Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night?

Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night
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Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night

Alexa helps you with lots of things and all you need to say is “Hey, Alexa”. This will essentially turn Alexa on and you can have it done. The best thing is that Alexa also talks back to you, so whenever you give Alexa a command, it will effectively tell you that the command has been processed by Alexa and you will not have to worry about it again.

However, there are issues with Alexa that are not so often but can cause you to have a bit of irritation and you don’t want them.

Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night

One such issue is Alexa coming on in the middle of the night and that is not a good thing to have. There are certain factors that can be involved with that, and you need to diagnose it properly in order to make it work for you. A few of these most common reasons and their solutions would be:

1. A scheduled task

You might have scheduled some task or a notification unknowingly or you might not remember that. This can trigger the Alexa notification and you will hear it ring in the middle of the night. So, you will need to open the Alexa app and go to the settings menu. Here you will be able to find the routines. When you are able to find the routines, make sure that you check all the schedules and see if anything is odd there.

This will help you out quickly and you will be able to figure out if there is something scheduled for you. Once you do that, make sure all the settings are in place and this will be solved out the problem for you.

2. Reset the device

Resetting the device is a pretty good option but that would not be a good choice for you unless you want to deal with setting up the whole device again. This will wipe out all the settings, data, and preferences on your Echo device. So, there are some other methods that you can try out and they will at least get you some time to find out a permanent solution for the problem you are facing.

3. Do Not Disturb Mode

If you are getting some alerts, the Do Not Disturb mode will solve the problem for you. All you will need to do is say, “Alexa, turn on do not disturb” It will solve the issue for you momentarily and you will not hear Alexa during the night.

4. Contact Support

Also, there can be another reason for you to hear Alexa in the middle of the night. This can be caused by your mic acting up, or something can be wrong within the speaker that will cause Alexa to think that it received a command. So, you will need to contact Amazon support and they will be able to fix out the problem perfectly for you and you will never have to deal with the issue again.

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  1. Contacted support. Was told they forward the issue, then they ended conversation. Never heard from them again. Tried the forum, only to find that this is a serious ongoing issue after some of the updates going back several months; again, no progress, just a lot of unhappy people planning to make the move to Google.

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