5 Ways To Fix Neato Battery Issue

neato battery issue
neato battery issue

Can’t seem to make time for cleaning your house? Need a better solution? Well, you’re in luck!

Purchasing a Neato robot vacuum will help you be more productive. Yes, you can now focus more on your work and still come home to a cleaner house.

Neato is a robot vacuum that comes in a D shape, according to Neato representatives the D shape allows the robot to access corners easily.

Especially, when you compare it with other round cleaning robots, you can notice the difference.

The suction capabilities of the newer models of Neato are quite high and these are some of the best cleaning robots that you can buy from online stores.

So, if you need a bit of “extra suction,” going with a Neato system is not that bad of an idea.

However, Neato customers have been mentioning battery issues with the robot quite frequently on the forums.

If you are also running into similar problems with your Neato cleaning robot then you can fix the issue by following the steps mentioned below.

How to Fix Neato Battery Issue?

  1.       Check Connectors

There are different battery errors that users have complained about with the Neato cleaning robot.

It is very hard to manage the Ni-MH battery for customers, if you don’t follow the guidelines properly then your battery will expire within months.

So, if you have recently switched to Li-ion batteries and are running into issues then you need to check the connectors on your Neato. Especially, if you are running into charging-related issues.

You need to make sure that the battery is connected properly with Neato and it would be better if you can test the battery with some other device first.

Some customers did say that their Neato was not working because the new battery that they bought was faulty.

So, you need to eliminate that possibility by testing the Li-ion battery with some other device. That way you will be sure whether it is the battery or Neato robot that is malfunctioning.

  1.       Reprogram Neato

According to professionals, there is a possibility of compatibility issues between the Li-Ion battery and the circuit inside your Neato robot.

Ideally, the Neato robot is supposed to use Ni-MH batteries. But as mentioned above, it can be quite hard to manage them and you need to replace them on a yearly basis.

So, to get around that problem, users switch to Li-Ion batteries. Unfortunately, that generates the battery error for their Neato robot and they are not able to charge the device.


In this condition, if you want to keep using the Li-Ion batteries with the Neato robot then you will have to reprogram the Neato to accommodate the Li-Ion batteries. 

To do so, you will need to connect the Robot with your PC and then download the terminal from the Robot Shop forums and change the configuration on the Neato battery type.

That should get your robot to accept the Li-Ion batteries and you shouldn’t have an additional problem with the charging and battery life.

  1.       Time For A Hard Reset

Ideally, a soft reset should be enough. However, we can’t all be that lucky, right? Luckily, you have the option of a hard reset. This option does come with some downsides, as you’ll be wiping away all of the configurations.

Sadly, you’ve exhausted all of the other options here, and the reset routine is the only viable option. So, you gotta remove the battery here.

After removing the battery, you can just turn off the power switch (not the home button, but the power switch that is inside the bin).


  1.       Switch to Ni-MH

The reason why so many users switch to Li-Ion batteries is that they have to replace the Ni-MH battery once or twice every year depending upon the usage.

Even though the batteries are not that expensive, it is still annoying to keep buying replacements so frequently.

So, the only option left for users is to get themselves a Li-Ion battery. However, that creates more issues and users are not able to use the Neato robot anymore.

If you don’t know how to reprogram the Neato robot or the PCB inside the robot then it would be best if you stick to the Ni-MH battery.

The users that follow the guidelines and charge the Ni-MH battery frequently mentioned that they don’t have any problem with the battery for a long time.

So, if you take care of the battery requirements then chances are you won’t have to change it as frequently and everything will be fine.

All in all, if you’re having issues with the Li-Ion battery replacement then switch back to the Ni-MH battery and that should fix your robot.

  1.       Neato Support

Lastly, if your device is not working even though you have the original Neato batteries installed then you need to ask the Neato representatives about this error.


The possibility exists that your device is faulty which is why you can’t get the robot to work.

So, if you keep running into battery issues and are sure that there is nothing wrong with the connectors then ask Neato to send you a replacement or help you fix the battery issue.

Why would you even bother with all of these fixes on your own when you can get help from a complete panel of experts?

Yes! You can reach out to the experts at any time and the Neato support team will be more than welcoming.

They will carefully guide you through each step of the fix, ask about more errors, and then send you a new robot if your current unit is defective. 

For this reason, we will always recommend that you get the experts engaged. Now, some of you will argue that the officials from customer support take too long to respond.

However, considering the traffic and the people trying to contact these experts, waiting for a few hours is not a bad thing. 

All that you have to do is to be patient, and a Neato expert will guide you in due time. In the meanwhile, you can just watch a movie or get to work.

One day of missed cleaning cycles won’t be the end of the world and you can have the robot working again in due time.

Wrapping Up

Running into the same old “Neato Battery Issue?” Well, worry no more! We’ve listed some of the more viable methods and fixes that can help you get ahead of these battery problems.

Yes! You will have to spend a bit of time going through these methods yourself.

However, if you’re not that sold on testing out all of these methods, then we suggest that you ask the official customer support for guidance.

Shooting them a support ticket or getting more pointers from these experts will be a better idea in the long run. 

They will not only make sure that you avoid these common hiccups along the way, but will also be willing to help you get a new unit.

This statement is especially valid if you’ve got a warranty. This brand will fully stand behind the product, and you can get a new robot by forwarding a claim.

The warranty claim process can be a bit tedious for some owners.

However, this extra bit of time investment will ensure that you don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on a new robot. Hopefully, you’ll have a better idea on how to go about maneuvering this issue with the Neato battery system. 

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