Can Alexa Play Music From Hard Drive?

Can Alexa Play Music From Hard Drive
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Can Alexa Play Music From Hard Drive

Alexa is one of the best smart home assistants that you can get your hands on. It has made our lives much more convenient and most of us who are used to it cannot imagine a life without Alexa.

There are just tons of features out there that make our lives simpler, and one can not help but get wondered about the possibilities that come to reality with Alexa, but we are always looking to find out if Alexa can do more and if there is something that we don’t know of yet about it.

Can Alexa Play Music From Hard Drive

Is it possible?

One such question is if Alexa can play the music from your hard drive. We all know that Alexa has the ability to search from millions of songs and tracks online and all you have is to ask Alexa to play a song for you. However, if you have some mixed tapes of your own that you want to enjoy, or you might have some playlists stored on the hard drive that you want to be played.

YES, it is possible for Alexa to play music from your hard drive, and is not much of a hassle either. All you need to do is configure it properly and you can have another interesting feature that would help you out with playing music through Alexa that is stored on your hard drive.

How to do it?

You might not be able to make it possible with simply Alexa and your regular Echo device but you will need an additional application to do it. This application will make sure that you are getting the right access to your PC and hard drive and to not mess up some other things.

My Media

My Media is the application that you are going to need if you want to stream your music from your hardware and play it through Alexa. The application is available on the Amazon store and can be downloaded easily.

How to configure?

Now, you will need the proper configuration to make it work for you and that should not be much hassle. Once you have installed the application, it will ask your amazon account and then access your home media library or iTunes library. It can work perfectly with any sort of platform that you might be using.

Now, all you need to take care of is that you are using the same amazon account on your Alexa enabled device that you used for the My Media app. You will also need to ensure that both devices are connected to the internet.


So, once you have made sure that all the above steps are in order and there is nothing missed on your end, you will be able to access the music in your library. You will only need to command Alexa to play the track you want with the name, and it will do your bidding as usual. It is totally safe and Alexa will not be broadcasting any of it over the internet either.

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