How To Reset Deebot N79?

How To Reset Deebot N79
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How To Reset Deebot N79

If you’re a robot lover and hate chores, then DEEBOT N79 is the perfect solution for your messy home and personality. This piece of machinery provides the user with a versatile cleaning solution. This machine works on every kind of surface. Whether you have hardwood floors, carpets laid out, or a mixture of both, DEEBOT N79 is the ideal solution for you.

Packed with a variety of cleaning modes, DEEBOT cleans your floors ever so efficiently and has a germane cleaning mode for every job. This robot comes with the ECOVACS Home App, a simple remote, and even a smart home system so that you can take some time off while your DEEBOT N79/SE does all the hard work.


The robot has a plethora of features. It comes with Smart Motion, Auto; Edge; and spot modes, scheduled cleanings, and automatic charging. It also solves another major issue. The one related to decent battery life as it comes with a 110-minute runtime. A 520 milli-Liter dustbin is also attached to DEEBOT N79.

How To Reset Deebot N79

The resetting process of DEEBOT is simple. For resetting the DEEBOT N79, all you need is to press and hold the START/PAUSE button for a total of three minutes. Next follows the setting of the current time. This is vital in resetting the DEEBOT.

Once the scheduling of the robot has been done successfully, you have to make sure to hear the ‘beep’ sound three times from the device followed by the indicator light turning blue. If the scheduling is unfortunately canceled, the device will still make the beeping sound three times but the indicator light on the device will go green. This issue can be resolved by replacing DEEBOT’s motherboard.

The Red Light

Some people also complain that the auto button on their DEEBOT goes red. Research showed that the problem might simply be related to battery life. But, that ended in smoke. It was then deduced that the red light might be a result of the accumulation of dirt in the beater brush.


This can be easily solved by simply removing four tiny Phillips screws and a flathead screwdriver to detach the front wheels. Clean the beater brush thoroughly and you will find yourself with brand new working conditions.

Problems related to the number of beeps

– One beep: The machine may be stuck or suspended. The solution for this is to remove the obstacles, put the N79 on an even surface, and reset the machine.

– Two beeps: The problem is related to anti-collision bumper malfunction. Checking the anti-collision bumper to see if there is any debris and quickly do the removal.

– Three beeps: The anti-drop sensors of DEEBOT N79 start to malfunction. This can be resolved by cleaning the anti-drop sensors.

– Four beeps: The DEEBOT N79 exhibits signs of low battery. Placing the robot on the charging dock manually will do the trick.

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