7 Ways To Fix Ring App Keeps Crashing

Ring App Keeps Crashing
Ring App Keeps Crashing

We all know that it can be bothersome to check up on the door every time the bell rings.

You will be annoyed too when you just get comfy on the couch and queue up the movie, just to get interrupted by the doorbell. 

This situation leaves us wishing for a solution where we won’t have to worry about manually checking up on the door.

Well, you’re in luck! You can simply choose some smart doorbells to tune into a live feed. Moreover, two-way audio will save you time. 

Now, whenever someone rings the doorbell, you can check the app and then speak to them from the comfort of your couch.

Yes, you will have to spend more money on these smart doorbells. However, the added convenience is well worth the investment. 

you will thank yourself every time someone rings the doorbell and you’re not in the mood to check the door yourself. So, investing into some of the more reliable brands like Ring is not a bad idea. 

you can just pair up the application with the Ring doorbell, and use all of the utility features. So, just install this unit in your house.

The application is optimized perfectly to ensure that your ring doorbell works smoothly with the smartphone that you are intending to use it on.

So, you can easily access the feed on the go without having to deal with any delays. All that you need to do is to pair up the controlled application.

However, there can be a few issues that are not uncommon with mobile applications such as the app keeps crashing. If your Ring app keeps crashing out of nowhere, here are a few things that you need to take care of.

Ring App Keeps Crashing

  1. Check compatibility

The first thing you are going to do is check for compatibility. There are tons of smartphones out there and especially with android, you can never be sure. 

So, you will need to check if your smartphone is compatible with the Ring application and is not running an android OS that would not be compatible with the Ring application.

  1. Get rid of any custom mod OS

There are also tons of custom mods out there that might be the right thing to run your phone but they can cause problems with other applications such as Ring.

So, there are chances that the problem might not be with the Ring application but the OS that you are running.

Make sure that you are using the Ring application on a device that has the stock OS without any problems and that will allow you to use the Ring application without any crashes and stuff like that.

  1. Watch out for VPN

connected vpn

You might also need to check if there is some sort of VPN enabled on your smartphone device.

The app requires an active internet connection to be working properly and you will face several issues with the application if there is some sort of VPN enabled.

So, make sure that you don’t have any VPN enabled and it will certainly work out for you.

  1. Update the application

You might be using an outdated version of the application and that might be the reason your application gets crashed. So, you will need to update the application version and it will make it all good for you.

Updating the application version is quite easy as all you need to do is go to the relevant app store and there you will find out if your Ring application needs an update.

Just click on the update button and it will download and install the latest version of the application on your device.

  1. Update the OS

If you have updated the application version, there is one more thing to do. You will be needing to check if there is some load on your device.

There might be some excessive application running in the background that can cause your ring app to crash unnecessarily on random occasions.


So, once you are clear that there are no applications running in the background, you will need to check on the OS version.

Your OS version might be outdated or there might be some sort of error on that. So, what you will need to do is update the OS version. 

This should be easy enough because all you need to do is check on the settings and you will find it if your OS needs an update.

Once you have updated the OS, it will all be good and you will be able to use your Ring application without facing any sort of errors.

  1. Re-install the application

If you have tried everything and the problem is still there, you will need to reinstall the application. The reason for this being the last resort is that you will lose all the data and settings.

Go to the settings page if you merely want to reset the data and aren’t too sold on the idea of reinstalling the software.

Try deleting and reinstalling the app

Simply go to the programme settings, choose the Ring application’s storage choices, and then return to the application settings.

To end the application, you must now remove all of the data. There is no need to reinstall the application, and the minor issues will be solved.

  1. Check Battery Optimization

The next thing that you will have to do here is to get rid of the battery optimization features.

A built-in setting that activates battery-saving functions is included in the majority of software from low-cost manufacturers.

These characteristics restrict the utility of the multiple programmes and prohibit the system from producing any output.

It’s conceivable that all of the app’s functions are still in use even though you haven’t utilized them all. Go to the battery optimization menu after making changes to the programme settings to remove the limitations.

All that is left to do is deactivate the power-saving features. You may never encounter another software crash after surviving this one.

  1. Check In With The Official Support


If you’re still stuck and can’t seem to make your way through a fix, then you need to check in with the official support team.

The issue might just be with the app. This is especially true if the issue presented itself right after you updated the application.

Sometimes, bugged versions of the applications do get launched in the store and you need to wait for a quick fix.

The good thing is that the developers from the Ring team are pretty responsive. They will be quick to release a new version and address this issue with the app crashing again and again.

You can still reach out to the Ring support to get help on these errors.

There is no point in trying to go through with these fixes on your own and you can engage the official support team to help you out. The professional will make sure that you avoid more errors down the road. 

Wrapping Up

Nothing is more annoying than trying to access your smart units just to have the application crash out on you.

Well, this exact issue has caused a ton of frustration among owners where they claimed that the Ring application keeps crashing. 

So, if you’re stuck in the same issue and can’t seem to figure out a way to fix the app, try using some methods listed above. Hopefully, you will not have to hassle as much when trying to find the perfect solution.

From there, you can go about limiting the battery optimization features as well and make sure that the application has access to maximum resources.

That will ensure that you don’t run into the same errors, and fixing the situation will be fairly simple. 

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