5 Ways To Fix Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing

Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing
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Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing

Ring doorbell is one of the best solutions to get alerts whenever someone is at your door and also to stay connected with the alerts, video, and two-way communication. Since getting the notifications on your ring doorbell and your smartphone is a great feature for your own convenience, it would be a mess for you if the doorbell just kept ringing on false alerts or periodically, or the ringing is not stopping, this can be a mess for you and you will need to fix this for sure.

Here are a few things that you need to try if your ring doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing.

Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing

1. Restart the doorbell

You will need to restart the doorbell as it might be stuck in some loop and can be ringing on the false alert. So, to start that, look out for the power button or you will need to restart it using the mobile application. The power button might not be on the outside of your Ring doorbell due to security reasons. So, you will need to shut the doorbell for a moment or two, let it sit, and then restart it again. This will fix the issue surely and your ring doorbell will stop ringing on its own.

This will fix the issue temporarily for you if not permanent and you will manage to get the help in the meantime. If the issue comes back after you have effectively restarted the doorbell, you will need to move on with some other troubleshooting steps such as.

2. Reset the doorbell

If restarting has not worked for you, you will need to reset the doorbell. This will help you get rid of any issues or settings that might be causing you to face such a problem and it will be gone for good.

There are also two ways to rest your doorbell, there is a setup button on the doorbell that you will need to keep pressed for around 20 seconds and it will get to reset mode. It might take a few moments to be reset and then it will reboot on its own. Once the doorbell reboots, it will be reset to the default settings and you will get rid of the problem that is causing your doorbell to ring on its own.

Another way to reset your doorbell to its default settings is by using the mobile application. The application has an option that will reset the doorbell and you will be able to use it without any false alarms or continuous ringing.

3. Connect it with the mobile phone again

While chances on this one are pretty low, but there are possibilities that the ring is due to the reason because there is no connection or there might be some issues with the connection. Disconnecting your doorbell from the device and then pairing it again will most likely solve the problem for you. It is at least worth a try because you might have to turn to some more deep and extensive troubleshooting methods if this doesn’t work out for you.

4. Have the wiring checked

There are also chances that your wiring might have gone bad. There can be some sort of shortage, some damaged wiring, or any other problem with your wiring that might be too much for you to figure out on your own. So, you will need to have your wiring checked by an expert electrician who will be able to diagnose if there is some sort of trouble with the wiring and will also be able to fix it for you to stop the ringing problem on your doorbell.

5. Call a technician

Once you have tried everything above and you are still not able to make it work, you will need to have your doorbell checked for any issues or problems. Ring doorbells are pretty good with durability and efficiency, and there are not many issues with them but there might be some error with your doorbell due to humidity, excessive heat, or any other reasons as it is placed outside your door. So, you will need to have it checked by an authorized technician from Ring support as they will not only diagnose the issue properly but will also fix it without voiding your warranty.

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