Is It Possible to Have Multiple Spotify Accounts on Alexa?

Alexa Multiple Spotify Accounts
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Alexa Multiple Spotify Accounts

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps that can be used by users to listen to their favorite songs. Spotify gives users a whole library of songs and music to choose from. A great feature of using Spotify is that it also recommends users a playlist based on their favorite songs every now and then.

On the other hand, Alexa can be used to connect to Spotify and other popular music streaming services. As most Echo devices basically come as Bluetooth speakers with Alexa installed on top of them, compatibility with such streaming services is important.

Alexa Multiple Spotify Accounts

Although it is extremely easy to set up a Spotify account with Alexa, users wonder whether it really is possible to set up multiple accounts on Alexa. This is crucial for families living together with each other, a person having multiple roommates.

For the short answer, yes, you can absolutely set up multiple accounts on Alexa. What’s even better is that the procedure is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is set up your Echo devices through app settings.

We will also be explaining the whole procedure for you, so we suggest you keep on reading! This is how you can set up multiple Spotify accounts.

How to Set Up Multiple Spotify Accounts on Alexa?

Before we move on to the step-by-step guide, it is important to note that this is kind of a workaround, rather than actually being a feature. But the procedure goes as follows:

  1. Start by logging in to
  2. Once signed in, simply go to the settings.
  3. Click on Accounts.
  4. Choose Household Profile.
  5. Now each one of your family members or roommates needs to create their own Amazon accounts.
  6. After creating their own accounts, ask them to join the household.
  7. Now, they simply need to link their account to Spotify using their own apps.
  8. Finally, simply say “Alexa, Change to X’s account” where X is the name of the person who wants to use his Spotify account.

In this way, everyone will be able to use their own Spotify account. You can clearly see that we can only link one Spotify account to one Alexa’s account. This is why it is compulsory to set up multiple Amazon accounts and have them join the household. This way, each user can have their own Spotify account linked to their Amazon account.

The Bottom Line

Can you set up multiple Spotify accounts on Alexa? Technically speaking, yes, you can. We have mentioned a step-by-step guide on how you can do so. Make sure to follow it thoroughly if you really want to be able to use multiple Spotify accounts. Once you are done, each member will be able to use his own Spotify account by simply switching to his profile.

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