3 Ways To Fix Alexa Routines Not Working

Alexa Routines Not Working
Alexa Routines Not Working

Alexa is a virtual sound assistant by Amazon that listens and responds to all of your queries. As a result, it is an exceptional device that goes great with all your smart home applications. Especially with the smart hub, you are able to get full control over all of your smart home devices.

On the other hand, Alexa routines allow users to automate multiple tasks using a single voice command or trigger. In simple words, routines are basically a list of actions that will play in an order or succession after initiating a trigger.

Alexa Routines Not Working

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest features that come with Alexa is the ability to create different routines. Unfortunately, plenty of users have reported that their routines aren’t working at all.

There may be a number of reasons why this is happening. It is also possible that the problem is on your end, rather than Alexa’s.

Anyhow, we will be using today’s article to explore a few ways on how you can get your Alexa routines working again. To make sure you fix the issue, please follow all the mentioned ways we have mentioned below:

  1. Make Sure You’re Typing the Right Words

The first reason why your Alexa routines are not working could be because you are making a small mistake while writing. You see, Alexa isn’t all that smart to understand everything. This is why the issue might be because of a typo or something similar.

A user having a similar issue reported having fixed the issue by retyping “Livingroom” as “Living Room”. This might not seem such a big deal, but considering how dumb Alexa can be sometimes, this might be the case for you.

  1. Check If Alexa Is Connected to All of Your Routines

The second thing you should do is to check whether all of your routines are connected to Alexa. Keep in mind that a single Alexa device is supposed to create a single routine. In case you have more Echo devices, check which of your routines are connected to which Echo device using the Alexa application.

Also, for pairing the Echo device with an Alexa routine, you need to complete the routine set up for each device. Another thing is to make sure you are following all the proper steps for creating an Alexa routine through your app.

  1. Contact Customer Support

The final thing you can do if you can’t seem to fix the issue is to contact their customer support. You can easily do so through Alexa’s app. Choose the appropriate category for the problem that you are facing. The support team should make contact with you soon and will tell you what’s causing the issue and how to fix it.


These are the 3 ways on how you can fix your Alexa routines not working. Make sure you follow all of them properly. We hope that by following all these measures, you have fixed your issue.

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