What is a Smart Switch?

What is a Smart Switch
What is a Smart Switch

Smart switches are essential when you need to make your home smarter. They offer intelligent controls for all your devices and smart features. They work like the regular switches we grew up using but have been enhanced with features that give you more control over your smart home, promote safety and even reduce energy bills.

You won’t need to spend more money to get smart switches installed in your home because they can function perfectly with your existing electrical provisions for switches. Smart switches can also be used in all types of homes, so you can start making plans to get them installed after reading this post.

What is a Smart Switch and How do smart switches work?

A simple description of how smart switches function is as follows, they are used to control all your electronic devices connected to power in your home as well as your lights. This means you can use smart switches to control your TVs, heating and cooling systems, kitchen gadgets and smart security systems connected to power sockets in your home.

After installation, you will need to download the mobile app for your smart switch. When this is done, you can control the functions of the smart switch with the mobile app. The connectivity between your smart switch and the mobile app network is established via Wi-Fi.

A smart switch gives you total control of your electronics and other connected devices from any location. For example, you can turn on your TV, start the air conditioner, or turn on lights in any part of your home without leaving your couch. These controls can also be done remotely, so no worries if you forgot to turn off your lights when you left the house that day.

The importance of a neutral line

It is also important to note that the wiring system of your home must have a neutral line before the smart switches can work. This factor is usually not a problem; however, for old homes that were built before 1990, you may need to call an electrical technician to inspect your wiring and confirm if there is a neutral line. If it is discovered that there is no neutral line, you may need to incur some costs to make changes in your wiring system.

Smart switches can also be manually operated. They have switches like the regular models which can activate or shut down the electronic devices that have been connected. This feature gives you an alternative. The traditional switch function will also be helpful when you have guests in your home. Not everyone will have access to your smartphone to control the smart switch. They can simply use the switch to turn on lights, and other devices when needed.

Dimming the lights

One of the smart features of these switches is their ability to lower the intensity of illumination from your light bulbs. This is done from your mobile app for the smart switch. You can choose to make the lights brighter as well. However, that option will increase the consumption of energy.

The light dimming option can be used when you have installed smart and improved LED lights. This feature of smart switches can also be used to change the light color in rooms to give your environment a unique look.

High demand for smart switches

Everyone likes these smart products. The demand for smart switches has increased remarkably since its invention. One of the top reasons for this increase in demand is the easy installation and use of smart switches at no extra cost.

Here are some of the reasons smart switches have been a big hit in the market

Smart controls

The convenience of smart controls has been a positive factor in promoting the use of smart switches. You can rely on these products to control so many things in your home. Smart switches can also send you notifications showing the power consumption of different electronic devices in your home.

With this advantage, you can make preparations in advance. For example, before leaving your office or workplace, you can turn on the cooling or heating system, lights, or start your electric furnace. Using the voice assistants like Alexa or Siri, you can also use smart switches to start your sound entertainment system right from your couch. Select a nice song or playlist and enjoy music without leaving your couch.

Lower energy bills

With the use of smart switches, you can manage the consumption of energy in your home to the minimum. By setting schedules, you can ensure all devices and electronic appliances are turned off immediately after use. Smart switches also come handy when you need to be sure all power points in your home are turned off. The mobile apps allow you to shut down all connected devices until you need to use them.

Smart switches can also be integrated with your smart home hub. However, you need to confirm the devices are compatible regarding the type of connectivity. Many smart home hubs rely on Wi-Fi for connectivity. Other options are the use of Bluetooth or Z-wave.

If you wish to use this functionality, it is essential that you confirm your smart switches can connect to the smart home hub via any of these options.

Are smart switches safe for homes?

Absolutely, the configuration of smart switches is not different from the regular old switch. Your systems are safe when the electrical wiring has been properly done. The connectivity and wireless controls using voice assistants or a mobile app via your smartphone cannot cause an accident in your home. In addition, sensors you will find on smart switches passed all necessary tests before the products were approved for mass production.

For safety reasons and to get value from your smart switches, ensure only a trained and experienced electrical technician installs the products in your home.

Some of the common brands of smart switches you will find online include Lutron, Wemo, GE Smart switch, and other brands. Many of these products are compatible with smart voice assistants devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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