3 Ways To Fix WeMo Plug Not Responding To Alexa

WeMo Plug Not Responding To Alexa
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WeMo Plug Not Responding To Alexa

When it comes to smart plugs, Wemo is one of the most trusted names in the market. The brand is known for developing high-quality smart plugs that allow you to control various electronic devices from your tablet or smartphone. These smart plugs use the existing Wi-Fi connection of your home to provide you with wireless control of lights, fans, lamps, heaters, and other devices.

The best part about these plugs is that there is no hub or subscription required. All you have to do is to plug a Wemo plug into an outlet and then plug in the device. This will allow you to wirelessly control that device. It is an ingenious gadget widely appreciated by many users.

How To Fix WeMo Plug Not Responding to Alexa?

While Wemo plugs are quite reliable and they are easy to install as well as use, sometimes the users do face issues. These issues may be experienced on specific devices only. One of the issues that have been reported by some Wemo users is experiencing their plugs not responding to Alexa.

If you are facing the same issue, there are a number of things that you can try to resolve the issue. They are mentioned below.

1. Check Device Compatibility

One of the major reasons why users face the issue of their Wemo plug not responding to Alexa is due to the compatibility of the device that they are using. So the first thing that you should do is making sure you are using a device that is compatible with Alexa. You can check that by going to the Amazon website and checking the list of Alexa-compatible smart home devices.

2. The Device May Require Smart Home Skill

Some smart devices require smart home skills to be able to work with Alexa. You can go to your Alexa app and try disabling and then re-enabling smart home skills. Check to see if you are able to communicate with the device using Alexa. If not, then try disabling and then re-enabling your smart device from Alexa. Now, check to see if this solves the problem and allows you to communicate with it.

3. Ensure that the Devices Have Easily Understandable Names

In case, Alexa is able to discover the smart devices but it is not able to carry out your requests, it could be because of difficult device names. For example, let’s say you have a group named “b3dr00m lamp,” you should rename it to a much simpler and easy-to-understand version of “Bedroom Lamp.” Do not add special characters in group or device names. Only use the names that have few syllables. So rename your device or group and then check if it works.

The Bottom Line

Most of the users have had success in establishing a successful connection with Alexa after taking these steps. Trying one of the solutions mentioned above is likely to resolve the issue and you will be able to use devices attached to the Wemo plug with Alexa.

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