2 Ways to Fix Alexa Can’t Find Music In My Library

Alexa Can’t Find Music In My Library
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Alexa Can’t Find Music In My Library

Amazon’s Echo is a smart speaker that comes with Alexa, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs. But that’s not all, as Alexa features tons of other features as well. You can use Alexa to search for a specific song, using voice command, or loop a song.

You can also connect Alexa with any popular music streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Doing this will give you the option of listening to your library of songs through simple voice commands. You can pause, play, skip, or search for any song by just telling Alexa to do so.

Alexa Can’t Find Music in My Library

As already mentioned above, once you connect Alexa to any of your music streaming app, it will be able to access your music library. However, quite a few users have reported that they are unable to do so.

This may be due to a variety of reasons. Today, we will be taking a look at the issue, and listing a few reasons and solutions to how you can fix the “Alexa can’t find Music in my library” problem. So, we suggest you keep on reading!

  1. Mention Your Library or Playlist Name

One of the easiest fixes to this issue is to simply mention the name of your library or playlist along with the name of the song. Sometimes when you ask Alexa to play a song from My Music, it may not be able to recognize it probably.

This might be why you are facing the issue. To fix this, simply name your library or playlist. Then say “Alexa, play <music name> from <Library name>. You will notice Alexa will be able to play the song that you asked for. It is also worth mentioning that we have seen cases where saying the full name may get Alexa confused. In these cases, try saying a shorter name for the song.

  1. Make Sure Your Account is Linked to the Right Location

This is another reason why you may be facing this issue. Some users have accidentally linked their Amazon account to the wrong location. For instance, if your Spotify account is based in the UK, then you need to make sure your Amazon account is also linked to the UK, not any other country.

To do this, you might need to change or create a brand-new Amazon account. In either case, ensure that you link the account to the right location.

The Bottom Line

These are the 2 ways on how you can easily fix Alexa can’t find music in my library. We have made sure to not only give you the reason for the error but also tell you how you can fix it by applying simple and easy-to-follow solutions. So, be sure to read the article properly, and tell us if you managed to fix your issue in the comment section!

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