Schlage FE595 Won’t Lock: 6 Ways To Fix

schlage fe595 won't lock
schlage fe595 won’t lock

Schlage is one of the most popular companies that manufacture smart locks in the United States.

They offer one of the most reliable options for smart locks in your house. All of their smart locks come with different kinds of designs and functionality.

For instance, you can opt for both smart locks that come with a keypad and that require a key.

You can also go for a smart lock that comes with both of them. So, be sure to consider your options and pick up the unit that matches your budget and requirements. 

Most of the time, you can also engage the dealer with your requirements and the budget that you’re willing to spend.

He will help you get the most out of the money spent, and you will be able to figure out the perfect piece. It will not take much effort on your end. 

It is also worth mentioning that they won’t be smart locks if they don’t come with smart features. You can expect to have full remote control over them as well.

How To Fix Schlage FE595 Won’t Lock?

There are a number of users that have reported encountering an issue with their Schlage FE595.

According to them, the Schlage FE595 won’t lock. This has raised certain concerns and issues among these users. Knowing absolutely no way how they can fix this, they become desperate.

This is why today, we will be mentioning some of the easiest ways how you can fix this issue. We will be mentioning each and every one of them in a list, so be sure to stay with us!

  1. Replace the Batteries

If you notice your FE595 or any other model not locking, then there is a good chance that your batteries are dead.

battery life

What you will have to do is first determine the batteries that your locks use. Then, manually replace the dead batteries with the new ones that you bought.

In order to determine whether you have dead batteries or not, you will have to check if your smart lock is on. If it can’t turn on, then it probably is because of dead batteries. Else, follow the next step.

  1. Check Alignment

Here, you have to check the alignment of the lock. Most of the time, the issue is not with the lock but with how the owners install the lock.

So, if you do get stuck in the same errors, be sure to check the alignment and go about fixing the lock accordingly. 

Spending a bit of time trying to manage the lock will serve you well, and you will not have to bother with more errors on your own.

You just have to confirm that the striker gets engaged property and there are no obstructions in the way.


If the lock is not aligned properly, it will just go into the frame. You will not get any response from the unit, and making use of the system will become increasingly harder.

So, the only thing that you can do here is to go through the installation one more time.

This time around, you should double-check that the striker is able to make a proper connection and that there are no errors with the lock engaged.

Ideally, that will be enough to have you sorted out here, and you will not have to deal with more errors down the road. 

  1. Check For Hardware Issues

Checking up on the hardware is the next thing that you can do, and you have to make sure that the hardware is managed properly.

You will not be able to get any response from the system when the hardware is damaged.

Now, you might be in one of two scenarios. Either you were provided with a damaged lock, or someone messed up the hardware while trying to break in.

Warranty Claim

In the first situation, you can just go forward with a warranty claim and get yourself a new unit. 

In the other situation, you will have to first reach out to the locals and have them provide you with a fresh piece.

There is no point in keeping it a secret, and you should always report these events. From there, you can just follow the pointers listed by the officials.

With that said, if you’re not in this situation and the lock is simply defective, then you can make use of the warranty claim.

The deal on these units is pretty great, and the Schlage support team is not that bad. So, you will be able to get a new unit in no time. 

  1. Power Cycle The Lock

Power cycling the lock might not seem like a complex or effective method, but it has helped too many owners to pass it up.

So, if you’re also stuck with the lock not engaging, just move all power from the unit. This means all the battery connections.

From there, you can keep the lock dead for about 20 minutes and then check up on the unit one more time.


It will be more than enough to fix ninety percent of the programming errors, and you will not have to bother with the same complications. 

As long as you’re sure that the hardware is in good shape, you will have complete control over the situation.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re stuck in these errors. Hopefully, you will have an effortless time trying to address these minor programming bugs. 

The power cycling routine might even save you from a reset. So, if you’re not that sold on the idea of resetting the unit, then going with a quick power cycle might just fix the situation for you.

You will not lose any configurations, and the system will work perfectly. 

  1. Reset the Lock

Another possible fix could be to factory reset your settings. To factory reset FE595, you have to follow these instructions:

  • Disconnect batteries from the lock
  • Press and release your Schlage button
  • Reconnect batteries to your lock. You should see a green light for one second
  • Press and hold the Schlage button once again until you see a green light and hear a beeping sound

You may have to insert one of the default user codes found in the user guide

  1. Contact the Support Team


The final thing you can do is send an email to the support team. Be sure to mention all the details about the issue that you are facing.

Cooperate with the team if they ask you about anything. Hopefully, you will not have to wait a long time to secure a response. 

Once that is done, they should come up with a list of troubleshooting steps that you will need to follow.

Doing so should also help you resolve the issue. Just be sure to provide them with all details of the issue, and that will make it easier for them to isolate these errors. 

If you have a faulty device, they will help you get it replaced as well. All that you have to do is to engage these experts and then explain your end.

These professionals will be more than happy to take charge of the situation, and you will be able to avoid a ton of errors down the road. 

It all comes down to how you’re planning on pairing up with the official support team to address these errors.

There is no point in wasting hours on hours of your time when you can get help from a complete panel of customer support experts.

Hopefully, you will have a terrific time when it comes to getting a response from the official support team, and you will be able to speed through the errors with the Schlage lock not working.

Just make sure to call them during working hours to get a quicker response. 

The Bottom Line

Are you experiencing an issue with your Schlage FE595 smart lock where it won’t lock? We highly suggest you follow the steps mentioned above if you want a quick fix.

Hopefully, you will not have to worry about any challenging situations when fixing this situation.

Most of the time, all that you will have to do is to reset the system or replace the batteries. This might seem like a basic fix, but they are pretty effective.

So, be sure to follow along with the pointers listed above, and you’ll save yourself a ton of hassle. 

After going through the setup, you can also check up on the hardware side of things.

There might be issues with the hardware or damages to the system, and you will have to fix the hardware to avoid more of these errors with the Schlage lock not engaging properly.

Lastly, you might just have a defective lock. If that is the case and you do find the lock to be in rough shape, be sure to reach out to the dealer.

You need to engage the dealer and have him provide you with a fresh piece. That way, you will not have to deal with as many complications. 

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  1. Alot of the problems is the solenoid goes bad and Schlage does not offer replacement parts. While I like everything about the Schlage electronic lock line it is unfortunate that majority of end users have to junk a hundred and something dollar lock for lack of a few dollar replacement part. This in turn long term costs them customers. The other problem is so that you know ahead of time that on predrilled doors for lockset and deadbolt the normal 5 1/2″ center will not allow you to install both the FE series electronic lock and BE series deadbolt as you need minimum of 6″ center to center distance. Installing replacement Medeco cyls is increasingly becoming a challenge because of their redesigns in the cam activation for the key bypass.

  2. I just installed a FE595 but the lock does not engage…doesn’t do anything when I put in Code A. Doesn’t so anything when I use the key either. Its installed and the handle turns, looks fine…battery is working. Light turns green when I enter the code, red when I enter wrong code, just doesn’t lock…


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