Is Amazon’s Alexa Waterproof?

Waterproof Alexa
Waterproof Alexa

Now when you look at all the smart units on the market, you might wonder that can it really get better than this?

We’ve got a smart unit for every task, and our lives have never been so easy. Yes, some of these devices do demand a decent budget, but the value offered by these devices is beyond amazing.

Alexa is a voice assistant AI that has made smart life more convenient and simpler. What Alexa does is hear all of your requests and act accordingly.

For instance, one can ask Alexa to play their favorite songs. Alexa can also tell you about the weather, or the score of a sports match.

What’s even more, is that Alexa can also be used as an automation system. Also, thousands of smart home appliances come with full compatibility with Alexa.

Users can use their voice to control these smart home gadgets, change their states, and do much more!

Waterproof Alexa

In a smart home, Alexa is one of the most reliable ways of having full control over your devices.

Users can easily access any smart appliance while being in bed, or anywhere inside the house. All they need to do is call Alexa and ask what needs to be done.

However, plenty of users have been asking around the question of whether Alexa is waterproof or not. They have been wondering if Alexa could accompany them in the bathroom while taking a shower.

We’d want to start by pointing out that Alexa is an AI before we respond to this query. No such thing exists as Alexa. But Alexa’s AI is housed in an item called an Amazon Echo.

Therefore, the true question you need to be asking is, “Is Amazon’s Echo waterproof?” It depends, is the response to that query. There are a lot of Echo products on the market.

Most of the ordinary Echo devices are not waterproof and shouldn’t be anywhere near the water.

However, the Echo Dots (Gen 3) are a small piece of equipment that is fully waterproof. These are made for outdoor usage, which makes them both weatherproof, and waterproof.

Third Party Options

While it is not possible to find an official Echo unit that is waterproof, you can find third party speakers that can be paired up with your smart assistant.

Options like megablast and Beosound will serve you perfectly to get to this outcome. 

Yes, these devices are not the official products that are recommended by Amazon. However, you should put more value on the features and not the brand behind the features.

Your intentions of finding a waterproof Alexa supported system will be served by either one of these items. 

amazon alexa on

Some owners might get confused as there are a few dealers on the market that claim official Echo to be waterproof. These dealers are only scammers or unsure about what they’re selling. So, you shouldn’t give any mind to these platforms. 

For devices that aren’t waterproof, you really should place them somewhere in reach, but nowhere near water.

These devices will stop functioning once a certain limit of water has reached the device. This is why we highly suggest you keep the device away from any water source.

If you’re looking to buy an Amazon Echo but want something waterproof, then there are plenty of options that you can go for. Just make sure you are getting the one that is waterproof.

Can Alexa Be Submerged In Water?

Now, waterproofing can also be considered on a spectrum. There is no need to dictate that having the waterproof tag is the only suitable option for you.

Instead, you have to realize the fact that none of the smart units are designed to be submerged in water.

Unless you’re trying to control the water with your echo unit (weird?), it is best not to bring water close to the smart device. Yes, keep the smart device away from water, and that will be enough to keep your unit working perfectly. 

For the majority of Echo devices, a little splash or spill of water won’t cause any major problems.

amazon echo dot

Everyone makes errors sometimes, and spilling something on the speaker is not all that uncommon. You still have a chance as long as the water doesn’t find its way to the speakers.

All you need to worry about is turning off the Alexa system and leaving it outside for a few hours. Wait until you are absolutely certain that the water has dried out before attempting to switch it on.

Now, many people will chime in here and say “just use some rice” or “cover it with rice.” while these suggestions might sound good, they’re not that practical. Instead, you can rely on silica gel packets to help you with the moisture. 

Rice won’t do as good a job when compared with the silica gel, and you’re much better off with this gel.

Yes, you will have to hassle a bit with the gel, but you might just save your smart devices when you have a box filled with silica gel packets as backup.

Should You Pick Third Party Waterproof Alexa Speakers?

The decision of whether to use the third-party alternatives still has to be made now that you are certain that the official Echo dots are not waterproof. There is more to this than meets the eye. If waterproofing is your sole goal, the answer can be “yes.”

This is particularly true if you want to use the speakers outside (near a pool). If so, using a third party is “yes” the best course of action.

The official solutions will always be preferable if that is not the case and you are just looking for basic dependability and functionality.

amazon echo

There is simply no gain in going with the replicas or copies when you’re aiming to maximize the performance of your smart system. Yes, you will not get the same waterproofing, but you will have a ton of compatibility features and options.

No other speaker on the market comes close to the aesthetics and design of the Echo Dot. Due to all of these reasons, we will keep phasing out the original Echo Dot and advise against picking a third-party replacement.

After getting that out of the way, you should also consult the dealer before making a purchase.

No one can dispute that the dealers retain years, if not decades, of professional experience, despite the fact that the standards may differ from person to person.

They can help you more effectively, saving you the trouble of doing it alone. Therefore, be sure to contact out, explain your situation, and then receive advice from the professionals. We wish you nothing but the best while you use the system.

The Bottom Line

Is Amazon’s Alexa waterproof? As we mentioned before, Alexa isn’t really a device. It’s an AI that functions inside the housing of a device, mostly inside Echo devices.

However, most Echo devices aren’t waterproof.

splash water

Water-resistant Echo devices, such as Echo Dots (Gen 3) will allow you to use them even when taking a shower, so you can keep listening to your favorite songs.

However, we still recommend not using the device under full water pressure as there is still a risk attached to it.

Now that that is out of the way, who really uses Echo speakers in the shower? At any rate, we don’t believe so, and you shouldn’t either.

Although keeping it in or near the bathroom may not appear strange, taking it in the shower definitely does.

Therefore, it is always preferable to play it cautious with these delicate equipment rather than feeding your fantasies and endangering your smart units.

Some of the gadgets are, in fact, waterproof. The intended working conditions for these devices do not, however, mandate that they be immersed in water.

For this reason, we will always ask you to be more careful with the devices and don’t risk the hardware. That way, you won’t have to worry about any challenges or complications. 

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