3 Ways To Fix Google Home IFTTT Not Working

google home ifttt not working
google home ifttt not working

Google Home is a widely used smart speaker which can be used in order to fully control all the devices in your smart home. It is a type of smart speaker through which you can enjoy having voice control over all of your devices.

Fixing Google Home IFTTT Not Working?

Quite a number of users have been complaining about facing issues while using IFTTT with Google Home. According to these users, Google Home is not working with IFTTT.

In case you have also been experiencing something similar, then we highly recommend you keep on reading the article. Through this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most efficient ways of troubleshooting the issue. Here are all of them listed below:

  1. Ensure that You Are Saying the Phrase Correctly

One of the most common reasons why you are experiencing such an issue could be simply due to the fact that you are not saying the phrase correctly. In this case, you will have to make sure that you speak more clearly and naturally to ensure the device is able to listen properly.

Similarly, we also recommend that you check the phrases that you have set for your applet and make sure that these are indeed the same phrases that you are trying right now. You may also add another way of saying the same phrase.

  1. Using the Same Account

Another thing that you absolutely need to make sure of is that you are using the same account for both devices. It could be that you are using different accounts for both IFTTT and Google. If that is so, then you will have to sign out and make sure to log in to the same Google account on both apps.

Furthermore, we suggest that you open your Google Home app, and click on the account picture located in the top right corner. Tap on the “Manage your Google account”.

  1. Server Could Be Down

If you have noticed none of the troubleshooting steps to work for you, then it is possible that the servers are currently down. In this case, there really isn’t anything that you can do except waiting.

Alternatively, you can try contacting customer support for additional help on the matter. They should let you know why you are facing such an issue.

The Bottom Line:

Here are the 3 different ways on how you can fix Google Home IFTTT not working. Be sure that you follow every single instruction that we have attached in the article for a quick and easy fix.

1 thought on “3 Ways To Fix Google Home IFTTT Not Working”

  1. A fourth way: I had difficulty making google assistant work after IFTTT change to Google Assistant 2. Had to delete the IFTTT service and add it back in.
    1) Home App,
    2) click on Settings (not the user icon),
    3) delete IFTTT under “General”,
    4) Back to Settings (to the heading “Home settings”,
    5) click on “Works with Google” (listed last under “Services” in my home app),
    6) Search for IFTTT, then add it.
    What could be simplier, he says tongue in cheek.


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