Troubleshooting: What To Do When GE Smart Switch Blue Light Blinking?

GE Smart Switch Blue Light Blinking
GE Smart Switch Blue Light Blinking

Smart homes are the future, and the future is now! GE Z-wave smart switch is an innovative tool used in home automation systems. But what  to do when GE Smart Switch is blinking blue light? Please read on.

It works on Z-wave, a wireless communication protocol used primarily for smart home systems. Z-wave is a mesh network that utilizes low-energy radio waves to foster communication between electrical appliances and smart devices such as thermostats, windows, locks, garage doors, security systems, and lighting control.

GE Z-Wave switches use your existing wiring and provide Z-Wave wireless operation that turns your home into a futuristic smart home.

GE Smart Switch Blue Light Blinking

Just like any other electrical device, GE Smart Switches are not entirely without any flaws. Blue light blinking is a common issue faced by GE switch users. 

By default, the blinking blue light from the LED indicator means that your smart switch is in setup mode.

Worst-case scenario, it starts by being unable to connect to any of the devices in the system, and the only physical indication is the slow-blinking blue light on the switch.

Once this issue arises, the users are unable to use the switch to control any of the connected devices manually or through the smartphone app. Moreover, it is possible to experience lags or recurring errors in these smart switches as the average lifespan of the product comes to an end after about 2 years.

The good news is, there are some simple troubleshooting tricks you can do to prolong the use of these switches, as long as you have used the devices carefully and maintained them well.

If troubleshooting does not give the results that you need, and the switches have not passed the recommended average lifespan, you can try resetting the smart switches to their original settings and configure them again.

As long as you troubleshoot properly, it is quite likely that the smart switches go back to performing at their optimal level after. Even if that does not work and you are within the warranty period of 2 years given when you purchase the product, you can claim your new GE Z-Wave smart switches through your warranty. 

1. How to Troubleshoot a GE Device

Let us give you a set of steps that will help to troubleshoot any GE devices if you have connectivity or initial operating issues.

  • Examine the device for any visible physical damages. If it looks good, try turning it off and on several times while the SmartThings hub is searching, with a few minutes interval to let the device rest in between.
  • If your switch is located further than 15 feet from the central hub, try bringing it closer to get it connected. Once the connection is complete, and the device is functioning, you can generally keep the hub away and have it still working well. It would help if you had closer proximity for the initial connection.
  • Every GE switch has a small “air gap” switch which helps you manually cut the power of the device in an emergency. Sometimes this switch can be turned on by mistake and prevent your device from connecting. Check the air gap located right below the main switch right next to the blue light indicator. Make sure the switch is securely pushed in and properly closed.

2. How to Reset a GE Z-Wave Switch

If your GE Z-Wave switch is still not connecting properly to SmartThings Hub after going through complete troubleshooting, you may need to reset the device to its original configurations. 

  • Go to the Menu on the home screen and select “Devices.” 
  • Tap on your Hub and select More Options
  • Select Z-Wave Exclusion under Z-Wave Utilities
  • When prompted, press “Up” on the switch 
  • Your app will indicate that the selected device was successfully removed from SmartThings Hub. 
  • Then, configure and connect the GE Z-Wave smart switches again.

3. Benefits of GE Z-Wave Smart Switches

GE Z-Wave switches are a great option for homeowners with existing wiring and do not want to go through another wiring process to smarten up their homes.

They can also be used by renters who do not want to do permanent renovations to their homes but would still like the comfort and convenience of a smart home.

Working perfectly with all your virtual assistant tools, you need to ask Alexa or your Google Assistant to adjust the brightness of your lights, and GE Z-Wave Smart Switch will instantly do as you command.

Using these innovative switches, you can give your rooms the perfect intensity of light, conserving energy and creating a soothing ambiance for when you get home.

Z-Wave technology has largely enhanced the convenience and the user experience of smart switches within a short period of time. For example, the Caseta wireless switch, which was a pioneer in home automation, needed a hub in order to function.

The new GE switches do not require a hub or any additional hardware. They are highly intuitive and seamlessly connect to your regular Wi-Fi network in your home without needing ongoing interference by you.

If you are easing into the smart home experience with the trendy home virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, the new GE switches are the easiest and the most obvious next addition to your home since they work directly with virtual assistant systems.

The new GE switches come in three different designs. 

  • Button
  • Paddle
  • Toggle


You can match these designs with the existing switches you already have in your home, keeping the overall interior design aesthetic uninterrupted as you move towards a smarter home.

The dimmers are perhaps the most coveted items in this collection, giving you the chance to bathe your abode with just the right shade of light at any given time. They also come with motion detectors that will automatically turn on the lights for you when you enter a room and turn them off when you are out.

Other than the convenience, they are great for energy efficiency in your home as well. All the switches and dimmers can be easily controlled by the C by GE app.

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