What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

What is a Smart Video Doorbell?
What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

The amazing thing about smart video doorbells is that they can be used in versatile ways and different locations. You can find them in homes, schools, the gym, and other places.

What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

Smart video doorbells offer an extra level of security when they are installed on a property. The smart video doorbell eliminates the need to walk over to your door every time someone knocks on the door or uses the doorbell.

When it buttons are pushed or the sensors detect motion, the smart video doorbell is activated, it has an internal camera that captures the image of the person who is at your door. This image is transmitted in real time to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You will be able to view the person and speak with them. This process happens from any location, so you can answer your doorbell without leaving the kitchen or the shower.

Smart video doorbells can also work when you are not in the house at the time a visitor comes around. And, you can view the image of people who came knocking in your absence as short video clips.

Additional features of the smart video doorbells

Some brands of smart video doorbells have enhanced the functions of their products to include motion detectors. You can also find models with IR night vision. These features are very helpful to capture the identity of would-be burglars or package thieves who come to your doorstep.

You can also find smart video doorbells that are compatible with smart door locks. This means you won’t need to walk away from what you are doing to open the door. After confirming the identity of your visitor and speaking with them, you can activate the key lock remotely to open the door. The important thing is that you can have a good look at the visitor before letting them into your home.

Are they safe?

From the information manufacturers release about these smart video doorbells, a lot of investment goes into the app development. This is done to ensure the safety of all users who depend on these products. What’s more, the smart video doorbells can be classified as security devices, in addition to the convenience they bring. These small sized gadgets are easily noticeable when you approach the house. This means everyone who comes close knows they are being watched.

What should you expect while using a smart video doorbell?

The first feature that sells this product is the convenience it offers to all users who do not have to make frequent trips to answer the door every time a visitor comes knocking. Also, it provides an added security, and you can document a history of people who have visited your home in the past week or longer.

Some of the features you should expect while using these devices are as follows

High-resolution videos

The designers of smart video doorbells are raising the bar. The first models of these smart devices had average cameras that could only capture a barely visible image. However, the newer versions of smart video doorbells have been remarkably improved. Now you can expect your smart video doorbells to capture videos with resolution as high as 1080p. This means you can view much clearer images.

Compatible apps

The apps that have been developed for smart video doorbells are amazing. They are compatible with most smartphones and other mobile devices. These apps also support audio communication, so you can hear what your visitor is saying and speak with them in real time.

Motion sensors

Another crucial feature of the smart video doorbells is the motion sensor. These smart doorbells can detect motion and alert you at any time of the day. This is a helpful security feature that can prevent burglaries.

Video and audio recorder

With this feature, a history of everyone who visits your home can be reliably documented and reviewed whenever you want. The video recorder with audio can also be used to know who came to visit when you were not in the house. This feature can be set to be activated with the motion detector, and you can also determine the number of minutes you want to be recorded.

Remote storage

Many models of the smart video doorbell allow you to store your videos remotely to save space. This way, you can keep as many files as you want for reference.

Source of power

The smart video doorbell can be connected to your power socket provided for a doorbell. You can also find models that work with batteries. However, it is always advised to connect the video doorbell to your general power source. With such a connection, you can be sure it is always working, and you can get all the alerts whenever you have visitors.

However, considering the versatile use of these smart devices, there are models that come with rechargeable batteries so that the device can be installed and used in remote areas outdoors such as camps.

You can customize the features of your smart video doorbell to ring out with a particular tone. Setting a customized ringtone helps you to know when someone is at the door, even if you are not close to your phone at that time.

Installing your smart video doorbell

This shouldn’t be a problem. The device comes with installation guides; the gadget can be mounted on wood or stone walls. After it has been connected to a source of power, you can download the app and test the device.

However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the height of the installation. You need to mount your smart video doorbell at a height where it can capture the images of everyone come towards your door regardless of their size. In a situation where the person does not notice the smart device at your entrance, if you speak from your end, they will hear your voice and move closer to communicate with you via the microphone.

Also, considering potential harsh weather conditions, you should find the best position for your smart device outdoors.

Overall, this is a cool gadget, with little stress to install, and seamless operation, it should be in every home. Some common brands include the Nest Cam IQ, Ring Chime Pro, Zmodo Pro, among other brands.

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