How To Reset Deebot N79?

How to Reset Deebot N79
How to Reset Deebot N79

Let’s face it. Nobody really likes doing chores around the house. In fact, if most of us could automate every single task in the house, we absolutely would.

Imagine, it would almost feel like holidaying at a 5-star hotel, except you get to live that experience every day. For now, though, we need to settle for only having some of our daily chores taken care of by our robot friends.

One such device that helps us live out this fantasy is the bestselling Deebot N79. This little machine is the perfect house guest. It makes very little noise, is always totally self-sufficient, and not only cleans up after itself but cleans up after everyone else too! If only we could say the same for most house guests!

We find the Deebot N79 a very capable machine. It doesn’t struggle with different surfaces and textures, managing to glide over hardwood floors and carpeted living rooms with similar levels of ease.

In addition to this versatility, the Deebot also has a whole range of cleaning modes programmed in to suit every sort of household and every type of mess.

But, these types of devices wouldn’t be all that impressive if they didn’t integrate well with your smart home setup. After all, without that, it would just be a regular vacuum with a few extra bells and whistles.

But, in this case, the Deebot is the full package. This intelligent device comes with an added Ecovacs Home App, an easy-to-use remote, and even a smart home system. This ensures that your part in the cleaning of your floors is minimized and that you rarely even have to think about pitching in and helping out.

However, you wouldn’t be here reading this guide if everything worked as it should do 100% of the time. This proves that even the smartest of devices still rely on us somewhat to keep running.

Having trawled the internet to see what Deebot users are having issues with, one topic seems to keep rearing its head – it would seem that quite a few of you are having issues trying to reset your robot friend. Not to worry. We will show you how it’s done in a few easy steps below.

What Features Does it Have?

This little robot is surprisingly feature-laden for its small and compact structure and its price point. Deebot users can avail of features such as Smart Motion, Auto, Edge, and Spot modes, automatic charging capability.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, you can also schedule cleanings so that you can stay out of each other’s way.

But, for us, one of the most important factors which set it apart from its competitors is the long battery life. It is often the simple things that make the most difference, after all. This little dinky device can run for a whopping 110 minutes without needing a break to charge itself again.

If we were to pick one negative, it would be the bin size. To us, its 520ml capacity seems a little too small, particularly if your Deebot has to deal with cleaning up animal hair. Overall though, we have to say we’re quite fond of this little bot.

How To Reset Deebot N79

Okay, so it is time to get to the root of the problem that you and many others are having. Luckily, the solution is really simple once you know how it is done.

To reset Deebot N79:

  • Press and hold down the start/pause button for a solid 3-minute interval.
  • After that, you will need to input the correct time again so that your Deebot can get up and running as normal again.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that last part. It is pretty vital as things go.

Once you have done all of this and got the scheduling sorted out:

  • Make sure that you have heard your Deebot N79 make three little beeps.
  • The indicator light should also turn blue at this point. If it hasn’t, you will need to try and reset it again.
  • The same goes for if the light turns green instead of blue, please reset your Deebot N79. Effectively, what this means is that the scheduling has been canceled.

If this keeps occurring, you will, unfortunately, need to replace the motherboard.

AUTO Mode ButtonIndicator
Flashing BlueDeebot is charging
Solid BlueDeebot is cleaning
Flashing Red or Solid RedDeebot has a problem
Solid RedDeebot battery low

I’m Getting a Red Light. What Does That Mean?

There is just something about a red light that inspires panic in us. After all, when the dashboard in our cars lights up red, it is never a good thing.

In fact, generally, it means that there are going to be some pretty expensive repairs due in the near future.

When it comes to the Deebot, there were a lot of rumors and speculation that the red light meant that it might have been something to do with a battery problem.

However, having looked into it, this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. So, the news isn’t as bad as you may have been lead to expect.

In fact, the red light problem is generally a warning that there is too much dust and gunk in the beater brush.

How Do I Fix the Red Light Problem?

Fixing the red light issue isn’t necessarily something you need to call in a specialist for, though it does require you to take out the toolbox.

However, the problem is so easily fixed that anyone can do it.

  • Simply remove four tiny Phipps head screws and get a flathead screwdriver to remove the front wheels.
  • After you have taken them off, clean the beater brush.
  • After you have put it back together again, your Deebot N79 should be working as if it was brand new again.

Different Numbers of Beeps and What They Mean

Alarm SoundsMeaningUser Action
1 BeepDeebot is either stuck or suspended.Place Deebot on a flat surface, clear the obstacles, then restart Deebot.
2 BeepsMalfunction with Anti-Collision BumperEnsure Anti-Collision bumper is clear of debris.
3 BeepsMalfunction with Anti-Drop sensorsEnsure Anti-Drop sensors are clean.
4 BeepsLow BatteryPlace Deebot back to Charging Dock manually for charging.

The Last Word: How To Reset Deebot N79

That’s all we have for fixing all of the most common issues that pop up with the Deebot N79. That being said, if you are reading this and feel that we have missed out on something that you would have liked us to have covered, please let us know in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “How To Reset Deebot N79?”

  1. My Deebot keeps going round in circles instead of going straight except for the edges. Can you please advise me what we can do. Thanks

  2. Changed battery. Won’t budge. App says it’s fully charged and cleaning when it is just sitting on the dock. Also my light is purple. It was red I pressed and released it and it turned purple along with the wifi light. Any ideas what is going on?

  3. My deebot began beeping when charging. I read to replace battery, and did since it was inexpensive. Run time is now noticeably longer but still beeps after full charge, either plugged in to cord or on the dock. Its like an error occurs when the charge is complete. I suspect the adapter cable not stopping charge when battery is full. So, for now, I unplug it at night and finish charge before I run it. I will do a factory reset (not described in this article) and hope that gets it. My machine is fairly clean as far as problem issues. Great vacuum! Have had mine nearly 4 years.

  4. my dDeebot beeps 4 times for four times. Then the red light stays on and blue light flashes. It isn’t moving and is not working with the remote. I don’t believe it is charging either.

    • I have this same issue. replaced the battery and now nothing works, no lights, no power nothing. doesnt do anything on or off the charging dock.

  5. I have throughly cleaned my deebot.
    The red light comes on.
    I put it on the charger, the blue light flashes for a short time, then it goes out. The machine turns on when I hit the auto button, it moves a few feet, stops red light and beeps.
    then stops.


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