5 Ways To Fix Google Home Routines Not Working

google home routines not working
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google home routines not working

Creating custom routines on Google can help you manage your day better. You can use the app to set up different commands that will execute whenever you ask Google to run a specific routine. Using just one command will execute a set of tasks that you have defined in the Google Home app. Meaning that you don’t have to configure all the different commands again and again. You can set different routines for when you’re home or you’re just about to go out.

If you’re having issues in getting your Google Home Routines to work properly then here are a few methods you can follow to troubleshoot this specific issue.

How to Fix Google Home Routines Not Working?

  1. Configure Routine

If the Google routines were working properly for you till now but have now just started to malfunction after an update then it is likely that your routine setup is corrupted. It is very common for users to run into this error after a software update.

If you’re in a similar situation then you can fix this error easily by going into your Google home app and deleting the routine altogether. After that add the same commands and make a new routine. After that just try using the voice command to get the routine to execute. Doing this will most probably fix the error for you.

  1. Update Firmware

Outdated firmware can also cause users to run into this error. So, if you have not updated your device’s firmware in a long time then you need to open up your Google Home mobile app and select the smart device. From there go to the device settings and check for Firmware updates.

It will take a few seconds to search the internet for possible updates. Once the search is complete just download the latest firmware onto your Google Device and let it install. After the firmware has updated you will need to set up the routine again and it should start working properly from this point forward.

  1. Check Language

One of the most common reasons why users have trouble with their Google routines is that they accidentally switch the language. This is why the Google assistant is not able to recognize your specific commands or execute them.

To fix this issue you need to open the Google Home mobile app. From the home screen, you need to click on the top right corner and click on your account. Go to the assistant settings and from there you can select languages. Make sure that the version of English you’re using on your device is set to your designated area. For Example: If you have configured the routine to work with English US and your current language is English India then the routine won’t work until you switch back to English US.

  1. Check for Updates

Another fix that you can try is to check for your system updates along with any app updates. Usually updating the app takes care of the majority of bugs that were causing issues in the previous version of the app. Along with the app version you also need to make sure that your mobile OS is also on the latest version.

To do so, open up your mobile settings and click on the “About phone” option. From there you can click on the system update option and your phone will start searching for any pending updates. Make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection for this process to complete faster.

To update the Google Home app, you just need to open the app store or Play store and type in Google Home. From there just click on the update button if you’re already installed the Google Home app. It will take you around 5 minutes to update the app depending upon your network. Once both the mobile device and the Google Home app are updated you can add in your routine again to check if it is working properly.

  1. Ask support

If none of these mentioned issues work for you then we recommend that you contact the Google support team and explain your issue to them. Make sure to provide the details about all the troubleshooting methods you have tried so far. It will help them pinpoint the exact issue and they will be able to guide you accordingly.

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