Homeseer Vs Control4 (Differences Between Homeseer And Control4)

Homeseer Vs Control4
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Homeseer Vs Control4

Companies like Homeseer and Control4 are the makers of your home automation controllers and handle the lighting, security, AV, and other subsystems in your home. Both the companies are well known and up to the mark. In this article, we will compare both of the companies to make it easier for you to choose one for your smart home journey.

Homeseer Vs Control4

Homeseer is an extraordinary company that is well known and is in competition with all big names like Nest, Ayedd, and Electronics. Contro4 is also no less than Homeseer and is equally competitive and well-reputed. We will be giving you some of the best qualities of both companies and will leave the final decision up to you.


Homeseer products are specially designed for Z the Z wave power user. Its products are known for their extremely powerful processors therefore, they are faster in responses and have more storage capacity for a number of settings, applications, and functions. It means can you can control most of the functions of your house from your smartphone and other devices. It can very easily handle your thermostats, the locks of your doors, your smoke detectors, switches, and all other home sensors.

Homeseer is known for its power processors. To know more about this, check out the packaging box where you will find an Intel inside the logo, this will definitely give you an idea about the power inside the processor. This processor makes this small and compact hub a small PC. In addition to it the Homeseer comes with an application that is totally free of cost and can be used for remote control purposes. With the help of this application, all the functions related to Homeseer can be controlled by a single device that is going to make your life heaven.

If we talk about the potential Homeseer is very powerful in this regard. It has almost been a year that in the market Homeseer is known for its individuality, potential, connectivity range, smartness, and interaction. Since it is very appealing for a tech-savvy homeowner because of its technical features. It also gives you the advantage of Insteon compatibility. With all these amazing pros we need to keep this important factor in mind that Homeseer is extremely expensive but then again it has made its name and value in the market and people like to pay them for their services.


Control4 is considered to have greater brand recognition than Homeseer and for obvious reasons of course. It scored an overall score of 4.3 comprised of nineteen ratings on Knoji. Control4’s plus point is its best quality multimedia. It has a very high-resolution sound system. It provides you best streaming video and audio through its system. It can deliver the music and sounds of your choice throughout your entire house. Moreover, it has compatibility with famous music applications like Pandora, Spotify, and many others like that.

Control4 is the master of total personalization. It will always act according to your choice and you can always change the settings and personalize them as per your need whenever you want. It is specially designed to make our lives easier, comfortable, and smarter. With this system, you are able to control the sound system, lighting, and security of your home from a single device, and isn’t it amazing? This way you can control your smart home easier than ever.

For control4 customer is a priority for sure. All of their systems are designed by keeping the customer in mind. Keeping the customer at priority as per its tradition, control 4 has very competitive pricing in the market. As compared to Homeseer it is much more affordable and pocket friendly. With such an affordable price Control4 does not compromise in the quality of its work and is known for its excellent user experience. This system is like your mind reader because it can do literally anything that you can imagine a system like it is doing. Therefore, it has also earned a nickname which is “the smartest on the block” and that is for obvious reasons.

Here is a comparison between Homeseer and Conrol4. We hope it is definitely going to guide you in your smart home journey.

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