What is a Smart Lock?

What is a Smart Lock?
What is a Smart Lock?

Smart locks are quickly replacing the traditional key operated mechanical locks. They are electronic locks which function just like the regular locks but have additional features. Smart locks can be controlled remotely to gain or prevent access to an area.

The simpler versions of smart locks were first adopted by hotels generally, which used the key card system to open and control access to the rooms in the hotel. Other interested sectors quickly realized that smart locks and the convenience would sell really fast. It wasn’t long before we started seeing smart locks with even better features being advertised for residential and commercial properties.

What is a Smart Lock?

Smart locks really did take over because of their customizable features which offered users a wide range of options. The smart locks can also be remotely controlled and synchronized to the smart home system. You can also find smart locks that combine the older mechanical key system and smart features. These locks feature a keyhole and the control panel for the smart features. Think of it as a two-step authentication process. These systems are usually found in banks and commercial places.

How the smart lock concept works

Smart locks are designed to offer users more flexibility options regarding security. Homes and areas secured with smart locks can be controlled remotely to give or deny access. You will also be interested in knowing that smart locks can be integrated with your smart virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri.

Opening and locking doors with smart locks

After installation, smart locks can be opened using a wide range of features. Some of these devices can be opened or closed by sending commands via the internet; this is done using the smart lock mobile app. Other options you can find for smart locks include the use of biometrics such as your fingerprints, or doing an Iris scan. There are smart locks that open when you give a voice command.

In the case of locking doors, you can remotely control these devices to lock doors. In residential homes, you can perform this action from any part of your home. This will be done via the smart lock app, or a voice command using virtual assistants such as Alexa. With the right command, all shut doors will be securely locked.

Regarding the methods of authentication before accessing smart locks, there have been so many discussions about preferences. Some users may request biometric options while others prefer the use of passwords or voice commands. Let’s discuss some of these features;

Biometrics for smart locks

The concept of using biometrics to open or lock these devices requires physical contact with the smart locks. For example, if you want to open the door, you will need to scan your fingerprint on the smart lock panel before access is granted.

Smart locks that use fingerprint scanners may be restrictive because only a particular number of people can save their fingerprints and open the locked doors. However, this system is suitable for many users who need to maintain restricted access to certain parts of their homes or offices.


Passwords are the oldest yet most effective means of securing locks. The reason passwords are so secure is that only the owner knows the code. Passwords for smart locks can be entered via the control panel. Generally, control panels that come with smart locks feature numbers just like a keypad on your smartphone. The password is usually a unique combination of numbers to open the lock.

Voice commands

Smart locks that work with voice commands offer a flexible option to users. For example, you can integrate Alexa, the smart artificial assistant with the smart lock. This is possible when the smart lock has been programmed for this purpose. After installation, you can give commands instructing Alexa to lock the door or open to let your guests into the house.

Okay, you remember the key card; it is commonly used in hotels and other hospitality settings to control access to rooms.

Each option for authenticating the owners and gaining access to open smart locks has its advantages, and the final decision can be made based on the users’ lifestyle.

Here are some cool reasons you should get the smart locks

No need for metal keys

How many times have you lost your keys? It can be such a horrific experience. Thankfully with the smart locks, you won’t need to bother about losing keys anymore. You can get smart locks with optional control systems that are convenient.

Remote control

Smart locks that have been synchronized with mobile applications can be controlled from any location. All you need is internet access. This feature is helpful if you forgot to lock your doors before rushing out of your home. You can also open the doors to allow guest to enter your home. This is how it works if you are still far away and your guest has already arrived before you, using the mobile application or connection to Alexa, your smart virtual assistant, you can open the door remotely.

Smart locks are great for residential homes

These smart locks are designed with features that allow more than one user to be registered on the system. This means, your spouse or children can gain access into the house independently. However, you can monitor who has entered your home via the mobile app on your smartphone.


Smart locks are also designed to trigger alarms and send emergency messages if there is an unauthorized entry into your home. For example, forcing the lock open can trigger this alarm, and send out the emergency alerts. If this happens, you can call the police to go have a look and save the day.

How safe are smart locks?

The online connectivity used in the control of these locks makes them a target for hackers. However, manufacturers have many tips to help users stay protected- for example, the use of strong passwords and changing security codes frequently.

Smart locks can also be programmed to execute commands from only selected mobile devices for additional security. The use of biometrics is also a secure option for smart lock users because your features cannot be easily copied.

Smart locks are the future; we anticipate the release of new designs and even better features. Some common smart lock brands you can find in the market are Schlage Sense, Nest X Yale, August Smart lock and other notable brands.

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