3 Common Ecovacs Deebot Problems Troubleshooting

common ecovacs deebot problems troubleshooting
common ecovacs deebot problems troubleshooting

Ecovacs Deebot is a cleaning robot that you can buy online. It helps you keep your house clean without putting in any effort. All you have to do is schedule a timer on your mobile app and it will start cleaning when it’s time to work. It is can be a bit pricy and will cost you somewhere around 400-800 dollars depending upon which model you’re buying

Ecovacs Deebot is one of the most reliable Roomba devices that you can buy. However, there are still some common issues that you might run into. Let us go over some common Ecovacs Deebot Problems and how you can troubleshoot them.

Common Ecovacs Deebot Problems Troubleshooting

  1. Scheduled Timer Not Working

One of the most common issues that users have complained about their Deebot not cleaning the house at the specified time. It can be quite annoying when you get back home and see that your house is not cleaned even though you programmed the Deebot to clean it during that time.

There are a lot of probable causes for this error like your debris tangled up in your Deebot’s wheels or dried-out batteries. The first thing you have to check is the battery status. Most often than not users forget to charge their devices and complain afterward if it does not work properly. So, make sure your Deebot is fully charged and if you have had it for a long time then we recommend that you get a replacement for your Deebot’s batteries.

If the issue remains you should check the wheels of your Deebot to verify there is no debris tangled up which is stopping the movement of your Deebot. It is recommended that you clean the Deebot at least once every 3 days otherwise you’ll keep running into these errors. Resetting your Deebot can also resolve any minor bugs that might be causing your device to behave like this.

  1. Wi-Fi Error

Recently a lot of users have been complaining about their Deebot not connecting to Wi-Fi. This error makes it impossible to control your Deebot using your phone. Here are some possible fixes you can follow to sort out this problem.

First of all, make sure that you’re putting in the credentials correctly. It is recommended that your Wi-Fi credentials don’t have any special characters. So, just change your Wi-Fi credentials into simple alphanumeric and you’ll be all set. Another thing to check is the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi router. Deebot only supports the 2.4Ghz channel and will not connect to 5.0Ghz band channels.

To check your channel bandwidth, go to your router settings using the web interface. From there just navigate to channel settings and switch the bandwidth to 2.4Ghz. After that is done you should power cycle your router once and try connecting Deebot to Wi-Fi again. If your router has a dual bandwidth feature then make sure to ignore the 5.0Ghz channel to force Deebot to connect with the 2.4Ghz channel only.

  1. Deebot Going Backwards Only

A lot of users have been complaining about this issue, where their Deebot device will only go backward and not clean anything in front of them. Even though nothing is blocking the actual path. It is very common for the front bumper to get stuck when something bumps it.

This error occurs mostly because the front bumper gets stuck, you’ll also see the bumper exception error and your Deebot will keep going backward. Luckily you can fix this error quite easily, all you have to do is pull the front bumper gently to get it unstuck and you’ll be all set. Make sure not to pull with a lot of force, otherwise the bumper will come off entirely.

However, if the issue remains then we suggest that you contact Ecovacs customer support to help you sort out the issue. All you have to do is provide them complete details regarding your issue. Doing this will help them pinpoint the actual problem. Once the problem is identified they will guide you step by step on how you can sort out this problem. So, just send them a mail or open up a support ticket by going to their official website.

7 thoughts on “3 Common Ecovacs Deebot Problems Troubleshooting”

  1. My Deebot app keeps saying”Data Submission Error”. I can’t get beyond the screen that shows a picture of a Deebot moving back and forth.

  2. We have a issue with the anti drop sensor and keeps saying clean it which we do but does not help. how to resolve?



  3. My DB3-11 charges and runs but wants to climb and run over anything! It trys to climb chair legs or wall corners and after a minute or so dies. What can I do? I,ve cleaned the front face multiple times as directed but still no change

  4. My Deebott will leave the charging station and spin in circles for a minute and then it blinks red and beeps. It will not move forward. I have unplugged it and cleaned it, but can’t get it to work properly. Can you help me fix it?

    (It is set on a certain time to vacuum the floor.)

    • Check all three wheels it should spin with no binds. On the middle wheel clean all the hairs/lints that got stuck. The other two wheels make there is no damage. Mine one of the wheel got a tear on the rubber causing it not spin freely and makes it just turn to a circle, blinks red and stop.


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