How To Connect Ring Doorbell With Roku? Explained

ring doorbell roku
ring doorbell roku

Ring Doorbell stands to be the smartest doorbell that you can possibly get your hands on. Not only it is highly secure, but it comes pre-equipped with tons of interesting features as well that will help you out perfectly and you are not going to face any major problems on these doorbells at all.

While the doorbell can be connected with the Wi-Fi and there are a lot of cool options as well that you can get on the Ring Doorbells, people might be wondering about trying out some newer connectivity combinations, and here are a few things that you need to know about Roku Compatibility with the Ring Doorbell.


Roku is one of the best TV OS that you can get for better stability, speed, and performance along with the connectivity on your TV. Not only Roku is available on almost all the major TV brands, that helps you get the best TV that you like along with the favorite OS that you want to use with it, but there is a lot more.

Roku TV also comes with lots of applications and the App Store of its own that allows you to download different applications and have the best edge of networking, connectivity and smart experience on the bigger screen as you might be seeking.

If you are wondering about connecting your Ring Doorbell with the Roku, that is quite possible but there is no Ring App on the Roku as you might be able to find on the Android and iOS and that can be a bummer.

How To Connect Ring Doorbell With Roku?

There is nothing much to be worried about, as you can still connect the Roku TV with your Ring Doorbell pretty easily and enjoy all the features that you might be seeking with it. Despite the fact that there is no official application for Ring Doorbell on Roku, you can use it using some other applications such as Amazon Alexa and that would be just the right thing for you to have.

Yes, you will need a third device such as your phone with Amazon Alexa installed and configured with it, and all three of these devices need to be on the same network as well in order to make this happen. In order to get this sorted out, you will need to ensure that you are enabling the Amazon Alexa device on your phone and then add the Roku skill on it.

Not only that, but you will also need to connect your Ring Doorbell with your Amazon Alexa to make sure that you can use them together without having to face any sort of issue. Once you get that sorted out, all you will need to do is give Alexa a command to show the feed from your Ring Doorbell to the Roku you have connected with it and it will all be sorted out.

You will be able to access the live feed and more right on the TV screen and you can also control the doorbell through your voice.

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