10 Best Google Home Compatible Devices List Review 2022

Best Google Home Device List
Best Google Home Device List

The Top 10 best Google Home Device List is here and it is for you to easily start your dream Smart Home ecosystem! It is now very trendy in North America to own various types of gadgets and peripherals that make your house a lot more technologically advanced than it was possible a few years ago. One of the most popular ones available on the market is the Google Home Assistant. So, is there an existing list that shows the many different types of device which can work best with Google Home? Please read on!

The Google Home Assistant is a brand of smart speakers developed by Google, and it has many different features that are quite useful.

To name a few of these features, in case that you are not familiar with the product, it can:

  • play music,
  • tell you the news,
  • read you an audiobook,
  • and many more features listed on this website.

Not only does the Google Home Assistant have many handy uses, but it can also be paired with other devices that you might already own and/or want to own!

The little robot will gladly assist you in controlling your smart home devices, such as locks and lights.

We have compiled an informative list of said devices that the Google Home Assistant can help you out with.

Best Google Home Device List

1. iHome ISP100

The iHome ISP100 has been designed to allow you to control your outdoor lights from inside your house.

The device can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and hail, especially useful if you live in a geographic region that experiences any of those in abundance.

You can use the iHome smartphone app or ask the Google Home Assistant to take care of it for you. Both systems can turn the lights on and off with ease.

2. JBL Link 20

Do not let any party die down ever with the help of JBL Link 20. It is a portable yet powerful speaker that has the Google Home Assistant built in.

All you need is to connect it to your wifi. It even has the ability to answer all of the commands that the Google Home Assistant is able to!

It has one of the strongest audio without sacrificing its long battery life.

On top of all of those great benefits, it is also very water-resistant, so if you forget it outside a couple of times, it should be fine.

3. August Smart Lock Pro

If you are anything like me, you will always wonder if you truly locked your doors properly the moment that you get comfortable.

With the help of a smart lock like the August Smart Lock Pro, your helpful robot assistant can lock and unlock the doors with only a vocal command.

4. Smarter Coffee 2

With Smarter Coffee 2, Google Assistant brews your coffee for you. It is a coffee machine like any other, and it can be loaded with grounds or beans (do not forget to adjust the grind to suit your taste buds).

The real difference between Smarter Coffee 2 and a regular coffee machine is that this one can be controlled with the help of your Google Home Assistant, the Smarter Coffee app (available for Android and iOS), or the buttons on the machine itself (especially useful for the less technologically gifted members of the family).

We highly recommend this type of coffee machine for those looking to upgrade their home technologically and to replace their old coffee machine.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat

The thermostat is usually one of the most trivial things that couples like to argue about over the years. It is always either too hot or too cold.

Well, instead of having to physically walk up to tweak the thermostat for the tenth time that day, you can now use Google Home to control your temperature with the help of the Nest Learning Thermostat.

You are able to ask your assistant what the current temperature is and make it warmer or cooler by telling it a number of degrees.

If you are unsure exactly of the temperature that you want, you can make your life easier by saying, “Make it warmer.”

Not only that, but it has even the ability to keep different rooms at different temperatures.

Long gone are the days where your basement was freezing, but your living room felt like you were being boiled alive.

6. Solis SO-2000

The Solis SO-2000 is a Google Assistant-powered digital alarm clock that has two 5-watt speakers that deliver loud audio.

The LED clock automatically sets the time from the Google Cloud and has a few physical buttons to control and change the sound and display of the clock.

7. TP-Link HS105 Smart Plug

With the help of this Smart Plug, you can:

  • connect a fan,
  • AC unit,
  • or even a coffee maker to the plug.

Plus, you will have the ability to demand your Google Home Assistant to turn it on or off.

It is one of the smallest and cheapest plugs available on the market today.

8. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Sometimes you might want to set up a video surveillance system around your home, especially at your door, but they are far too complicated and expensive to set up properly. Well, that is where this convenient gadget comes in!

After you link your Smart doorbell cam to your Google Assistant, you are able to:

  • start recordings,
  • activate motion alerts,
  • and check up on the device whenever you need to.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has amazing quality; the camera has a resolution of 1080p and an extremely wide 160-degree field of view!

9. Orbit B-hyve

If you have outdoor plants and happen to travel a lot, you will absolutely love this device.

This smart faucet helps to keep your plants well-watered with the help of Google Home.

To set up your own watering schedule and the faucet’s spray, you can use Google or Orbit’s application (available for Android and iOS).

10. Nest Secure

This little device, Nest Secure, is a very simple and practical security system.

It has a very unobtrusive design that has the ability to blend into any door with ease.

The biggest advantage that Nest Secure brings to the table compared to many security systems out there on the market is that it comes with convenient key fobs that you are able to set to individual access schedules.

Hypothetically, you can give different people different accesses depending on their keys’ individual programming.

For example, your older daughter could have a key that allows her to come home later than her younger siblings to make sure that they follow their curfews properly.

Conclusion: Best Google Home Device List

There you have it. That is the end of the list of Smart Devices that we believe is most useful and compatible with your Google Home smart assistant.

Which one do you believe will be the most useful addition to your home?

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