How To Fix Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device?

Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device

For their smart home needs, literally millions of people are flocking to Amazon to accommodate to their needs.

And, when it comes to the music streaming side of things, it is no surprise that Amazon also have a service for that.

And, it is a pretty good one at that! For those who may not be all that familiar, Amazon Music is a comprehensive streaming service which comes with a whole library of tunes new and old and allows you to stream pretty much any song ever written.

Simply look for it in the search engine and it will be there 99.9% of the time.

Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device

Even better than that, Amazon Music is pretty intuitive too. Based on the songs you have listened to before, the service will allow you to “discover” new music too.

Having tried this out, the algorithms are actually pretty on point here too, with most of the tunes suggested at least bearing some resemblance to what you’ve listened to before.

What Causes the ‘Music is Streaming on Another Device” Problem?

Amazon’s music 1

So, we have already established that Amazon’s music streaming service is one of the better one’s out there, with a huge customer base the world over. But, this doesn’t mean that the service is totally without flaw.

And, there isn’t really all that much chance that you would be here reading this if you weren’t having a few issues.

Having trawled the net looking for the kind of troubles that you guys are facing, this one unusual issue seems to be cropping up with alarming frequency.

Of course, we’re talking about when you get the “music is streaming on another device” error message when you are just trying to play some music.

The thing about this problem is that it does actually normally mean that another device is currently connected up for the purpose of streaming music. But, this isn’t necessarily the case all of the time.

“music is streaming on another device” error message

To properly explain this and tell you how to fix this, we do need to draw attention to the fact that there are a few different plans available to users of Amazon Music.

Each one of these allows for different levels of permissions and may well explain the cause of the problem.

So, for this reason, you will need to check what plan you are subscribed to. For example, if you have subscribed to the family package, you will be able to steam music on a few devices at the same time.

This is not the case with other plans. Basically, if you want to actively play music through a few different devices, you should definitely consider upgrading to this plan.

Unfortunately, we simply don’t know of any way to get around this by other means. So, no ‘hacks’ this time, you will just need to fork out the extra cash.

But What If You Aren’t Trying to Steam Music on Multiple Devices?

Steam Music on Multiple Devices

The most frustrating part of this problem is when you get this message for what seems like no good reason. You’re not trying to stream music through any device at all, but yet Amazon Music insists that you are. Maddening.

Well, there are quite literally thousands of you out there with the same issue, and there’s good news… The problem isn’t all that major and is relatively easy to fix from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what you need to do to get everything up and running again.

To solve the problem, we would highly recommend that you visit the official Amazon website and log in. After that, the next step is to click on the “Accounts and Lists” option.

From the next set of choices, go for the “Content and Devices” one. Then, all you will need to do is check what devices are registered to your account.

If you notice that there are any unfamiliar or out of date devices hooked up, simply remove them from the list.

To really nuke this one from orbit, the easiest way to do it is to knock off all devices except for the one that you are trying to use. In pretty much every case, this will resolve the issue for you once and for all.

The Last Word

In this article, we have pulled all of the available information on this issue that we could find. With a bit of luck, the info here helped you out and resolved the issue for you.

However, we can by no means claim to have all of the answers in the world. There’s always going to be one or two people that find another way to do it that many of us would never think of.

If you happen to be one of those people, we would love to hear about how you managed to fix the problem in the comments section below.

That way, we can share the info with our readers and maybe save some headaches in the future. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “How To Fix Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device?”

  1. I have linked my Sirius XM account with Alexa to play on a speaker group. while it works fairly well, now and then Alexa will say Streaming has stopped because the account is being used on another device. THERE IS NO OTHER DEVICE except my phone which I hardly ever use for streaming. What I have to do to fix this is, disable the skill and then re-enable it to play Sirius again.

  2. This is the worst customer experience ever. Doesn’t Amazon want everyone to have an Alexa in every room like I do (think we’re up to 8 Echo devices + 4 phones with it installed + other integrated devices such as my fridge).

    I’m spending a fortune on your devices, where is the customer obsession? just fix it already, or give me a button to say don’t ask me for next 100000000 days. because I never want to hear Alexa say “Amazon is streaming on another device, would you like to stream from here instead” errr of course I do that’s why I told Aexa to play music here…. go listen to the not nice things I say to the device or perhaps the feedback I’ve given multiple times, its super transparent!

  3. This is pretty much useless for 99% of people with this issue. The problem isn’t improper devices. The problem sits somewhere wtihin how Amazon decides where Prime Music is “active.” (and how long until it releases it).

    If I play Amazon Prime Music on my echo dot in the kitchen, and then go into the living room after the song is over and try and turn on the music there, it will say “Prime Music is playing on another device” even though the music is no longer playing in the kitchen.

    It will *eventually* release the device and allow music to play elsewhere, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to force it to release from that device.


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