4 Ways To Fix Google Home Multiple Users Not Working

google home multiple users not working
google home multiple users not working

You can add family members to your Google Home application by sending them an invitation. If they are approved then they will be able to access almost all of the features of your smart device. Make sure to configure the voice match feature so that the new users can get the Google Home to recognize their voice. The setup is quite easy and you can invite your family members using the mobile application.

However, some issues have been brought up by different customers regarding the multiple users feature on the Google Home. If you are also having issues with managing multiple users on your Google home then these steps might help your situation.

How to Fix Google Home Multiple Users Not Working?

  1. Re-Link Users

Any issues with the multiple users have a high probability of fixing themselves after you remove the linked account from the Google Home and then add it again. So, you should also try it if you are not able to manage multiple users properly. You can remove the account from the mobile app and it won’t take you more than a few seconds.

To remove an account, you should open the Google Home app and access the app settings from the menu. Click on the top right corner of the app and then you’ll be able to see the in-app settings option. After opening the settings, click on the linked accounts option. Now, you will be able to see a list of all the accounts you have linked with Google Home.

Remove the malfunctioning account that by clicking on it and then tapping “unlink”. After that, you should exit the app and open it again. Go through the linking process again with the account you recently unlinked and it should start working.

  1. Update Application

Users that are having issues with getting the voice match feature to work with multiple accounts should check the version of the Google Home application that they have installed on their phones. This issue is common for users that haven’t updated their application in a while and the outdated app version keeps running into bugs. If you’re in the same boat, we recommend that you update the application.

It would be better if you can uninstall the application from your smartphone and then download the latest version from the play store or the app store. If you have a fast connection this won’t take you long. After the update, log in to your Google Home account and then try to configure the voice match option for other users. Now, other users should be able to get the Google Home to recognize their voice.

  1. Reset Google Home

It is also probable that the Google Home itself is malfunctioning, which is why you’re not able to get multiple users to work on the device. To troubleshoot this error, we recommend that you try to reset your device to factory settings. This process tends to fix software-related issues with the device and you’ll be able to use it again after configuration.

You can look up the reset procedure from the manual that comes with the box. According to this, you will have to hold down the button with the microphone symbol on it. Keep pressing it for 20 seconds until you hear a notification that the device is resetting. You can let go of the button after holding it for 5 additional settings and then your device will go through the reset process.

Link the device with your mobile device again and log into your Google Home account. Make sure to first link the owner’s account to the device. After which you can link whatever user, you like and the account should start working.

  1. Google Staff

If you still can’t figure out how to get the multiple users’ features to work on your smart Home device, then it would be best for you to ask an expert to guide you. Having a member from the Google Staff to guide you will maximize the probability of you fixing the problem. So, make sure to reach out by sending an email. You can also reach out using other social media platforms and they will guide you on how to get multiple users to work with your Google Home.

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