3 Issues That May Caused Why Alexa Blue Light Spinning (Answered)

Alexa Blue Light Spinning
Alexa Blue Light Spinning

What does Alexa blue spinning light mean? Alexa has all different sorts of light symbols, each indicating a state. It is important for you to understand them if you are planning to get an echo device without a screen to enhance your experience with Alexa.

The blue spinning light is one of the most common colors that you can get, and there are different reasons that might cause your echo to spin the light in blue. A few of these possibilities and patterns would be shown below.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant. You can play music, search the Web, make to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports, and control popular smart-home products with nothing more than the sound of your voice while keeping your smartphone in your pocket.

The responsiveness of Alexa and Echo sets them apart from first-generation voice assistants. There isn’t a button to press to activate the system. Say the trigger word (either “Alexa,” “Echo,” “Amazon,” or “Computer”) followed by what you want to happen, and it will happen if everything is set up correctly and you’re using the correct command.

On the Amazon Alexa device, the Amazon Echo Blue Ring is the most prevalent light ring. Every time you give Alexa voice command, you’ll get it. Alexa is usually completely dormant until it is summoned with the wake word (Alexa, Echo, Amazon, Computer).

However, even when you’re not actively using the smart speaker, the LED ring around the top of the Echo and Echo Dot, or a light bar on your Echo Show screen, may light up.

The blue ring on your Alexa device indicates that the request is being processed. Your Amazon Alexa device may sometimes pick up sounds from outside or from other family members conversing in another room.

The Echo device has misinterpreted sounds from your surroundings as voice commands in these situations. As it captures and processes the noise, Alexa glows blue.

Whenever you speak to Alexa, blue light with a light-blue segment facing the direction she’s listening to will appear.

When Alexa is processing what you just said, you’ll see a blue light. Alexa isn’t listening if there’s no blue light.

The light ring in the case of Amazon’s Echo Show smart displays, the light bar has been one of the brand’s defining design features since the original Echo smart speaker was launched.

The light turns blue and swirls around as Alexa processes your voice command when you say “Alexa.” The light ring is usually turned off. If there are no lights on the device when it is plugged in, that means the speaker is turned on and waiting for you to say the wake word.

You’ll see white and different shades of blue when you interact with Alexa. It turns out that the light ring can be used as a status indicator and a notification light for a variety of information. Alexa is trying to tell you something important when the echo’s ring or the show’s bar light up with different colors.

Alexa Blue Light Spinning

There are three issues that cause Alexa Blue Light Spinning;

1. A constantly spinning blue light

A constantly spinning blue light means two things, and you need to keep them both in consideration.

The first one would be the pairing mode. Once your device is in pairing mode, it will not be responding to any command, and you will see a constantly spinning ring of blue light on your echo device.

To fix that, you are going to need to pair your device with a smartphone using your Alexa application, and the light will go away once you have paired the device successfully.

The second thing that can trigger a constant circle of blue light is the software update running in the background. If you are seeing a constant circle of blue light spinning, and your device is also paired with your smartphone properly, that essentially means that the software on your echo device is being updated.

This would be the firmware update, and you will not be able to use the device during this process. Let the update finish, and you will be able to use the device again.

Moving forward, to differentiate between these two possibilities, you will need to check it through the phone.

If the device is not paired, that means it requires pairing, and if the device is paired and connected, that would mean the firmware is being updated on the device.

2. Blue light spinning for a moment or two

Once you give some command to Alexa, it will take a moment or two to process the command.

The processing period on the Echo device will be indicated by a blue circle so you can know that it has heard you and is working on that. So, there is nothing to be worried about there.

All you need to do is sit tight if it happens after you have given some command to Alexa and let it do the hard work for you.

If you have an Echo Dot, you’re well aware that the light ring on the device’s top is a charming interface choice.

It’s the only feature of Dot’s design that has survived multiple generations of the product’s evolution and development, and it’s unquestionably a signature feature of the device.

3. Blue light spin followed by a purple flash

Well, there is another catch for you. After giving a voice command, you will notice Alexa Blue light spinning, and then a flash of purple on the ring.

This means that Alexa is processing your command, but the purple flash at the end is to indicates that you have Do Not Disturb mode enabled. So, if you have enabled it, then it is all good for you.

But, if you have not intentionally enabled it, you will need to log in to your application and toggle it off using the device setting within your smartphone application.

20 thoughts on “3 Issues That May Caused Why Alexa Blue Light Spinning (Answered)”

  1. I asked Alexa “what’s with the white/yellow? Light. She said May be a software update or you have a message. I asked what was the message, she told me an Amazon package had been delivered. Then the light went off.

  2. My Alexa’s used to have a single blue light that would circle around the top of it casting a light around the room when it was in guard mode. Now it has a light blue continues light and a slightly darker blue light that circles the top. Did Amazon change the lighting for the guard mode? I liked the single blue light rotating. Can I go back to the single blue light option?

  3. the stop guarding did not work but the I said Alexa Guard then
    Alexa Stop guarding
    Finally it stopped, Thanks

  4. It is the “Guard” feature. I had recently turned it on and suspected this may be why but couldn’t figure out how to disable it short of going to the Alexa app which is way too much work! So, thanks Mel for your tip. It worked straight away! Later I will see if a similar command “arms” the system as well.

  5. I have the same problem. Blue/white light spinning and spinning for days. I’ve rebooted it and paired it again. Still no luck.

    • Thanks Mike! My two had been blue spinning for two days. I remember hearing “guard” from one of them but ignored it.
      Tried the usual fixes. No go.
      Tried your Stop Guarding. Spinning stopped. Thanks again.

      • I’ve had the spinning blue/white circle for days on 2 of my Echo Dots. Yet, don’t recall activating or requesting that command. Just tried the command, “Alexa, stop Guarding” and it magically stopped. Thanks everyone!!!

  6. The “guard” comment above was a clue for me. All of mine have been spinning light blue for months. It was not in guard mode. BUT, I enabled it, then disabled and that cleared them all.

    A bit frustrating.

  7. I have the exact problem that Marlene is reporting. An echo dot with a spinning blue light that does not stop spinning.

  8. I have two echo dots, one in bedroom and one in kitchen. They both worked and blue circling light would stop when not being used. However, now they continue to circle and never stop. I’m able to use both, but blue light never stops. Nothing in your site covers this situation. Can you please tell me how to correct this?

    • Did you try asking “Alexa is your software up to date?” ? It will check, and let you know if it’s up-to-date.. Sounds you you may need an update, likely.

    • Say “alexa, I’m home”. It might’ve got in guard mode by accident. Mine was doing the same thing and it just turned off once I gave that command. And all six of mine were spinning and they all came off

      • Thank you SO much! After reading countless “help” articles, I couldn’t get that light off no matter what I did! After reading your post, I realized that when I left this morning I absentmindedly said, “Alexa, see you later.” I had no idea that would start the guard mode, but after reading your post I realized Alexa said something I didn’t understand when I said, “See you later.” I now realize that what she said was “OK. I’ll start guarding now.” As soon as I said, “Alexa, stop guarding,” the light went right off.

        Thanks again!


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