Troubleshooting: What To Do When Geeni Light Bulb Won’t Connect

Geeni Light Bulb Won't Connect
Geeni Light Bulb Won’t Connect

Geeni Light Bulb Won’t Connect

Many users face issues with their Geeni light bulbs. This article brings you the solution to all the problems that you face while using the Geeni Light Bulb. Follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

Sometimes the bulbs need a reset. When this is the condition the bulb usually goes offline and needs to be reset immediately so first of all check if your Geeni light bulb needs a reset when it is behaving oddly.

For the next step, you need to check the modem. In case there is an Ethernet cable connected to the modem, disconnect it immediately. After it’s done you are ready for the next step.

Now move to your router. Either turn it off or unplug it directly. Once done move towards your hub and turn it off too. After the successful unplugging wait for like thirty seconds. After this turn on your router and the hub. Both the devices will be activated again in almost 60 seconds.

After the above step. Relax and wait for one more minute. Allow the device to start up properly and let it take its good time. Don’t rush into anything.

Now check your internet connection. If the internet is working properly you are good to go. After checking the internet you have to connect the Ethernet cable to the Hub, to exactly the same position from where we unplugged it previously.

The next step that you have to do is check if you have the Sengled home application installed on your smartphone. If yes, amazing and if not, you can do it right there. After downloading the Sengled home application on your phone you can move towards your next step.

After the successful downloading of the Sengled home application, the next step will be logging in. Log in to the application if you have already registered. If you are not already registered in the application then register with the simple steps and the login. Now you are done with the application let us move to the next step of our setting procedure.

You will see three dots on the top right corner of your device. Press those three dots and it is time to add your devices. While doing this step you can do a few other things. You can rename all your devices. Not only this, but you can also add your rooms and other places in the house that you want to be added.

If you have followed all these steps carefully and successfully your device will be working up to the mark by now and you will have no more complaints. In order to get smooth results make sure that you don’t miss any step and follow the instructions very carefully.

In case you have done all this and your hub is still offline, there might be some problem with your internet. Get your internet checked. If the internet is also fine then you can always contact the customer care service for further help and guidance.

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  1. The biggest problem with connecting Geeni lights or cameras (or any other brand) is connecting them to the right wifi channel. Your router will have two wifi channels; 5 gps and 2.4 gps. These devices only use the 2.4 gps signal. A steering router will always try to bring the device to the higher quality (5 gps) signal and the device will not be able to connect to it. To fix the issue, first, in settings, give each wifi channel a different name and password. During setup of the lights or cameras, make sure your phone is on the 2.4 gps channel and enter the proper password for that channel. Should be easy from there and the device will work without issues. If you don’t know how to split the wifi channels in your router, call your service provider and have them walk you through it. It’s simple. By the way, doorbell cameras only connect to 2.4 gps as well and if you’re having the same issues with them, it’s likely for the same reason. One more thing. If your device is too far away from the router and won’t connect for that reason, buy an inexpensive wifi extender. I have a tp-link model and it works great. Hope this helps.


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