GE Smart Switch Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

ge smart switch not working
ge smart switch not working

GE Smart Switch is the future of electronics as you get the smart, connected switch that is installed in wall like a normal switch and you can control it on your phone without having to touch the switch. That allows you a great sense of control and convenience because you can efficiently control all the devices and appliances at your home or office even when you are not physically present there.

In addition to that, these switches are smart and will add to the aesthetics of your place with the modern design feels that you have on them. There are multiple options that are wired, and non-wired available from the GE series so you can choose according to your convenience. If you are having some issues with your GE Smart Switch and it is not working for some reason, here is how to fix it.

GE Smart Switch Not Working

1) Reset the Switch

The first thing that you need to do and should try out if you are having any sort of issues with your switch not working is to reset the switch. It is pretty simple and you won’t have any problems with resetting even if you are not tech savvy.

If the switch is connected to your app, but having other issues, all you need to do is go to settings, click on reset option and then choose the switch that is causing some trouble. This will reset the switch to its default settings and you will need to connect it again over the network.

If the switch is not connected with your application and you want to reset it, you will need to keep the button on it pressed for 10 seconds. You will see the indicator light blinking blue after a successful reset and you can connect it with the app again and see if it works. This would solve most errors on the switch and it will work without any issues.

2) Re-install the application

Once you have reset the switch, you will need to check on the application as well and it should be working fine without any errors. Get rid of any VPN if you have one enabled on your smartphone for optimal connectivity. You can also try reinstalling the application and that will sort out all the problems for you.

3) Check your wiring

With in-wall switches, wiring is a major concern and you will need to have the wiring checked if you are getting any sort of errors with your GE smart switch. Make sure that you get an experienced technician to have the wiring checked for you as there can be lots of issues such as short circuit, damaged or broken wires or sometimes the connection can be wrong and that will stop some features to work.

It is not recommended to try checking the wiring on your own as that can be dangerous and you might end up spoiling things rather than fixing them. The tech will also be able to confirm if there is something wrong with the switch and if it needs repairs or replacement.

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