5 Ways To Fix Please Log In Through The Google Home App

please log in through the google home app
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please log in through the google home app

Google Home app is a popular app available in both Google Play Store, as well as Apple’s App Store. The purpose of the application is to help users be able to connect all of their devices using a centralized app installed on their phones.

How to Fix Please Log In Through The Google Home App?

We have seen a number of users complaining about facing issues while trying to use the Google Home app. At the time of using any of their smart devices, they get an error which gives them the following message “Please log in through the Google Home app”.

If you are also someone who has found himself in a similar situation, then this article should be of great help to you. Through this article, we will be taking a look at all the different ways on how you can fix the issue. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Try Removing and Adding Devices Again

If you don’t have any problem using the application itself and are rather facing the problem only when you try to use any smart device linked to the Google Home app, then the very first thing we recommend you do is to try and remove the devices enlisted in the app.

In order to remove these devices, and add them again you will have to access your Google Home app, and locate the device which is experiencing the issue. Afterward, select the setting icon where you should see the option of removing the device. Once removed, you can successfully add the device again by choosing the “+” icon and setting up that device.

  1. Try Restarting Hub

Another common fix to the issue is to simply restart the hub device as it can sometimes bug out, causing all of your smart devices to act up. Rebooting or restarting will help the device refresh and remove some of the log issues on the Google Home devices.

Also, when you turn off the hub, we recommend waiting a few minutes before you attempt on starting it again.

  1. Check Firmware of the Device

Firmware is a known reason which has led many users to experience the problem. According to these users, as soon as they updated their firmware, they have started facing the issue out of a sudden. If the same case is with you, then we recommend you start by checking the firmware version of the device.

Most probably, it might be due for an update due to which the device is acting up. It could also be that the device currently has a bugged-out firmware installed on it.

  1. Try Creating a New Account

Alternatively, you can try creating a new account for the Google Home app which could then potentially help in getting rid of the issue. It is possible that the reason why you are facing the problem is purely due to the reason that your account is acting up.

If that really is the case, then simply creating a new account should be able to resolve the matter. However, creating a new account would also mean that you will have to go through the whole procedure for setup again.

  1. Contact Support

In case you have found none of the mentioned instructions to be working, then what we recommend you do is to contact the support team. They should know the reason why you are facing this issue after taking a look at your issue beforehand. They should also give you further troubleshooting steps.

The Bottom Line:

This article contains the required instructions and guidelines needed in order to fix the “Please log in through the Google Home app” error message. In case of any type of query, feel free to leave down a comment in the comment section below. We’d love to get back to you as soon as possible.

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