How To Connect Smart Plug On 5GHz WiFi?

Smart Plug 5GHz WiFi
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Smart Plug 5GHz WiFi

Smart plugs by Amazon are a part of their smart home products series that allows you to control any of your appliances remotely. The word smart is for innovation and these plugs can be controlled through Wi-Fi, using the app, Alexa voice command module, and more. This way, you can name the plugs effectively and control them even when you are away from your home and that is why these smart plugs are getting high demand out there. Now, if you want to connect your Smart Plug on 5Ghz Wi-Fi, here are a few things that you must be aware of.

Smart Plug 5GHz WiFi

Is It Possible?

The first thing that you will need to know about having a smart plug in your home is the best connectivity. Now, you are going to need extended range on your smart plugs to use them optimally. That is why most plugs are designed to run on 2.4GHz. There are certain plugs out there that might be able to connect over the 5Ghz on limited bands but that will eventually be a hassle for you.


The core reason for this is that these smart plugs don’t need much bandwidth. There is also no need for any speed and the main focus should be range. Now, we already know that 2.4 GHz is the choice for you if you are concerned about the connectivity and range. There are some options that you can get in 5GHz smart plugs out there but that will essentially cause you to have several issues like you will not be able to have a better range on that. Also, you will be having some issues with the connectivity and that is not an optimal thing to have.

You will be able to use the 5Ghz band on the smart plug if that is available out there if you are a gamer or need some extensive speed overall and you don’t want to have two separate Wi-Fi routers for your place.

Setting it Up?

The first thing that you will need to set up your smart plug over a 5Ghz frequency on the Wi-Fi is to check if your plug is compatible with that Wi-Fi frequency and if your router supports the same band of 5Ghz as well. This is too much mess to start with and totally not worth the outcome. But, if you are still adamant about making this work, you can set it up this way.

Most plugs are on 2.4Ghz frequency by default and you will need to reset them first. Now, if your plug and router support the same 5Ghz frequency band, you can press the setup button on your smart plug after you have changed the Wi-Fi frequency on your router. This will connect the router with your Smart plug and it should work.

Be mindful that you will have to face loads of issues with connectivity, range, and things like that so it is not recommended by any manufacturer to use your smart plugs with 5Ghz Wi-Fi.

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