2 Ways to Fix Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging
Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

Ring is a brand that is widely known for its security devices and protection plans designed for your smart home. They have a variety of different smart gadgets you can choose from that will keep you and your family safe while you’re at your house. They offer smart locks, smart lighting, and monitoring options such as security cameras.

One of the most popular products they have in their offer is a doorbell with an added camera installed in it. This means that you can see who’s at your door from your phone even if you are not at home. 

What makes this doorbell even better is the option to remotely allow that person inside your house if you recognize them. That way you don’t have to worry if you’ve locked someone out of the house or if a similar issue arises where you need to give someone access.

Since Ring devices are designed to make you safe, it goes without saying that they should be active all of the time. After all, they wouldn’t be so secure if they habitually cut out. 

To make sure that this is the case, Ring gadgets come with a built-in solar panel feature so they get charged during sunlight. It’s also a great feature if you’re trying to be eco-friendly and save energy.

How to Fix A Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

Unfortunately, there have been instances of the solar panel not working properly and being unable to charge your devices. If this seems to be the case with your Ring solar panel, don’t worry, there are a couple of things you can do to try to fix them. 

None of these fixes are all that complex. If you follow the steps, you should have a good idea of what to do throughout. In any case, we won’t be asking you to do anything that requires a high level of expertise. With that having been said, let’s move on to the first step!

1. Try Reinstalling the Solar Panel

Try Reinstalling the Solar Panel

The first thing you should do if you’re having issues with your solar panel not charging your devices is to check there is something physically preventing it from doing so. 

You’re going to do that by manually detaching the solar panel and checking if there is any debris or some other kind of blockage inside. If you’ve already checked, and there seems to be nothing blocking it, then check the wires themselves.

There is a possibility that the wires are not attached to the right places – or it could be that there is a loose wire. Once you’ve confirmed that all of the wires are where they should be and are properly connected, you can go ahead and reattach the solar panel. 

This will take care of the problem for more than a few of you. If you’re not among them, it is time to move onto the next step.

2. Make Sure the Solar Panel isn’t Faulty

Make Sure the Solar Panel isnt Faulty

If you’ve cleaned out the debris and assembled the wires correctly, and the solar panel still isn’t charging, then the problem could be that the solar panel or the Ring device is damaged. You can make sure of that by opening your Ring app on your phone and going to ‘Device health’. 

You can check whether your device is connected to a solar panel or not from there. If it’s not connected, then there is a high possibility that your solar panel is broken. Unfortunately, this will mean that you will have to replace it. 

We suggest that you try to connect the solar panel to some other device first, just to make sure that it’s not working only with this device.

If you’ve just bought the Ring device and haven’t used it much, it’s possible that it got damaged during the delivery process. If that’s the case, you should contact your supplier and demand a replacement order.

The Last Word

These are two simple solutions to get your Ring Solar Panel working again. There is a high probability you will fix your solar panel by following the steps mentioned above. And if that’s not the case, then it might be time to call in the professionals. 

We would not recommend investigating the problem further unless you have some experience with solar panels. Once you’ve contacted the Ring support team make sure to tell them about the methods you’ve previously tried so you don’t waste your time and get to the solution more quickly.

7 thoughts on “2 Ways to Fix Ring Solar Panel Not Charging”

  1. This is my second solar panel that I’ve purchased and still the same issue. Not recharging!!! Even with two batteries in direct or indirect sunlight. The solar never starts after the batteries drop below 90%. I always end up taking out the batteries and charging inside which takes almost a full day just to charge one. I absolutely thing the panels are faulty. And the company knows of the default. I definitely won’t purchase anything else from ring.

  2. I encountered this with mine and after doing a full factory re set and following all the above posted instructions found this important step needs to be added.


    If this is not done the plug from the solar panel is unable to make contact with the positive snd negative terminals

    I then removed the battery from the camera and re installed it and after re start. Solar panel appeared.

    Instructions are very poor.

    Two locations for viewing solar charging.

    Location 1

    Select device
    Top right corner battery symbol will have a sun and a lighting bolt symbol

    Location 2

    Select device
    Device Health
    Solar Status

    Good luck

  3. I had the same issue. I moved my wireless router closer to the camera and it solved the issue. I’ve found that when the camera struggles for Wi-Fi signal the battery drains quickly. My cell phone does the same in areas w/ poor coverage. Check ‘Device Health’ for your camera and look at ‘Signal Strength’. I’ve found that by getting mine to RSSI-60 or less (lower numbers are better) my solar panel can keep up. Hope this helps.

  4. Icon shows solar battery is connected. Battery drains like it did before if not a little faster. it is not in direct sunlight but wouldn’t it charge at least a little in indirect sunlight??

  5. Charge your ring battery with the charging cord to make sure it has some power. then insert the battery back in. Unplug the solar panel and plug it back in. Then in the app try reconnecting to the internet, even though it shows the battery dead. Once I did this, it came back online and showed a full battery. Now, if the solar panel still doesn’t charge my camera, and battery starts declining, I will think I need a new solar panel, even though I just bought this one.


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