4 Ways To Fix Feit Smart Bulb Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

feit smart bulb wont connect to wifi

For those of you who are new to Feit products, Feit Electric are a reasonably well-known brand who specialize in smart lighting solutions and equipment.

Generally speaking, we would rate their equipment quite highly. On the rare occasion when something goes wrong, it is usually easy enough to get to the root of the problem.

On top of that, setting up their Smart Bulbs is easy enough that not many of us will struggle with it too much. Then again, mistakes are always possible – no matter what your level of expertise and experience!

After set-up, you can generally make good use out of your smart devices. So long as you have a stable connection to the internet, there should be no issues. At least, that’s how it should be in a perfect world.

All smart devices function every now and then. It’s just the nature of tech. So, if you’re having problems getting your Feit Smart Bulbs to work, you are not alone.

To help you all out, we’ve decided to put together this little guide of four steps to get everything working again.

How to Fix Feit Smart Bulb Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Below, we are going to show you 4 easy ways you can fix this problem from the comfort of your own home. None of these fixes will require you to have a high level of expertise.

Neither will they have you doing anything that will risk damaging your equipment. So, with that having been said, let’s get straight into it!

1. Make Sure You Are Using Smart Bulbs And Not Regular Ones

Smart Bulbs

Okay, so this seems to be a common cause of connectivity issues. It has come to our attention that Feit also make a range of bulbs that look identical to their smart range, but don’t have this capability.

So, if you have a lot of bulbs set up and a few of them aren’t blinking, it is worth taking them out and checking to make sure they are the right ones.

All you need to do is take out the offending one/s and compare the writing on them to one that you’re sure is a Smart Bulb.

If it turns out that it wasn’t the right bulb, all you will need to do is replace it. If it was, it is time to move onto the next step.

2. Make Sure You Are Using The Correct Bandwidth

If the offending bulb/s did turn out to be Smart after all, the next most likely cause of the problem you are having is that you may be using the wrong channel bandwidth.

If we were to pick out a flaw of the Feit Smart Bulb, it would be that they simply cannot work on the 5GHz bandwidth.

Annoyingly, this drawback isn’t exactly advertised by the company, so quite a few people will get caught out by it.

So, to get to the bottom of it, we would recommend that you head over to your network device and make sure that it is set to the 2.4GHz channel.

With most modern routers, switching the channel is pretty easy to get around. Generally, all you will need to do is open up the admin control panel using the web interface.

Within the resulting set of options you’ll be given, you should then find one that allows you to switch from 5 to 2.4GHz.

After changing this setting, the next step is to try connecting the LED bulb to the network again. With a bit of luck, that should be the problem resolved.

3. Try Power-Cycling Your Router


If nothing has worked so far, don’t worry. We still have a really simple solution that is fairly likely to get everything working for you. In this step, all we will be doing is power cycling your router.

Don’t be concerned if you haven’t done this before, it is very easy. First up, you will need to unplug the router from the wall. Then, wait around 30 seconds to a minute before plugging it back in again.

It may sound way too simple to ever work but doing this can clear out a multitude of bugs and glitches.

Power cycling also refreshes the connection to the network, resolving minor issues such as these along the way. While we are on the topic of your router, there is one more thing that is worth trying.

On occasion, these sorts of connectivity issues can be all due to the fact that the router is simply too far away from the device it is trying to communicate with.

So, if there is a large space between your router and the LED bulbs, reduce that distance and try to connect them up again.

4. Turn Off Your VPN


If you have a VPN turned on on your phone, this is definitely going to be the source of the problem. When your VPN is on, your Wi-Fi and your LED bulbs simply won’t be able to communicate with each other.

To rule this out, go into your settings and make sure you have the VPN switched off. After that, try connecting the bulbs again and it should work just fine.

The Last Word

On occasion, it is possible that the bulbs still won’t work after all of these fixes. When this happens, it points to a much more severe fault, and one that you are unlikely to be able to fix without a high level of expertise.

So, all that remains at this point is to get in touch with the customer services team at Feit. From there, they will more than likely suggest a replacement.

Naturally, if the device still has some of its warranty left, a free replacement should be easily attained.

25 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix Feit Smart Bulb Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi”

  1. Tried twice and will return them back to Costco. It’s so hard to connect, once I was able to connect then it won’t connect to my Google Home. That might be the reason why it’s so cheap… it just doesn’t work.

  2. I have at least ten Feit smart bulbs and plugs, all purchased from Costco. Every time I add a new one, it’s a piece of cake. I never have to use the Bluetooth connection function, as I have a strong signal on two different Wi-Fi networks in the house. Both are dual 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, and the switching must be automatic since I’ve had no issues. Once in a great while one of them will go off-line, but it’s easy to just turn it off, on, off, and on again, and everything is right again.

    Recently, one new bulb failed to connect. It blinked fast, but couldn’t be connected. I tried numerous times, but to no avail. I emailed Feit, told them about the problem, and they sent me a new replacement bulb. No further issues so far.

    I love these Feit smart bulbs and plugs, and have no complaints. The price is right, the app is very good, and the product support is great. I’ve used Insteon, Wemo and Belkin smart devices… among others. They were all expensive, and complicated to set up and use. Tossed them all. Until something better comes along, I’m sticking with Feit.

  3. Feit says on their faq that your phone must be on 2.4 GHz but not so. I added 5 of 7 shop lights using an iPhone at 5 GHz and they work fine.
    It appears the app uses your phone Bluetooth to first communicate with the light, the app passes your SSID and Wi-Fi password to the light, and the light registers itself to your network. That’s where it stops.
    My last 2 lights will not connect even using a different phone at 2.4 ghz. Next I will try resetting the router and removing all lights and start over with the # 6&7 lights.

  4. Trying to set recessed lights up in our kitchen. We have 5 total. All will blink but it will only recognize 2. I ended up having to use the Bluetooth method of connecting because the other two ways weren’t working. The two lights are able to be controlled and grouped, but how to I connect the other three? These are all on the same switch so every time I have to go into blinking mode it resets them all, including the 2 that were linked. Any ideas?

    • Screw the bulb into a socket that has only one on the switch. Then pair it, screw it into the socket you want it in, and repeat the process, pairing each individually. The bulb doesn’t care where it is plugged in when it is paired.

  5. I have Wi-Fi6 Configuration and was struggling with some FEIT RGB recessed lights with this same issue. The App would find them and begin the pairing process but it would not complete. My Wi-Fi6 is running in AI mode so the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz share the same ssid. I found the issue to be the WPS setting on my router. I disabled it (since I don’t use WPS for new devices anyways) and the pairing worked for all 4 new lights without issue.

  6. I have the same problem with about 6 bulbs. 2 are working fine. I’m done trying. They’re going in the garbage. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get them to connect.

    • I agree! Everything else connects flawlessly. It should not be rocket science to connect a device. Ohh and I have an A+ certificate in computers and worked in the field for 30 years. I am not willing to waste 1/2 a day to install a light bulb! How many Computer techs does It take to Install a light bulb??!!

    • Following the paring instructions you should

      A) Turn off the bulb and wait for 10 seconds turn On
      B) Rapidly Turn Off, On,Off,On,Off, On
      C) The bulb should start blinking rapidly.
      D) repeat step B)
      E) The bulb start blinking slowly ( now is in paring mode)

  7. I have 8 bulbs and 1 by 1 over a week period they stopped working and started blinking. Unable to connect then read about the VPN with I recently installed on my iPhone. I paused my VPN and it took like 15seconds to reprogram each bulb. App wudnt recognize the bulb so had to do the On-Off-On-Off-On but we all good now.

    • 8m
      I hope this helps someone. I bought a few of these Feit smart bulbs from Costco because they are so much cheaper than hue bulbs. I successfully connected them to Alexa and a few months went by, no problem. Then they all lost their connection to Alexa, so I went back and set them all up again except for one which I could not get to blink. After trying everything I could find on the web, I took out the bulb and compared the writing on it to other working Feit bulbs. Turns out that Feit makes identical looking LED bulbs that are not smart. I somehow pulled this non smart Feit bulb out of my bulb collection thinking since it was a Feit bulb it was smart. Mystery solved. But, for all the problems reported online and the fact that all my Feit bulbs mysteriously lost their connection with Alexa, I say avoid these bulbs, spend your time more wisely by anteing up for the hue bulbs Here’s a quick video showing the difference between the two bulbs https://youtube.com/shorts/5nluJdJ8czs?feature=share


  8. So am I to understand that once you set your router to 2.4ghz in the initial set-up you cannot reset your router to 5.ghz Bandwidth? If so, I’ll be returning these to Costco! 😞

    • I finally got mine to pair tonight by turning off the 5 ghz and the WPS on the router. They connected immediately. I switched back to 5 ghz and they continued working. Go fig.

  9. Just bought Feit smart bulbs and took about an hour to connect. My problem was VPN kept auto connecting and finally had to completely disconnect through settings and general on my iPhone. The troubleshooting info helped! Do make sure your bulbs are blinking when pairing. I was ready to return them to Costco. So happy now my dogs no longer need to wait for us in the dark.

  10. Here’s my story, and spoiler alert, there is a happy ending.

    I’m an Android guy, and installed Google Home and Feit LED bulbs in my living room and bedroom a couple of years ago. Pretty easy setup, everything worked great, until…

    Maybe 6 months ago, one of the lamps in my bedroom was manually turned off and back on, which unfortunately triggered the reset of that bulb. After a few unsuccessful tries at reconnecting it, I gave up and just didn’t use that lamp.

    Fast forward a couple of months, and randomly one day I was no longer able to voice activate changing bulb color. Why would that be an issue, you might ask? The answer is that a certain one year old finds that my ability to turn these lamps off and on with my voice, as well as changing their colors, is quite magical. Well, that’s a bummer, but okay…

    The tipping point came yesterday, when same said one year old, who now finds it quite thrilling to turn lights off and on at the switch, ended up triggering the reset of the other bulb in my bedroom. Side note to self, no reason for these lamps to be on switched circuits any longer anyways…

    So this morning was spent trying to correct all of these issues, and I’m happy to announce complete success. None of the basic advice helped, and Google searches didn’t turn up much, but here’s what worked for me.

    First off, I cannot say that these issues were related at all, but when I opened the Feit app I found that I could control bulb color manually. Interesting. I unlinked Feit from my Google Home, deleted the offline bulbs within my Feit app (left the other 2 connected), uninstalled and reinstalled the Feit app (2 connected bulbs still identified), and then linked Feit back to my Google Home. I had to re-designate the 2 lamps to my living room, but voice color control was restored.

    I then placed one of the offline bulbs into reset (fast blink), and tried repeatedly to connect. No luck. I’m doing this while sitting here watching football, and the blinking is in my peripheral vision, and after some time and multiple unsuccessful attempts at connecting, the bulb ended of timing out and stopped blinking. This, I believe, is the key. I did the off on trick to trigger the reset (fast blink), and was then able to connect on the first try. I then moved on to the second bulb, and will note that it took at least 10 minutes for it to time out of the initial reset, but I had the same immediate connect upon the second reset as I did with the first bulb.

    I cannot promise you the same results, of course, but here it is in a nutshell;

    Make sure you’re operating on a 2.4GHz network,
    Place the bulb in reset (fast blink),
    Attempt to connect. If you’re able to connect, perfect, life’s good. If not…
    Allow this reset to time out (the bulb stops blinking),
    Reset the bulb a second time (fast blink),
    Attempt to connect. Both of my bulbs connected on the first try of this second reset, but if you’re not as lucky, I would allow another time out and try a third reset.

    Good luck!

  11. Same problem, I have some bulbs, the app detects them but they just won’t pair. From the date of the comments looks like this is a recent problem. Did some one got it to work ?

  12. My Feit indoor plug (not bulb) shuts off quickly and stays off after I confirm the blue light is blinking rapidly during setup. It continues blinking rapidly if I don’t confirm. Obviously, the switch is getting some signal from my Netgear Nighthawk router on its 2.4 Ghz band

  13. I installed last year all 5 bulb and they work properly until I didn’t change router, password etc, now I switched router on 2 users like one 2.4 ghz and 5ghz and still I can’t install them, app see bulbs but still I can’t install.!

  14. It’s definitely a Feit problem. After all, my Ring devices are 2.4 only but can connect on a simultaneous 2.4ghz/5ghz SSID without any issues.

  15. I’ve had FEIT smart bulbs for almost 5 years, the Bluetooth version, now I’ve 8 of the new WiFi versions and have spent hours trying to get them to connect. My phone sees them but they don’t join the LAN. I’ve checked it’s on 2.4ghz, turned off my Firewall, verified security is WPS2-PSK as FEIT requires, reset bulbs and router, tried the quick install, the AP install and the Bluetooth install. All 8 bulbs won’t connect. Just waiting on FEIT to call me now. Ticket is in. Ugg

  16. I was able to connect 5 of 7 bulbs-the other two bulbs will not connect and continue to blink quickly. Appreciate any suggestions…


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