SimpliSafe Motion Sensor Not Working: 3 Fixes

simplisafe motion sensor not working
simplisafe motion sensor not working

Motion sensors are a great way of securing your smart homes. Their working principle is very simple. Whenever they detect movement or motion near them, they will either set off an alarm or do whatever they are programmed to do. They can also send you a notification as soon as they detect any unusual motion.

This is why these motion sensors have a pretty good use in secure monitoring systems installed on your smart home. They help ensure that your house stays protected from all kinds of threats and dangers, which includes intrusion.

How To Fix SimpliSafe Motion Sensor Not Working?

Recently, we have received plenty of reports regarding users facing an issue with their SimpliSafe motion sensors not working. The sensors do not pick anything at all. This has made users concerned about their purchase as they can’t seem to get the sensors up and running.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then we have some good news for you! Through this article, we will be listing a few troubleshooting methods on how you can fix this problem. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Try Replacing the Batteries

Keep in mind that these sensors work through batteries. This means that there is a good chance for your sensor’s batteries to be causing this issue. If that really is the case, then you better get these batteries replaced.

You will need to first check the batteries and determine whether your motion sensor is even turning on or not. If it isn’t, then it is most probably because of dead or broken batteries. Replacing them should help you fix the issue.

  1. Device May Be Too Far Away from the System

Another thing that might be the case here is that you have installed your sensors a bit too far away. In this scenario, you will simply have to either relocate the whole base system, or change the location of your motion sensors.

Whatever you do, just make sure you close in the distance between these two. Also, make sure that you have a reliable connection.

  1. Contact Support Team

If none of the above-mentioned steps work, then the solution may as well be out of your reach. We strongly recommend you contact customer support and let them know about the problem. Either you have a faulty device or a technical issue. The support team will help you in every way possible.

You could also have a professional visit you and manually check the sensors.

The Bottom Line

Are your SimpliSafe motion sensor not working at all? By following all of the 3 steps mentioned above, you should get them running with ease! Just be sure to follow the content written in the article.

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