants such as Alexa or Siri.

The cameras fitted in these devices can capture images at a resolution of 1080p; however, you can confirm the actual resolution before purchase. Generally, they are also designed to cover 130 degrees, in swivel movements. Access to your camera is protected by passwords and in some cases fingerprint recognition or Iris scan on your smartphone.

The smart security cameras have undergone a remarkable evolution, and we know there is more to come. Some top brands you can find in the market include the Ring spotlight cam, Nest cam, Arlo Pro, and Amazon Cloud Cam, among other brands.

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