4 Ways To Fix C By Ge Not Connecting To Google Home

c by ge not connecting to google home

C by Ge smart bulbs are just one of the huge range of different devices that can be set up with Google Home to make things a little easier.

By doing this, the idea is that you can then gain a greater control over the lighting in your house. If you have a decent connection to your internet, everything should be totally functional when being operated remotely.

It’s a great thing to have, when it works.

In recent times, we have noticed that there are more than a few of you out there who seem to be having issues connecting your bulbs to your Google Home app.

Generally speaking, these sorts of issues are easy enough to resolve when you know how.

So, to help out, we decided to look into the problem and come up with a few fixes that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

How to Fix C By Ge Not Connecting To Google Home?

Before we begin this, it is important to note that none of these fixes will require you to have a high level of tech expertise.

They are designed in such a way that anyone can do them from home. There’s step-by-step guides to help with the more detailed stuff. We also won’t be taking anything apart or risking damaging any of your equipment either.

1. Power Cycle The Device

Power Cycle The Device

Quite often, any given tech woes can be solved with a simple power cycle. It refreshes the device, optimizing performance and clearing out bugs in the process.

So, before we get into anything even remotely serious, the first thing we are going to do is switch everything off for a while. Then, after about a minute, simply switch everything back on again.

With a bit of luck, that should be the problem fixed for a decent portion of you. If not, it means there’s likely to be some issue with the Google app.

2. Try Updating The Google App

On occasion, outdated versions can cause all sorts of performance issues. The older the app version gets, the more likely it is that different bugs and glitches can creep in.

Eventually, it can happen that the app doesn’t really work at all anymore. Generally speaking, apps quietly update themselves in the background so that you don’t have to think about it.

However, this isn’t always the case. It is possible that you may have manually switched off the auto-updates.

In this case, the first thing we need to do is manually check for updates for the Google Home app. If there is one, install it straight away and try connecting your bulbs again.

If there are no outstanding updates, the next thing we will try is clearing the data from the app.To do this, you first need to navigate to the “settings” option on your phone.

Then, you will need to click on “app options” and scroll down until you get to the Google Home app. From here, you will be able to click into “storage options”. You will then need to hit “clear all data”.

And that’s it. Make sure to restart your phone after this and then try connecting the bulb again.

3. Check That Your Device Is Getting Enough Signal

google home

Every now and then, these sorts of issues can be caused by the simplest of factors. We often overestimate exactly how far our smart devices can communicate over.

The simple fact of the matter is that, if your C by Ge and the device you are using Google Home on have a large space between them, they may not be able to communicate.

This will result in a patchy signal and all sorts of strange performance issues. Just to rule this out, we would recommend moving the two very close together and then testing to see can you connect them.

If that works, great. If not, it’s time to get into our final fix.

4. Reset The C by Ge

At this point, we can narrow it down and say that the problem is most certainly with the bulb.

So, to diagnose that, the best thing to do is reset it. There is a bit of a strange technique you need to know to do this. You will need to turn the bulb on for a total of 8 seconds. Then, switch it off for 2 seconds.

Unfortunately, you will need to repeat this step 5 or more times before the device actually resets itself. It’s annoying, we know. You will know it’s done when the bulb starts flashing.

After this, the net step is to try connecting it to your Google Home app again. Hopefully, that should be enough to get you up and running again.

It is worth noting that there are many of these types of devices that seem to require a few resets a year to keep running.

If you are one of the unlucky few who have made it this far without any change, the only thing that remains is to get in touch with C by Ge customer support.

While you are talking to them, make sure to mention all of the various fixes you have tried. With a bit of luck, that will save you some time.

22 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix C By Ge Not Connecting To Google Home”

  1. Both of my bulbs work fine work fine through the Cync app. I have never had any issues there. It won’t let me link my Cync app to google home (ie: Google Home > set up a device > Works with Google > Select: Cync) It gives the option where I put my Cync email & password in to link it. I hit the “sign in” button and nothing happens at all. Even if I purposely put in the wrong email, or don’t even put a .com at the end of it, there is no error or anything, It just doesn’t work. I’m not sure if that is a Cync or Google issue. It’s just annoying.

  2. I have two bulbs. One connects and the other one connects to Wifi, but won’t complete the final step I setup where it connects to my home (not Google Home). Very aggravating. Tried giving it its own “room”, grouping it, etc. Nothing works.

  3. I’ve dealt with this annoying issue far too long. All my other “cheap no name” brand bulbs NEVER stop responding the way these POS do.

    The pattern I see is that when the wifi restarts (because the modem restarts, because the internet service sends a bullet to restart the modem)… the bulbs stop responding (again, only the GEs).

    I found that restarting the Google home speaker via the phone app temporarily fixes the issue (no need for factory reset, that is BS). – Google Speaker/settings ‘gear’ button on upper right corner/more setting ‘3 dot’ button upper right corner/reboot.

    Lots of “solutions” floating around but none actually FIX the issue, only pushes it to the next wifi restart.

    As an end-user I should not have to restart the Google Speaker or factory reset EVERY time the bulbs are PMS-ing.

    GE has the funds to make it effing work the same way the cheap brands have been able to. The just choose to say “just factory reset”, or “its your firmware”, or “mercury is in reteograde”… because it’s cheaper.

    I finally fixed this issue permanently by throwing them in the trash where they belong along with all the “how to fix” comments. Now I can attend to my life without having to troubleshooting every device in my house as if I was I.T. support. Also I breathe better, blood pressure is lower and all my cheap lights still work great!

    You are welcome.

    • Kudos to you! I am still stuck in the Cycle of trying different things, or trying the same things in things, or trying the same thing again & again. You have given me inspiration and a chuckle! Thank you!

  4. I have 6 C by GE bulbs as well as a handful of other no name brands. The C by GE work most of the time but need to be factory reset a few times a year. In the past month I’ve done this multiple times, and they work flawlessly for a few days then stop responding. Often they’re on and I can’t turn them off, which is aggravating. So I don’t know if two years is beyond their lifecycle or what but I’m giving up and buying another brand.

  5. I’ve had this problem since setting them up directly to Google Home. The speaker device is right next to the lamp so I know that can’t be the issue.

    I power cycle/reset them every day and they link back up to my Google Home, they work, I go to bed, and they have disconnected again in the morning. My wifi isn’t an issue I know, because I work from home on a VPN and don’t have an issue at all.

    CYNC says to link to their account, which is fine but I cannot link that account to my Google home as it states “no devices found”.

    I am kind of at a loss and was hoping someone, not from CYNC could help because they literally just copy and paste the same solution or tell me to buy more of their products, which I am not convinced will work.

  6. Have not had any luck. Got these bulbs as part of a Google deal.
    Have reset bulbs multiple times, downloaded Cync app as well. Cync app tried to connect to Google Home and even though the bulb is set up in Cync app, Google displays error stating no devices are found in the Cync app. Couldn’t set up bulbs in Google Home through the simple setup because the bulbs were found but would never go through the actual setup. Very frustrating, to say the least.

    • Where you able to fix it?

      I have used my bulbs for a couple of years . They work most of the time, but it is annoying when they don’t. Usually factory resetting the bulbs does the trick.

      However, one of the bulbs can’t be reset no . And the other won’t connect to Google home. I tried the cync app and it works surprisingly well with both bulbs. However the problem is that I can’t connect the cync app to Google home.

  7. After many failed attempts following all kinds of other procedures, my light bulb has been successfully re-added to my Google Home after following the steps to “Reset” the bulb by turning it ON for 8s and OFF for 2s and about 5 cycles of that. Thank you!

  8. I’ve had the same problem, no luck either. I’m not going to buy a smart plug. I shouldn’t have to do that if the bulb used to work. I think I’ll try a different brand of bulb

  9. After about 3 years, my GE ‘smart’ bulbs are responsive about 1 in 4 attempts. I have 4 bulbs in service–in 2 different rooms. When they decide to work, they all work. When they don’t, none of them work.

    I’m tempted to pitch them and return to remote controlled outlets.

    I have used the ‘reset’ process a couple of times. It works for a couple of months, and then they’re temperamental again.

  10. I’ve had C-GE bulbs for a couple years. One of them stopped responding. I’ve followed all instructions to restore it to respond to the home app with no luck. How many years are these supposed to last?

    • They have a 3 year warranty. I’ve been having the same issue and called C by GE today and they said to try connecting one of their smart plugs to the network and then connect them all in the C by GE app or CYNC app and connect that app to Google Home. So, I’ve bought a smart plug today and hooked it all up and tried linking the accounts to get “User Does Not Exist” . UGH! Hope this helps you!

      • Just did a hard reset for 2 bulbs (dimmable) soft white smart bulbs outside of garage. I turned the lights on for about 8 seconds and off for 2 seconds and repeated for about 5-7 times. It worked!!!!!

      • Their support should be making the products you already paid for work, not telling you to buy more of their garbage products! I’d be all over them for a full refund on all the none working junk you’ve paid them for if I were you.


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