3 Ways To Fix Google Home Something Went Wrong to Try Again In A Few Seconds

google home something went wrong try again in a few seconds

Google Home is yet another smart device that is designed to make life that little bit easier for those of us who are into smart home equipment.

At this point, it is massively popular and fairly well refined in terms of its performance. Overall, there are very few out there who end up dissatisfied with Google Home once they have gotten used to how it functions.

However, this by no means go to suggest that it is absolutely perfect in every way. In fact, we would argue that no smart home device is.

They all have their little quirks, some of which can begin to grate on us pretty quickly. Google Home is no different in that regard. After all, you wouldn’t be here reading this if it worked the way it was supposed to 100% of the time.

How to Fix Google Home Something Went Wrong to Try Again In A Few Seconds?

Google home

In recent times, there have been quite a few complaints on the boards and forums that customers are struggling to get good use value out of their Google Home.

Having looked a little further, it seems that the majority of these complaints relate to the error, “Something went wrong, please try again in a few seconds”.

For us, nothing is more annoying than an error message that doesn’t tell you what is going wrong. So, we understand why more than a few of you are reporting this one.

To help you out, we decided to put together this little guide to explain what is happening and help you get it fixed again.

These fixes have a reasonable chance of being successful, despite the fact that they are easy enough to be done from the comfort of your own home – by just about anybody!

So, if you have no experience troubleshooting tech devices, don’t worry about it. We’ll guide you through the process. With that having been said, let’s get right into it!

1. Perform A Factory Reset

When faced with this error, the catch-all fix that is most likely to solve it is a factory reset.

Factory resets are a quick and easy way of clearing out any bugs and glitches that may be causing performance issues. The process is quite simple.

All you will need to do is press down and hold in the reset button until you hear the audio cue letting you know that the reset was a success. This will happen anywhere between the 15 and 20 second mark.

As soon as you’ve heard it, you can let go of the button and begin setting the device up again – just like you did when it first arrived. After this, there is a good chance it will work again.

2. Check Your Connection To The Internet

Another thing that can cause this error message is if your internet connection is either faulty or too slow.

The quickest and easiest way to check this is to run a few speed checks and then test the results against what your provider has promised you.

By Googling “internet speed test”, you will find several websites designed to do exactly this. Though most of them are probably the same, we generally favour Ookla.com.

If your internet speed and bandwidth stats appear to be in the realms of normality, there is still one thing under this heading that is worth trying.

On occasion, your internet might be working just fine, but there could be some interference from some 3rd party app. Of these, VPNs or proxies are the most notorious for causing issues with Google Home.

So, if you are using any of these, try switching them off and seeing do you notice any difference. For quite a few of you, that will be the problem fixed.

3. Get In Touch With Customer Support

Customer Support

Unfortunately, if none of the above fixes have worked for you, there really isn’t all that much more you can do other than handing the problem over to the pros.

While you are talking to them, make sure to let them know what you have tried so far to resolve the issue. By doing that, they will most likely be able to get to the root cause of the problem much quicker.

With a bit of luck, the issue isn’t too severe and they can get everything working again.

22 thoughts on “3 Ways To Fix Google Home Something Went Wrong to Try Again In A Few Seconds”

  1. Aug 15, 2022

    Mine said same thing….”something went wrong”……

    All I did was unplug modem & router for approx 5 min……now it is working fine…….( so far )

    I do wish they would give many of us the needed CORRECT fix for “Voice Match”….I have tried resetting VM…..over & over….no luck…it still does not recognize me anymore to get my reminders like it always used to!

  2. I’m having the same issue especially with Google nest mini. However, the unique matter is when the message “Something went wrong please try again later”, it manages to execute the command.

  3. I’ve reset and it worked one time then started doing “something went wrong….” Again. Hot Amazon in another house and it works great. Thinking about ditching Google Home. Shame I have several Google devices Any help appreciated.

  4. I agree that the inconsistency and bugs infuriate me when trying to use Google assistant or home. I am still having the problems we’re both devices answer despite trying the recommendations above. Also for the life of me I wish assistant would not answer so quickly. If I pause just for a moment to think about the next word in my request Assistant tries to perform a search practically instantly.

    The shittiness of assistant and home suggest me Google is reluctant to put some real resources behind the development of these apps. This is only conjecture but the maintenance of these apps is terrible.

  5. My Amazon echo’s are brilliant but I always get this issue with my google home speaker !! time to bin it and get another echo for my kitchen…..thats the only fix that will work .

  6. Just like with a problem with your health, they always say to first look at any changes you make to your diet..etc.. I did this with my phone and “something went wrong” I had installed ExpressVPN about the same time this started happening…sure enough, I uninstalled the VPN software and now my phone works..

  7. I don’t know how to fix this and it’s been happening every time I talk to google for over a month
    Don’t know what else to do

    • How about learning things, taking notes, understanding maps and relying less of free tech designed to mine and sell your personal data as well as track you? Just a thought.

  8. Tried all of the above without success beyond one day. Nothing has changed at my side but clearly something has at Google’s side. The annoyance and time loss is becoming unacceptable….. Time for it to go or at least be returned.

  9. If you have two which are paired, make sure both are switched on, something went wrong message happens when one is turned off

  10. I found that I had two nests paired together, one had been turned off at the power which left me with a message ‘something went wrong’ once I turned the second device back on, all started working fine.

    • I have the very same issue on all my devices including on my cell phone and it has gotten to the point that I have just about had it with even attempting to use Google at all. I’m so over it, Google doesn’t work 99 percent of the time…what’s the point any more it’s not even worth it to me only to become outraged with it not working almost each and every time. I am st a complete loss here.

    • Your reliance on technology has led you to also rely on someone else fixing problems that aren’t technically yours. Try turning away from tech for 3 days. Bet you can’t.

      • Try not using your car for 3 days. Try not using your bed for 3 days. We all depend on modern conveniences… what is the point of eschewing them?

  11. When i leave a command in the chromacast microphone when holding the button down, it always says straight away, “there was a problem, try again in a few seconds.
    i have no trouble finding what i’m looking for manually , only when i speak into it.

  12. The Internet is working great. The factory reboot does not fix the problem. As far as third-party software I haven’t installed anything in months. FIX THE PROBLEM!


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