Merkury Smart Bulb Review 2021: Features You Should Know

Merkury Smart Bulb Review
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Merkury Smart Bulb Review

Don’t let the name fool you as this is not an ordinary mercury bulb that we used to have as an only lightning option back in the day. Merkury is the model name for this smart bulb being offered by Geeni which is one of the most renowned brands out there for smart lighting solutions, power switches, cameras, sensors, and more. The best thing about having these solutions from Geeni is that you will never have to deal with the mess of having multiple applications and you can simply use their state of the art Geeni application to control and connect all these devices.

With that being said, there are tons of features embedded with the Merkury smart bulb that you must know of to use the bulb efficiently and make an effective purchase decision. A brief account of how the Merkury smart bulb would fare on normal use would be:

1. Cost Efficiency

The first thing that comes to your mind thinking of a smart bulb is that it might be really expensive but things are a bit different here. The bulb is going to save you tons as it only needs 75watts to run. The best thing is that there are smart LEDs used inside the bulb making it more cost-efficient. The price is also comparatively a bliss compared to other options in the market so you will not be having any sort of issues there.

It will save you tons on installation costs, electricity consumption, and the upfront cost you are going to pay for it. So, if you are on a budget and want something great but also affordable, this bulb would be the best choice for you to have for your home or office.

2. Installation

Installation is also pretty convenient and easy on this one. You are not going to need any sort of technicians’ help on this bulb. It comes with a simple screwing bulb holder design that we already have in use for our homes and offices. All you will need to do is screw this bulb in the holder like you normally do and it will be fine.

Next thing, you will need to connect the bulb with your smartphone app. The bulb supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well so no issues on that part either. The process is easy to set up and you can find all the assistance in the manual that comes within the box.

3. Compatibility

The best thing is that it is compatible with most smart home systems. The Merkury smart bulb can also work with Alexa and Cortana, which would make it possible for you to use your voice control commands to control the bulb if you would like. The compatibility of this bulb with multi-channel and bands on the Wi-Fi. This would work optimally with the Geeni app or if you have any other smart home assistants and you are going to love the experience on this great piece of tech.

4. Utility

The utility on this bulb is fantastic as you get 1500 lumens on the bulb. The best part is that it allows you to choose from multiple colors through the app. The colors are not that bright but perfect for any sort of room interior you might have. It can also throw out different color patterns according to your choice and that would make it fun to use. The bulb also allows you to change the brightness of different colors to control the level of light in your room.

5. Cons

Now, we have enough idea about the pros of this bulb and some cool features that make it a good choice for you to have. There are also some noticeable cons on this bulb as well that you must be aware of before making any purchase decision. The connectivity is pretty good and there are no issues with the bulb having disconnections but you will feel a slight delay in the processing time. Your commands will take a little time and that is all.

Also, there might be some after-sales service problems on this bulb as the main focus on the production is saving costs. So, if you are okay with these and still want something affordable, this would be just the choice for you to have.

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