6 Troubleshooting Tips For Alexa And Tuya Smart Devices Not Working

alexa and tuya smart devices not working
alexa and tuya smart devices not working

The Tuya Smart APP is used by countless homeowners across the nation. This integration has helped users optimize their smart systems without spending too much money on new equipment.

However, it is still pretty common to come across issues like Alexa and Tuya smart devices not working. These issues might seem minor at first but do complicate the functionality of your smart units.

Luckily, the upside here is that these issues are not that hard to fix, and the following troubleshooting guide will help you get the unit working again. So, if Alexa and Tuya smart devices are not working, try these methods.

How to Fix Alexa And Tuya Smart Devices Not Working

  1. Check Smart Device Compatibility

When the smart devices are not working with the Alexa controls, then there is a good chance that your unit is missing third-party support. Not every smart device can be linked with Alexa to provide access to voice commands. So, instead of blaming the smart assistant, it is a better idea to check the third-party support for the connected device.

If the Alexa icon doesn’t show up under third-party support, then there isn’t much that can be done about this issue. The voice control features won’t be able to access your smart device, and you just have to check the compatibility of your unit to get a better understanding of this issue.

  1. Bind Smart Device Again

If the smart device was working perfectly just a few days ago and you’ve just recently started running into these complications with the smart system, then you should remove the device from the Alexa and add it again after a few moments.

Waiting a few minutes and then power cycling the device after removing it from Alexa will help you get ahead of this situation. Usually, the problem will be fixed once you bind the device again, and you won’t have to bother with a reset.

  1. Re-Check Network Status

Sometimes, network configurations also have a role to play in these situations with the Alexa and Tuya smart devices not working. However, before you check the router for network-related issues, try confirming the power status on the device. Make sure that the smart device is fully functional and responds to commands from its dedicated mobile application.

After you’re done confirming the power status on the unit, check the quality of the internet connection and the signal strength. Several users pointed out that moving the device closer to the unit and power cycling it a few times was enough to get the smart system working again.

  1. Update Device Firmware

It is also possible that you’re running into these smart system complications because of an outdated firmware version. So, make sure to update the firmware on your smart device and then try accessing the voice control features again.

Being on an outdated version will keep creating these performance-related issues, and your only choice is to get your device updated. The good thing here is that it will take a few minutes to update the device and you won’t have to bother with the same issues again.

  1. Limit Devices On The Router 

If you have too many devices connected to the same network, then you will run into these complications with the unit not working. So, to isolate this issue with the smart device, just remove some of the units connected to the router.

You can also try updating the credentials of your router and then connect a handful of devices with the network. This will give you more perspective on the issue, and if the situation gets fixed after limiting the number of devices, then you need to get an extension for other devices.

  1. Reset Smart Devices

If the unit is still not working with Alexa, then your last option is to go through with the factory reset procedure. This will remove all of the stored configurations and settings from your unit. You will have to start the configuration process from scratch, and once the device is connected with the Tuya smart and Alexa unit, you won’t have to worry about the same issue. Lastly, make sure to also update the voice control features on the smart device, as that can also play a role in this situation.

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