4 Ways To Fix Echo Dot No Sound

Echo Dot No Sound
Echo Dot No Sound

The Echo line of devices is absolutely perfect for those who wish to take their first foray into the world of home automation. In general, they are pretty easy to set up, use, and troubleshoot on the rare occasion that something goes wrong.

Also, due to the fact that they are part of the Amazon range of products, there is quite an emphasis on build quality and reliability. After all, if you are the largest smart home brand on the planet, you have a reputation to protect. But despite all of that, for us, this isn’t the biggest selling point of the Echo range.

The biggest selling point of the Echo range is its convenience. For those who want the smart home experience but aren’t necessarily all that tech-savvy, this is probably the best way to go about it. The fact that it effortlessly syncs up with an Alexa makes it far easier to use.

Straight away, users should be able to have complete control over a whole range of household functions by merely using voice commands. Given that Alexa is one of the more sophisticated voice-activated devices, this connectivity makes everything so much easier.

That being said, if everything worked perfectly all of the time, you wouldn’t exactly be here reading this, now would you?

Though Amazon has done a top-notch job making sure that their hardware is as user-friendly as possible, there are always a few problems that will crop up from time to time.

It is not the mark of a weak product. Instead, it is probably best to think of it like this: the more complex the device, the more potential there is for little issues to pop up every now and then.

So, if your Echo device isn’t working normally as it should be, there are many different ways to get it up and running again.

Having noticed that there are quite a few complaints stating that users are having trouble getting any sound at all from their Echo devices, we decide to put together this little guide to help you get everything back online again. So, if this is the information you have been looking for, you have come to the right place!

Echo Dot No Sound

Normally, at this point in our articles, we attempt to get to the root cause of the problem. However, because there are so many different factors that can cause this issue, we decided to jump straight into it this time. No matter what the cause, the fixes below are almost guaranteed to rectify the situation.

1. Check the Volume

Though we realize that this sounds just a little bit too basic to be the problem, it is always better to start off small so that we don’t accidentally miss something.

Every now and then, the whole issue might be that the volume on the speaker itself might be turned all the way down. This can pretty easily be the cause, particularly if you have just bought it and are in the process of setting it up.

So, to check and make sure that this isn’t the cause, all you need to do is make sure that the volume isn’t muted.

There are two different ways of turning up the volume:

  • If your Echo device has physical buttons on it (only some do), you can turn it up from here with guaranteed effect. Repeatedly tap on the button a few times rather than holding it in.
  • But, if your Echo device is the type that doesn’t have buttons on the device itself, the approach you’ll need to take is slightly different. In this case, you will need to go into the App itself. If the App is indicating that the volume is already up pretty loud, try hitting mute and then readjusting the volume to a level that you find acceptable.

Believe it or not, this little tip will work for most users. If not, it isn’t time to worry just yet. We still have a few more tips to go.

2. Try Reconnecting the Device

On occasion, your device can tell you that it is all connected and ready to go when this isn’t the case at all.

There is a chance that it may not be connected at all, which will result in some of the features not being available. Again, if this is the cause of your sound issues, it is incredibly simple to fix.

  • The only thing that you will need to do is to disconnect your smartphone from the Echo device using the App’s menu.
  • As soon as you do that, the Echo will go back into pairing mode.
  • The blue circle will then start spinning as it scans for devices to connect to.
  • After you have disconnected, reconnect the device again on your home network and using Bluetooth, like you normally would.

With a bit of luck, this newly established connection will fix any and all problems you have been having.

3. Switch off “Do Not Disturb” mode

One great thing about Echo speakers is that they come chock full of extra features that are designed to make your life easier.

Many of these are so well concealed that you never notice that they are active until they start causing a problem—one example of a feature that can cause an issue every now and then is the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode.

The whole purpose of this feature is to prevent the speaker from giving you any notifications while you are using the speaker, thus never interrupting your music or podcasts.

  • To check if your Echo Dot has no sound, all you need to do is to try giving the Echo a verbal command.
  • Then, if the speaker lights up with a purple ring, you can be positive that DND mode is enabled.
  • Another way to check this is if you see the light showing on the “sleep” button.

On occasion, this mode can stop your speaker from working the way that it should, so the next logical step is to disable it.

This can be done from the App on your mobile without any difficulty:

  • All you need to do is scroll to the device you intend to use.
  • Then, your App will give you the option to toggle between modes.
  • Then, with a bit of luck, once you disable the DND mode, everything should be back to normal again.

If not, it is time to move onto the final step in this guide.

4. Reset the device

Though this tip is a little more invasive and dramatic than the others, it is, unfortunately, your last chance to get the problem fixed from the comfort of your own home.

What we mean by this is that resetting your device does have some consequences, though they are not all that severe if you are expecting them.

Unfortunately, resetting the device will clear out all of the information stored in it.

So, that means you will need to set it up again as if it was brand new after the reset.

However, with any device, performing a reset every now and then is great for clearing out any bugs that may have accumulated over time.

The device can be reset from the App. With a bit of luck, the device should start working again as if it was brand new after this.

The Last Word: Echo Dot No Sound

We’re sorry to say that if none of these fixes have worked for you, the problem may be far more severe than we could have anticipated.

At this point, the only thing that we can recommend is calling customer services as there may be something seriously wrong with your hardware.

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  1. Oh my word! The Fonzie fix worked. I had tried everything and then read the comments. I asked it to start playing music and then I gave it a solid wack and it popped on like Fonzie’s jukebox. Man, do I feel cool right now! Aaaaaa!

  2. SOLVED!
    It started working when I carefully threw it on ahard surface. I tried reset, factory reset & even called Mason help desk. Nothing helped till I came across this article. And intially when I read the comments I thought people were joking. But no it WORKS! Be careful to not tap or throw too hard. And yes do call Amazon up, you can get up to 15% discount on your next Alexa purchase.
    Thank you

  3. Boss, it’s really worked when hit on soft mat, i tried all software and hardware solutions, but wonder that it fix by hitting, wow genius idea.

  4. My echo had no sound because it unexpectedly made a bluetooth connection to speakers in another room that were on but turned all the way down in volume.


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