3 Ways To Fix Yeelight Can’t Connect With Hidden Wi-Fi

yeelight can’t connect with hidden wifi
yeelight can’t connect with hidden wifi

Yeelight is a famous brand that manufactures smart home bulbs for its users. While usually, you have to switch on and off the lights in your home manually. These smart bulbs allow you to easily control them through your devices that can use the internet on them. This includes mobile phones, computer systems, and even laptops.

The process to set these all up is simple and you should not have much trouble with it. Another great thing about the bulbs from Yeelight is the colors on them. These have different color options and there are even some models that can switch between them according to your choice. Recently, some users have been complaining that their Yeelight can’t connect with hidden Wi-Fi. If this happens to you as well then here are a few steps that will help you out.

How to Fix Yeelight Can’t Connect With Hidden Wi-Fi?

  1. Reboot the Device

Usually, problems like these can be from your bulb instead of your connection. This is why you should try to power cycle through it before proceeding to check any technical methods. The process should both save your time and might even help with your issue.

Usually rebooting the device once clears up its memory files and any problems along with it. Though, for Yeelight, you should note that the smart bulb requires up to 5 reboots. After each of them keep the devices switched off for several seconds or even minutes if you can. After the fifth reboot, the bulb will start to reset itself and should help in allowing you to use your Wi-Fi connection again.

  1. Use Hotspot

The bulbs manufactured by Yeelight do not support using hidden Wi-Fi services on these products. This means that you will have to change the settings on your router to connect the bulb. Although, for some people, this might not be possible. Some ISPs have rules that do not allow people to set their Wi-Fi connection to the public.

These users can set up a hotspot connection on their mobile to fix the problem. Keep in mind that you will have to set up both the password as well as the SSID on your device to the same as your router. Now you can connect your bulb to the hotspot connection and switch it off from your mobile phone. The bulb will then proceed to find the network again and should end up connecting to your router now.

  1. Change SSID Settings

Another thing that users can do is open up the settings on their router. This can be done through the login page of the product. They can then proceed to find the SSID settings and select unhide on it. Now start to connect your bulb with the router.

Once this is done you can then hide your connection back just like before. The smart bulb should now stay connected without any problems. People who have MAC filtering available can even use the MAC address given by their router to connect the bulb. You can easily set this up using the Yeelight application.

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