Keen Smart Vent Review: One Of The Finest Smart Vents?

Keen Smart Vent Review
Keen Smart Vent Review

Keen Smart Vent is a fine addition to the smart home family. They are designed to keep each and every room of your house at the same temperature. Using the Keen Home app, users are allowed to keep the room temperature at their choosing and liking. Its basic working is similar to that of a simple vent but gives you complete control over it. Like all the other smart appliances, you will be required to install an app on your smartphone which will give you remote control over the smart vent.

Keen Smart Vent Review

Before buying a product, it is important to read reviews of the product. This is done to ensure you don’t go off and buy a faulty lineup. The Keen Home Smart Vent has seen some hate in certain aspects on the internet. While some users seem to use it and think it to be a pretty good smart home appliance. Anyhow, coming back to the topic, today we will be reviewing the Keen Home Smart Vent.

So, without any further ado, here’s what we think about the Keen Home Smart Vent:

  1. Design and Aesthetics

Quite an important aspect for those looking to turn their houses into a fancy smart home. Both design and aesthetics are very important in this regard. However, to some people, these don’t mean anything, but we will be adding it in our review because aesthetics never hurt.

Aesthetically, the Smart Vent isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Although the design is where things start to get weird. Although there is nothing wrong with how the smart vent looks like, the actual problem lies with its size. This is why quite a few people run into the issue where the holes of the vent don’t actually reach the drywall.

  1. Smart Features

As we have already mentioned that the physical design of the product itself is pretty good, luckily the same thing can be said for its app design. But what makes all the smart vents worth their cost is not the design, but all of their smart features.

Unfortunately, the Keen Home Smart Vent does not offer enough smart features to impress anyone. You can still be sure that it will give you all the basic features of a standard smart vent, but it really does nothing to stand out against its competitors.

  1. Noise Issues

Here is another downside for the Keen Home Smart Vent. Plenty of users have reported certain noise issues with the product. Although not happening every single time, we have seen the issue popping around every once in a while.

After testing the product, ourselves, what we managed to get so far was that the product makes this weird noise when someone tries to close and open it. Also, the noise seemingly came when the HVAC is running. The noise isn’t really that loud but surely is enough to be a distraction.

  1. Price Point

Before we move on and give our final review on the product, let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of the Keen Home Smart Vent. The last thing we’d like to share is its price point.

The pricing is more of a middle ground for the Keen Home Smart Vent. You see, it’s neither too expensive, nor too cheap. Although you can get it relatively cheap on a few occasions. But still, price is definitely not the strong point of the Smart Vent product by Keen Home.


The Keen Home’s Smart Vent could be a really great option for your smart home, granted they make some improvement in the next couple of months. For now, there is nothing impressive about the product. We’d recommend you to discover all of your options in your budget before you proceed to buy anything. If you absolutely want to get your hands on the Keen Home’s Smart Vent, then be our guest. But there should definitely be other better options that you can go for.

This was our review on the Keen Home’s Smart Vent. For more, be sure to check out our other review on similar smart home appliances. Also, share your thoughts on the comments, and let us know what you think of the product!

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3 thoughts on “Keen Smart Vent Review: One Of The Finest Smart Vents?”

  1. Keen support is very poor and unresponsive. I own some of their vents that are now useless and have stopped working. No support from Keen Home.

  2. I have had Keen vents for 2 &1/4 years. The first year they worked fine. Then athe beginning of 2000, the app started crashing. I started sending messages to the support team using the app (only way–no phone support). After several months of nearly constant messaging, someone contacted me by email. Crashing got worse. This was happening on 2 devices-phone and tablet. After going back and forth with them for several more months, they sent me a link to download a special version of the app. It wouldn’t even install. 3 tries later, and several more weeks, I finally got it installed. Worked fine for 3 months. Now it is not communicating with the vent automation. I can open and close them manually only. Keen support is nearly useless. It takes days, sometimes weeks to respond. Obviously, their programmers are not very good. I would not reccomend these vents to my worst enemy. Like the other writer said– read the reviews on Google Play and Apple Store

  3. Please go to apple App Store and look up the keen smart app and read the reviews. All the reviews are absolutely true. They don’t even deserve a mediocre rating. They are subpar


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