4 Ways To Fix Echo Dot No Sound

Echo Dot No Sound
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Echo Dot No Sound

Echo devices are simply the perfect choice for you to have for getting a convenient and smooth smart home experience. The best thing about having an echo device around your house is its compatibility with Alexa as it is recognized as one of the best speech-recognition and smart assistants. With the Echo device, you get to control every smart appliance around the house, just by saying a few words and what else can you want from a smart home assistant.

Although Echo has great build quality and there are no second opinions about the fact that Amazon has done a pretty commendable job with everything, there are chances of some errors or problems with the configuration that can hinder your experience. It does not necessarily mean that something has gone bad if your echo device is not working perfectly, but there can be numerous reasons behind this. So, if you are having errors on Echo, such as not getting any sounds on it at all, here are a few things that you need to do to make it work again.

Echo Dot No Sound

1. Check for the volume option

The first thing that you might have not even though about is having your speaker volume down on the Echo. It has been a major reason that people have unintentionally lowered the volume somehow and now they are unable to get any sounds on the Echo. So, you are going to check if your volume is not muted. There are two ways that can help you increase the volume. To start with that, you will need to increase the volume for your speaker if you have the physical volume control buttons on that. Make sure that you repetitively press the button a few times so the volume can be increased to the maximum.

If there are no buttons on the speakers that you have, you will need to increase the volume from the app. Even if you see that your volume is on and at the full, you can try muting it or reducing the volume and then increase it to the level you want it to have. Once done, you will be able to get the sound back on your echo device most of the time.

2. Re-connect the device

Sometimes, even if your device status shows connected, it might not be connected properly and that can cause some of the features to not work. This reason can cause you to have the error with no sound and that is not a big deal to fix. All you are going to need is to disconnect the echo device from your smartphone using the app control menu. Once you do that, the device will go back to pairing mode and the blue circle will start spinning on it.

Now, properly connect the device again with your home network over Bluetooth as you normally do and it should connect optimally. Once connected, you will be able to get the sounds back on your echo speaker and all will be good.

3. Beware of DND mode

Echo speakers pack tons of features that are adding the right value to your life, but you might not be aware of them. One such great feature is the DND mode that stops the speaker from giving you any notifications at all while you have it enabled. So, if you are unable to get any sounds, try saying something to echo and if you see a purple ring on the speaker light after it has processed the command, you can be sure that DND mode is enabled.

Another sign will be a light showing on the sleep button that can tell you DND mode is enabled. You can disable the DND mode by your mobile app by scrolling to a specific device and it will show you the option to toggle between the modes. Once you disable the DND mode, you will be able to get sounds on your Echo device back.

4. Reset the device

Since resetting the device will wipe all the data and information on it, this is the last thing you need to try. Once you have tried everything above, you can reset the device using your mobile application and it will start working again like before and have the right sounds on it.

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