Can I Have Multiple Users Using EcoBee Geofence?

ecobee geofence multiple users
ecobee geofence multiple users

Ecobee is an organization that is known for its reliable smart security products. Their most famous product is the smart thermostats. You can also buy security sensors and cameras to maximize your home security. So, if the Ecobee smart devices suit your budget then you shouldn’t think twice about buying them.

There are multiple features that you can access using the Ecobee smart application. You can easily configure your smart devices and change the way your devices respond to your commands. That way you can get the most efficiency out of your smart devices. Let us discuss the possibility of adding multiple users to the geofencing feature in Ecobee devices.

EcoBee Geofence Multiple Users

Geofencing is a feature that allows users to get their devices to work every time users are close to their home. Enabling this feature creates an area around your home and whenever users enter this area then the Ecobee thermostat will activate. This allows the smart device to be more efficient as the device will only work when you’re around your home. That way the temperature inside your apartment will always be perfect whenever you’re coming back from work.

Yes, users can set up multiple devices for the geofencing feature on your Ecobee devices. However, you’ll have to rely on apps like Life,360, and AFAIK. That allows you to link up your phones together to use the geofencing feature by Ecobee. Allowing other users access to this feature will mean that the thermostat will only remain inactive when no one is home.

As soon as even one person from the list of approved users approaches the house, the Ecobee thermostat will turn on. This might decrease the overall efficiency of your Ecobee system. Moreover, users don’t like using applications like Life360 as it can be a bit invasive. But you can always configure your LIfe360 application to match your requirements.

All in all, you need to set up your Ecobee application with the IFTTT life360 app and you’ll be able to use the Geofencing feature quite easily. There are also some other workarounds that you can utilize but the most effective method that most users choose is to use the IFTTT Life360 application. That way you can easily link up different smartphones together and now whenever a family member or some friend enters the geofence, your Ecobee smart thermostat will activate.

How to Setup Multiple Users for Geofencing

The procedure is quite simple and you need to link the IFTTT account with the Life360 application to add the trigger that will activate your Ecobee device. Just start by downloading the LIfe360 application and signing up for your account. After completing the signup process, you just need to add in the phones of your family members or any users that you want to authorize.

After doing so, you need to add in two triggers that will forward commands to your Ecobee devices. These include the last one to leave your home and the first one to enter your home conditions. After selecting both of these individually you can create a trigger and then from the trigger configurations you can set up your thermostat.

That way when the last member of your family leaves the home the Life360 app will initiate the trigger and your thermostat will be on standby. Similarly, when the first person enters the geofence it will also activate the trigger that you have set up which will cause your thermostat to start working again. By the time you reach your home, the temperature inside will already be in optimal settings and you can just relax as soon as you walk in.

However, you need to ensure that your connection doesn’t drop at any point. Otherwise, the trigger won’t activate if it can’t keep track of your location at a given point in time. This is how you can get the Geofencing to work on multiple devices while using the Ecobee smart thermostat. There is no direct way to add multiple users to the Ecobee application. This is why you will need help from the IFTTT Life360 application. There are still some drawbacks but you should be able to get the geofencing to work at least.

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  1. Mike Lee, In November 2020 Life 360 and IFTTT went separate ways. The two apps no longer work together so the multiple user geofencing for Ecobee using those two apps ceased to operate.


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