4 Ways To Fix Google Home Pandora Not Working

google home pandora not working
google home pandora not working

Pandora is a music service that you can link up with your Google Home to play music. There are thousands of albums available and you’re not limited by variety. All you have to do is pay a minimal monthly subscription and you can enjoy all of your favorite albums on your Google Speakers.

However, recently a lot of users have mentioned that their Google Home is not working with Pandora. They can’t get Google to play music from their account. If you’re in a similar situation then read through this article to find out possible fixes for this issue.

How to Fix Google Home Pandora Not Working?

  1. Power Cycle

If the Pandora account was working just fine with your Google Home and has just started to malfunction then it is likely that your issue will be fixed by power cycling your Google Home device. This process takes care of all the minor issues that might be affecting your system and you will be able to access your Pandora library without any problem. So, just go ahead and take out the power cord from the Google Home. Wait around 60 seconds and plug it back in, now try asking Google to play music to check if your issue is fixed.

  1. Re-Link Account

If your issue is not fixed by power cycling then you can also try relinking your Pandora account with the Google Home app. To do so, you need to open up Google Home on your mobile phone and click on the top left corner to access the menu. From there go to music and audio service and there you will find your Pandora account linked with Google Home. Just tap on it and click unlink account.

Once that is done you should reboot your phone once and then open the Google Home app again. Follow the above-mentioned procedure to go to music and audio settings and add your Pandora account again. Input your account credentials and make sure to set Pandora as your default music service.

  1. Check Network

Sometimes, if your internet is not working properly then it is likely that you will run into similar issues. You can check the internet status by browsing something on your mobile phone or running a speed test. If your internet is not working properly then we recommend that you reboot the router once and move it closer to the Google Home. Doing this will improve the signal strength and you will be able to easily access your music library when you refresh the network connection with your Google Home.

  1. Reset

Lastly, if nothing is working for you then we recommend that you reset your Google Home device. You can do so by holding down the mic button for around 20 seconds till you hear Google notify you that the device is resetting. After this notification, you need to keep holding the button for 10 seconds and the device will reset. Configure all the settings again with your mobile app and your issue will most likely be fixed.

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