5 Ways To Fix Google Home Not Playing Google Play Music

google home not playing google play music
google home not playing google play music

Users can enjoy music from different streaming platforms after linking up their accounts with the Google Home app. There are no additional fees, all you have to pay for is the subscription fee for the streaming services you’re using like Spotify or Apple Music. The Google Home speakers are of high quality and ensure that your audio files don’t have distorted sound.

However, some users have mentioned issues with the Google Home device not playing Google Play Music. If you’re in a similar situation then follow the fixes mentioned in this article to sort out your issue.

How to Fix Google Home Not Playing Google Play Music?

  1. Stop Playback on Other Devices

Most often than not users running into this issue have linked their Google Play music account with another device. Users are not aware that Google Play music can only stream music on one device at a time. Meaning that if you have music streaming on another device somewhere then you won’t be able to get your Google Home to start playing music.

To get around this issue all you need to do is stop streaming music from that other device your account is linked to, and your Google Home will start playing music from Google Play music. You can always create a new Google Play music account specifically for your Google Home device to avoid running into similar issues ever again.

  1. Default Music Service

Another potential fix for this issue is that you can switch your default music service to Google Play music. To do so, you need to open up the Google Home app and tap on the icon at the top left corner of your mobile phone. From the menu, you need to click on the music option. After that just log into your Google Play Music account and click “Yes” when the prompt asks you if you want to set Google Play Music as your default music streaming service. Doing this will ensure that your Google Home device always uses Google Play while streaming music.

  1. Power Cycle

Sometimes minor bugs in your device can cause you to run into similar errors. In such situations, the best solution is to power cycle your device. This does not take much of your time and there is a high chance that your issue will be fixed when the device boots back up. So, just unplug the power cord from the Google Home device and wait for around 45 seconds before you plug it back in. When the Google Home boots back up you can ask Google to play music to check if your issue is fixed.

Also, you need to make sure that your Wi-Fi is connecting properly, as Google Home requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to be able to stream music from different platforms. So, rebooting your router or moving it closer to your Google Home device will help you fix this issue in no time.

  1. Factory Reset

If everything else fails and you can’t get your device to play music from the Google play service, then resetting your device might be your best option. However, after reset you will have to reconfigure all of your user settings which can be quite annoying. So, make sure to try other fixes first before resetting your smart device.

To reset your Google Home, you just need to hold down the microphone button for around 30 seconds. You need to keep holding the button until you hear the Google Home say that the device is resetting. Just keep holding the button for a few more seconds and the device will reset to factory settings. Hopefully, this will take care of any minor bugs that were causing the music issue. When the device boots back up you need to pair it up with your mobile phone and link the Google Play music account.

  1. Customer Support

If the issue persists then the only thing you can do at this point is to ask Google support to help you out. Explain all the relevant details of your issue and wait for them to respond. Once they can identify your specific issue, they will guide you through each step of the troubleshooting process. So, just send the Google support team an email and ask for their help.

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