SimpliSafe Key Fob Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

simplisafe key fob not working
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simplisafe key fob not working

SimpliSafe offers one of the most reliable ways on protecting your smart home. They have a wide range of devices, each aimed at offering you a secure and happy life. Through their products, you can rest assured that both your house and the ones you love are protected.

It goes without saying that you have the ability to monitor your house at all times. But even when you are not, the monitoring team at SimpliSafe will monitor 24/7 and will let you know as soon as they see something out of order. In a dangerous situation, they will also dispatch the police.

How To Fix SimpliSafe Key Fob Not Working?

Many users have reported about having problems with SimpliSafe Key Fob. Most of them are saying that their SimpliSafe Key Fob are not working at all. This is why most of them are worried and have no idea on what they can do in order to fix this issue.

If you are also someone who is stuck in the same situation, then you need not to worry. Through the help of this article, we will be explaining on how you can fix this problem.

  1. Reinstall Your Key Fob

It is possible that you made an error during the installation or while setting up your Key Fob. If that is true, then you will have to go through the set up again.

In order to install a Key Fob after removing it, follow these steps:

  • Under Menu, insert your Master PIN
  • Go to Devices
  • Navigate to Key Fob
  • Choose Add
  • Press and hold down the red panic button situated on the top of the Key Fob. Make sure you hold for at least 2 seconds. Releasing the button will then add it to your system
  • Name your Key Fob into anything you like
  1. Faulty Device

Another reason for this issue could be due to a faulty device. Weirdly enough, we have seen dozens of users receiving a faulty device. Most of them mentioned how their device lasted for a week or a month at the very best. For others, the device didn’t work right from the start.

If you do have a faulty device, then you can’t do anything about it by yourself. In this scenario, you will have to follow the next step.

  1. Contact Support

If you have tried everything but the issue persists, you may as well have a faulty device or a technical issue. In either way, you will have to contact the support team. They will have your device replaced if it’s faulty. Even if it is not, you can expect them to help you resolve the issue.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have listed 3 different ways on how you can fix SimpliSafe Key Fob not working. In order to resolve the issue, simply follow the instructions written in the article.

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