What is a Smart Speaker?

What is a Smart Speaker
What is a Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are electronic gadgets remotely controlled by voice command. There are many brands of smart speakers in the market. These gadgets are packed with many innovative features that can make your life much easier.

Smart speakers are equipped with technology, based on the internet, to perform functions aimed at organizing and planning. You can use smart speakers to coordinate your day from the moment you wake up till its evening.

What is a Smart Speaker?

The introduction of voice command in tech

Voice commands are used to initiate functions in smart speakers. Studies and experiments on developing voice recognition technology started as early as the 1950s. Over time, there were remarkable breakthroughs, and we have this technology readily available for use now.

Voice recognition systems eliminate the use of buttons, or physical contact with a smart gadget to make it perform a particular function. The voice command technology acts as an interface through which smart speakers initiate processes based on the internet to deliver information or perform other tasks.

How smart speakers work

The first smart speakers were invented to carry out simple tasks such as reminders or scheduling appointments. Now, their functionalities have evolved to include so many innovative capabilities.

Smart speakers depend on the internet and their memory storage to function. These speakers are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Network sim cards.

Think of them as computers controlled with your voice rather than a keyboard. Smart speakers are equipped with special sensors and recorders that save and recognize your voice as its principal owner. When you give a command, the smart voice recognition software picks and recognizes the command, sending signals to an inbuilt computer which carries out your command.

The smart speakers remain in a hibernated mode until they are activated. To start the system, you may need to say a word, or make a gesture at the smart speaker. For example, Amazon’s smart speaker, named Echo, is activated when the owners speak the name ‘Alexa.’ This is, however, the default voice activation code. You can change the activation command to another word or name you prefer. Other brands of smart speakers function similarly.

When activated, the smart speaker enters a mode to receive your command. You can do this by simply saying what you need to be done. For example, you can issue a command such as, “Please schedule a meeting with Mr. Daniel for 3 p.m. Your smart speaker picks this command; it sends the request to the internal computer which then schedules the meeting you want to have at 3 p.m. At the time of your meeting, you will be reminded by your smart speaker to ensure you do not miss your appointment.

Smart speakers are programmed to recognize a wide range of words and commands. They are also connected to the internet, so it is easy to perform a quick search and retrieve any information you need online, based on commands you have given.

While setting up your smart speaker, you will also be required to perform a series of test to personalize the smart gadget. For example, you will need to repeat some words during the voice recognition process. This feature ensures only you can give commands to your smart speaker. Over time, your smart speaker stores frequent commands, and voice notes to personalize your experience.

How secure are smart speakers?

Many brands such as Google, Apple, and Amazon, who have developed smart speakers, have incorporated high-level security for these smart devices. This is necessary because, over time, your smart speaker becomes your personal assistant and organizer. Data theft is becoming a ‘thing’ in our society, and smart speakers have been targeted by cybercriminals in the past.

To keep your private and sensitive information safe, smart speakers have been programmed with security software to prevent hacking or other types of unauthorized access through the internet. The information received by smart speakers are encrypted and uploaded to secure servers.

Smart speakers are mainly powered by electricity directly from a source of supply (electrical socket). Alternatively, you can find smart speakers that can work with batteries. These smart speakers can be taken anywhere you go without the stress of looking for a power source to keep them working.

Top reasons people buy smart speakers

These smart gadgets have become so popular. The increasing demand for smart speakers can be attributed to how they can fit into our modern lifestyle. The designs used in manufacturing smart speakers are also admirable, they are portable, and can easily fit into your bag.

Here are some of the reasons many people buy smart speakers


Who doesn’t love music? Smart speakers come with inbuilt players and super bass speakers. They are programmed to play music in different formats which make these gadgets very convenient. Smart speakers are one of the best ‘companions’ you can take to the beach or a swimming pool to keep track of your schedule and listen to good music. The storage capacity of smart speakers also makes it possible for you to store all the music files you want.


Smart speakers can function as the perfect organizers. You can use smart speakers to schedule meetings, book flights or train, order stuff online, or request for an Uber. All you need to do is give the command, and your smart speaker saves it with a reliable reminder.

Online Research

You can find helpful information in minutes with a smart speaker. By simply asking a question, your smart device will connect to the internet to find the information you need.

Smart home controls

You can also use your smart speakers to control devices and features in smart homes. For example, your speakers can help you dim or brighten the light, turn off the TV or start the home entertainment system.

There are currently so many researches to discover new ways smart speakers can be used to improve our lives. It is also a way to sell products and apps that can be incorporated with the smart system.

Some of the common smart speakers you will find in the market are Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Home pod, and Google’s Home speakers.

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