Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night?

Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night

Alexa is so familiar to most of us that it has become almost like a member of the family.

Well, maybe we had best say that it’s more like having a member of the family that is always willing to go with whatever you say, at any given time. All you need to do is say “hey Alexa” and the rest will be taken care of for you.

But, for us, the best bit about using this voice command is that Alexa always lets you know that she has heard and processed your command.

There’s no doubt that most of us find this an incredibly useful service, and one that is amazingly cheap considering how evolved and futuristic it feels.


But, what if all isn’t as it seems. What if your Alexa all of a sudden starts misbehaving and starts talking in the middle of the night?

To be honest, we can totally understand why a few of you who have experienced it find it incredibly creepy. It’s one of those rare occasions where it can be a tough call whether to call an exorcist, a paranormal investigator, or a technician.

Joking aside, this problem can be quite irritating. When a device that is designed to improve your quality of life ends up adding extra complications, it can be maddening.

But, luckily, we know exactly how to fix this problem. Better yet, it isn’t all that difficult to do. So, if you have decided to overlook the exorcist and opt for a more technical approach, we’re here to help you out!

Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night


Generally, we like to kick off these diagnostics by explaining what the root cause of the issue. Unfortunately, in this case, such a thing isn’t really possible.

The thing about this problem is that there a huge range of factors that can be to blame. So, instead of rambling on and on about every single possible reason, we’re just going to get right into it this time.

Below you will find a range of different fixes that we have put together that are designed to put your Alexa back in line, regardless of the root cause.

If you are not all that techy by nature, don’t worry. None of these fixes are that complicated that you will need to take anything apart or risk damaging the device in any way. With that, let’s get into it.

1. A Task May Have Been Scheduled and Then Forgotten About

Every now and then, we can end up scheduling a task and then just simply forgetting about it. Or, there could have been an error while you were setting up a routine that caused it to go off at the wrong time.

In either case, this is a likely reason why your Alexa is exhibiting strange late night behavior. Fixing this is an incredibly easy task. All you will need to do is go into your Alexa App and then go to the “Settings” menu.

From here, you should easily be able to find and look at the routines that you have set up. If you notice anything that seems out of place, or just plain wrong, simply delete it and all should be well thereafter.

If there isn’t anything there that is out of place, it is either time to accept that your Alexa is haunted or move onto the next step.

2. Your Alexa Might Need a Reset

This step comes with a bit of a cautionary warning. Unfortunately, resetting is never going to be a good option for you unless you don’t mind setting up your Alexa again from scratch.

Resetting a device restores it back to the same settings it had when it left the factory – no saved data, but no bugs. In a way, it can almost be like having a brand new Alexa again.

But, if you are in any way wary of doing this, it might be worthwhile to try the other tips first before returning to this one. It is the most effective, but there is a compromise.

3. A Temporary Solution: Turn On “Do Not Disturb”

Should it be the case that you are still experiencing some paranormal activity with your Alexa, the easiest thing to do is to switch on the do not disturb function.

Again, this won’t permanently fix the problem, but it does do the job. Switching this function on could not be easier. All you need to do is give the command “Alexa, turn on do not disturb”.

Do this every night before you go to bed and you will be guaranteed a quiet night.

4. Get in Touch With Customer Support

Customer Support

The last reason we can pinpoint for your Alexa acting out of sorts is a bit too serious to be fixed by yourself. On occasion, the whole thing will be caused by your mic malfunctioning.

In addition to that, there can also be an issue within the speaker itself which will effectively trick your Alexa into thinking it has received a command.

So, if you have noticed that there isn’t any particular set time that she pipes up, this is probably what’s happening in your case. With either of these issues, the only logical step that remains is to get in contact with customer support.

Amazon support have a generally solid reputation when pitted against their competitors, so we expect that the problem will be resolved for you pretty quickly.

The Last Word

Unfortunately, the above fixes are the only ones that we could find that actually had any real effect. That being said, we are always willing to entertain the idea that one of you reading this may have found a new and improved way to fix it.

If you happen to be one of these geniuses, we would love to hear all about how you did it in the comments section. That way, we can share the info with our readers. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Why Does Alexa Come On In The Middle Of The Night?”

  1. Radio Comes on at 3am, there appears to be an alarm set that can’t be deleted. I have tried deleting it but it’s still there, yet it does no appear in the history list of alarms turned on/off.

  2. 6 am this morning it was saying Annihilation over and over again at full volume. It wouldn’t stop no matter what command I gave it. Then it stopped and the movie began.

  3. Alexa just started playing a local radio station LOUD….. 3.07 am…. and louder than we ever have it set. Not just a one word command either it involved 8 words and had to be clearly spoken or she usually picks the wrong one. So unless we have ghosts in our new house…………

  4. Contacted support. Was told they forward the issue, then they ended conversation. Never heard from them again. Tried the forum, only to find that this is a serious ongoing issue after some of the updates going back several months; again, no progress, just a lot of unhappy people planning to make the move to Google.


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