4 Ways To Fix Smart Life Google Home Not Working

smart life google home not working
smart life google home not working

Smart Life is a popular smart management app that can be installed on your phone. Through the app, the users are allowed to manage all of their smart devices. Not only will you have more control over all your smart devices, but you will also be making your house smarter.

How to Fix Smart Life Google Home Not Working?

A number of users have been reporting facing issues with their Google Home. On asking such users about the issue, we found that they couldn’t get their Smart Life working while using it through Google Home.

This is why today; we will be taking a look at all the possible ways on how you can fix the issue. All of the troubleshooting will be given in a specific order that you will have to follow. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Re-link Your Account

One of the first things that you can do in order to fix the issue is to re-link your account. What you will basically have to do is to re-link your account. In order to do this, you will have to go to your Google Home settings.

Here, you will have to navigate through the following settings: Works with Google > Linked Services > Smart Life > Re-link account. In here, you can easily re-link your Smart Life account with your Google Home account.

  1. Ensure Both Are Connected to the Same Network

Another thing that you can do to potentially fix the issue is to make sure that you have both the devices connected to the same network. If you are using one or the other from a different Wi-Fi network, then it will simply not work at all.

  1. Is the Issue Only Limited to Google Home?

In case the first two steps don’t work, then we recommend you check or troubleshoot whether the issue only occurs when you are using Google Home. If your Smart Life lights are working through the Smart Life app and act up only with Google Home, then the issue is most definitely with the latter.

  1. Contact Support

The last thing that you can do to fix the issue is to contact the support team of both parties. They should know exactly what’s wrong with your case and what you can do in order to fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

Is Smart Life not working with Google Home? All you have to do is to follow the troubleshooting steps that we have written in this article. In case you have found something confusing with the article, then all you have to do is to leave down a comment!

14 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix Smart Life Google Home Not Working”

  1. Steps that worked for me
    1) Remove the non-working device in Smart Life app
    2) Add the device again in Smart Life app
    3) Uninstall the Smart Life app from mobile or tablet
    4) Unlink Smart Life in Google home app (Settings – Works with google – Smart Life – Unlink account)
    5) Add the Smart Life account again in Google home app (Web sign in required using login and password)
    6) Install Smart Life app in mobile or tablet (only if you need it again)

  2. Well fudge… unlinked and now it won’t let me relink… if I select smart life to link it just opens the smart life app instead of letting me link it

  3. My smart life devices worked with google home for yrs until this week- the only thing that changed is i got a new phone. All apps and settings were transferred to new phone, smart life works and controls the devices, google home recognises the devices and lets me turn on and off in the app- only nothing happens. The devices in reality stay on or off regardless of pressing the button in google app.ive unlinked and relinked smart life in google, and still nothing

  4. I have been using smart life via my coogle home to controll my TV, Smart plugs and smart lights for many months with no issues.

    I changed my Sony TV to a Samsung TV and found they wouldn’t work so had to connect my Google account to the smart things app. Ever since then my plugs and lights stopped responding. I’ve relinked the smart life and Google accounts, I’ve unlocked the smart things account but still it wont work. I can use the smart things app to control the lights and plugs but Google home no longer works.

  5. Step 2 is incorrect — my Google Home devices are ALL on a different WiFi network from the SmartLife devices, and everything works great. The SmartLife devices are scattered across half a dozen different base stations. (At one time, so were the Google Home devices — but then Google released the direct base-to-base communications feature, which requires the two base stations to be on the same network, so ALL of the Google Home base stations got moved over to a single network. The SmartLife devices are still scattered around. Everything works, both before and after.)

    Step 2 is quite incorrect.

  6. There is no way to remind because it isn’t showing that my smart life was linked in the first place and this is ridiculous!

  7. These fix do not work. Google Home cannot find any devices after linking with Smart Life, but the device is present and it works with the Smart Life App. Chinese low cost devices usually do not work, so it is normal.


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