7 Ways To Fix Cor Thermostat Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

cor thermostat not connecting to wifi
cor thermostat not connecting to wifi

A thermostat is one of the many important smart devices users can keep in their smart homes. A smart thermostat allows a user to be able to remotely control the temperature of his house. Even when away from home, users can easily control their house’s temperature.

There is no debate that some of the more expensive options can leave a dent in your budget. However, the increased performance and efficiency of these units prove to be far more affordable in the long run.

So, if you’re not that willing to spend a huge sum here, try considering the cash saved in the power bill. One of the biggest and most significant contributors to the power bill is the HVAC system.

Your thermostat ultimately dictates how much power this unit will use and spend in the long run. So, having an efficient thermostat will make sure that the power bill is minimal.

This doesn’t mean that you will be losing out on any performance. Instead, the smart thermostat will make sure that the temperature in the desired regions is optimal while saving energy from other sections. So, you will be perfectly sorted in the long run. 

How to Fix Cor Thermostat Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

Lately, plenty of users have been facing issues with their thermostats. On asking such users about the issue, they mentioned how their Cor thermostat is not connecting to Wi-Fi. As a result, they are unable to properly use the thermostat.

On top of that, they have no idea what’s causing the thermostat to not connect. This is why today, we will be exploring the issue in detail by using this article.

All of the different ways how you can troubleshoot the issue is mentioned right down below:

  1. Reset Your Thermostat

In case you notice your thermostat not connecting to the network, one of the very first things that you can do is to try and reset the device.

reset your device

What this will do is it will help in restoring all of the settings currently stored in the thermostat to factory default.

This also means you will have to go through the complete setup procedure again. Ultimately, this should help in troubleshooting as well as resolving connection problems that you could be facing due to a bug.

  1. Change Wi-Fi Network Mode

Another solution that should prove to be quite effective against thermostats not connecting to Wi-Fi is that you should try switching the Wi-Fi channel mode.

To do this, you will have to access your router’s settings. From here, you will need to locate the Wi-Fi tab under your router settings.


You should be able to see an option where you can choose either 5GHz Wi-Fi network mode or 2.4GHz. We recommend that you try them both.

It is worth noting that most smart devices seem to perform more reliably on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

  1. Limit Interferences

Sometimes, all that you have to do is to check the unit for interference. There is a good chance that the issue is with the interferences from other wireless units, and it is not a bad idea to limit those interferences accordingly.

Otherwise, you will remain stuck in these errors and won’t be able to find your way through a fix. All that you have to do here is to remove all of the extra devices and keep them removed as you check up on the response from the unit.


You need to also make sure that there are no metal objects near the thermostat, and then you can engage the pairing routine. If everything goes well, you will not have to spend more than a few minutes trying to figure out the error. 

If the thermostat does connect after you’re through with the interferences, then you will be sure that the issue is more with the presence of other devices.

Here, you can either choose to keep the extra devices removed or install a hub to pair with these devices. 

That will help you declutter the system, and you will have a better shot at securing a connection with the Cor Thermostat. So, be sure to keep all of these pointers in mind when you’re stuck on an issue. 

  1. Reduce Range

Next, you need to also check on the range of the router from the thermostat. Most thermostats are only avoided for about 20 feet, and you need to limit the situation accordingly to avoid more errors down the road.


The best thing that you can do here is to bring the router within range and closer than 20 ft. from there; you need to also make sure that there are no thick walls between the units, and you can go about adjusting the system accordingly. 

If everything goes well, you will not have to deal with any extensive errors here, and adjusting the system will be fairly simple.

So, just bring everything back within range, and you will not have to worry about any errors when it comes to fixing the unit. 

Hopefully, you will be sorted out in no time, and the signal strength will be optimal from the main system. So, be sure to have that in mind when you’re struck by these issues. 

  1. Check For Hardware Issues

Hardware Issue

At this point, you should just call it a day and then check up on the hardware. If you believe that the hardware is damaged or there are cracks on the unit, then you won’t be able to get anything out of the system.

Hardware issues are exceptionally annoying to deal with, and you will have to reach out to the dealer to help you with these complications.

All that you need to do is to explain your end, and the dealer will take charge of the situation. From there, fixing the issue will come easily to you.

Just be sure to go through the proper channels and demand a new unit through a warranty claim. It will be a bit hard to get a fresh piece from secondary dealers, but if you buy from an official dealer, getting a new unit is not that hard.

warranty claim

You can further reach out to the officials working the support channel to help you navigate these errors.

They will make your life much easier, and you will not have to struggle with any errors down the road. Hopefully, that will be it when you’re talking about hardware issues with the system. 

  1. Try Power Cycling Both Devices

Next, you should also think about power cycling the system once. If you’re not that sold on the idea of the reset and there are no hardware issues, just remove all power from the unit. This includes the batteries and all the wiring connections.

From here, you can keep the unit dead for about 20 minutes and then start it up one more time. This should give you a better hang of the situation, and you can go about addressing the situation accordingly. If everything goes well, you will not have to deal with more errors down the road. 

restart device

However, if you’re still stuck, then the issue will be much more serious, and you might be in possession of a defective piece.

So, you will have to reach out to the experts about this unit, and they will work with you to inspect the problem.

Hopefully, you will not have to bother with any extensive errors and setup routines when it comes to fixing the system, and reaching out to the official team might just be the right fix. So, be sure to get help when you’re stuck in these errors. 

  1. Contact Support Team

If nothing seems to be working for you, then you will need to contact customer support for additional help on the matter.


They should suggest further steps on how you can effectively troubleshoot the problem, along with the reason why you are facing this issue in the first place.

The Bottom Line:

This article lists different ways how you can fix the Cor thermostat not connecting to Wi-Fi. In case you are also facing this issue right now, all you have to do is to follow the instructions given in the article. Also, be sure to read through the article!

Most of the time, fixing the unit is pretty easy, and you just have to address the situation with the channel bandwidth and the interferences.

From there, you can go about improving the signal strength and limiting the issue with the programming.

Ideally, you will be sorted at this point and won’t have to deal with more errors. However, there are certain complications with the thermostat hardware that can make the situation more serious. In those situations, the only thing that you can do is to get yourself a replacement.

If you believe that the hardware is damaged, the only real move is to call the experts working the support channel.

The customer care team should help you sort out these errors, and you will not be left hanging on your own. So, be sure to rely on the warranty when you’re looking for a fresh piece. 

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